Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mom to the RESCUE!! Denim Book Covers! Free Give Away!

My daughter, Summer, LOVES Scrap booking! She is going on a super cool retreat next week and needed a dozen or so items for the 'Goodie Bags.'
Since she has a full time JOB.......
and a one year old DAUGHTER.....
and in the middle of quite a bit of juggling said responsibilities.....
she has had NO time to whip up something.
That's when 'Mom Comes to the Rescue!'

I am visiting my YOUNGER daughter and just so happened to bring a tub of denim jeans to whack up for quilt squares.
Louis Dean and I did a little thrift store shopping for a stack of paper back books
and I cut out some denim book covers!
Easy Peasy!!
The friend who is hosting the scrap booking retreat actually gave me a stack of jeans to use for my crafting projects. Little did she know she would be getting PART of a jean back in the form of a book cover!

I have five sewn and five to go! Plus I am making a couple of extras for some special people! Like my youngest daughter and a few friends.
If you are reading this, Robin, YOU are one of those!

As a matter of fact.......if you read this post and leave a comment, you could be the winner of my Book Cover Giveaway! Only one comment per person, please, and the winner will be selected next Saturday (Aug. 6) using

That gives me time to make Summer's and then an extra for YOU!!


  1. I think it's the cutest idea, Linda. I love the thought of your friend perhaps getting back a bit of the pile of jeans she gave you! I'd love to be included in the draw.

  2. What a cool idea...what we would do without moms??!! Would love to be in on the draw!

  3. you are so smart....please enter me in your drawing....I love the books you picked out....

  4. Too clever, Linda!! So glad I hopped over again today.

  5. Wow ~ Mom you are soooo amazing! I'm 47 nearly 48 & I still need my Momma! Thank you just whipping these one of a kind blue jean paperback book covers! They look terrific. Plus, you're having a drawing - pretty sweet! Thanks again. I was at Tuesday Morning to see if they had scrapbooking things & found a "special treat" for you! We can arrange for an exchange this week!

  6. Very creative - you're such a busy bee!

  7. Get out! These are so so so cool!!! I do NOT sew so , I am in awe! Please enter me!
    Have a pretty day!

  8. I am commenting on behalf of my sister, Luann, who is having problems commenting on blogs! I have had that problem myself!