Friday, July 22, 2011

Making Progress.....on our Projects!

We keep plodding along and making progress on our projects. Everyone has projects! RIGHT?
I don't know what I would do if I HAD nothing to DO!!
Louis Dean is the exact same way!

We spent a good part of the afternoon and most of the evening hanging the mirrors!
These came from an old dresser. I dumped the dresser and painted the mirrors.
Louis Dean had to use molly bolts to hang them. In the process there were a couple of scratches in the wallpaper......I can hide them behind the light.
 Also - for some unknown reason - unknown even to Louis Dean -
he managed to put an extra molly bolt about 6 inches UNDER the left mirror!
I have a lacy thing hanging over it in the picture and have since changed it to a frame.
Nothing is ever perfect! Good thing my motto is: "It it's CLOSE - it COUNTS!!"

He decided to go for broke and hang ALL the mirrors last night!
He gets such a kick out of using his stethoscope to locate the studs!

One hung - one to go!

SUCCESS!! Mirrors hung! I did a little cleaning and nesting....

I love moving things around from one room to another.
Summer and I found this little rack at a local Goodwill last year.
This and some distressed white frames I bought that day is what
started my whole love affair with Shabby Chic!

We spent the rest of the LATE evening first in the gazebo then out front on the driveway
trying to catch a breeze! Over 20 days of triple digits with no end in sight!
Mornings and evenings are the only time when it is bearable enough to go outside.

Today we treated ourselves to a 'Day Date.'
We saw 'The Zookepper' at The Movie Tavern and since LD has been SO good in his eating lately he ordered himself a big fat hamburger!
He enjoyed every single bite!
Plus he always brings his refillable beer mug.
He loves Shiner Bock on tap and the mug is SO big and SO heavy
he says his arm is still sore from lifting it!!

I took a nap this afternoon.......HE continued to work on PROJECTS!
Next up.....installing the new window A/C-Heater unit.
We have enough projects lined up for the next 20 years!
LD used to START a million things but seldom FINISHED one.....
( this was in his life before we married.)
I asked him one time, "Doesn't it FEEL GOOD when you FINISH something??"
He replied, "I don't know!! I have never finished anything yet!!"

That was nearly a deal breaker!!


Deb said...

lookin' good....

bj said...

Those old dresser mirrors look FANTASTIC. I love mirrors...

Aunt Amelia said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, your bedroom is so pretty and cozy and *warm* looking!!!

I don't mean *warm,* as in temp. I mean it, as in how cozy/lovely/inviting it looks. I LOVE IT!!!

Plus, you are amazing in how you can take photos of inside your home, with just the lamp light, and they look soooooooooo pretty. I am in awe of how you do this.

Keep having those projects! It's part of what keeps you being a Young-"Olden"-Person. :-)

Pondside said...

Are you sure we're not married to the same man?
The Great Dane and I had a chat today about all the things that are half-done here. You'd think that after 37+ years I'd have helped him kick this habit, but as my mum said 'don't marry a man thinking you'll change him' and she was right! :)
I love what you're doing with your room - so romantic!

Nita said...

The mirrors are beautiful, well your whole bedroom is beautiful.