Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Plain and Boring to Shabby Chic PRETTY!

I  decided earlier this year to be unafraid in refinishing some old pieces of furniture!
It surprised me how much fun I have had redoing things!
I no longer like the dark look of wood and now prefer the distressed version.

We are using end tables in place of night stands beside our bed.
They have been used in various rooms of the house but I think they now BELONG in the bedroom.
I sanded, painted, sanded, glazed, sanded, and repeated!

Louis Dean took the bottom cane section out and I painted it a soft green.
Then I sanded some more on the table legs.
I love the way it looks!

I then dry brushed some white over the green. DONE!
 I barely gave it enough time to dry before hauling it into the bedroom!

It turned out JUST the way I hoped it would!!
The room is still  'under construction' but I am enjoying being able to do it section by section!

Table TWO! Sanded.....

Painted....then sanding.....glazing and finally....


The room is far from finished.........but we have made a pretty good start!!

By the way.....can you see the Country French wallpaper?
I think I made a good choice!!
And, NO! the cat is not French!! Just spoiled!!


Luann said...

Yes you did make a great choice. It is soooo pretty. I love the tables too and IF you were HERE I might even let you destress my bedroom furniture as IT would go better with my new look. Change can be an awesome thing. Keeps one young. If this does actually post I will be exstatic!!!! Here goes nothing

Luann said...

wow it took five tries but did make it after all. I only had to sign in twice thou. LOL

Linda Chapman said...

Thank you for your persistence, Sis!! I have to go through hoops too- to comment on my own blog!!

Deb said...

oh I love did a great job....

Pondside said...

What a difference you've made! I can't wait to see it all finished - you have done such a lot.

bj said...

These are glad you had fun doing it. You did a fabulous job...
xo bj