Friday, October 1, 2010

Treasures in the TRASH!

One gal's trash is another gal's treasure! I have often found that to be true. I will haul something to the curb (like my old trustworthy, functional and STILL working treadmill!) only to have it disappear within minutes! Tuesday I was trotting through the neighborhood with Lucy when I happened upon.......a FIND!! I said to myself, "Self! Keep walking!" So I did......around the loop and right back to my FIND! Actually TWO treasures!
Now is this not PERFECT for Halloween or WHAT??
I also spotted this HUGE pot!! I had no choice but to load Spider Man INTO the pot and.....since I was out walking Lucy on her leash....I dropped said leash down the front of my denim jumper and proceeded to haul my load home. I was quite a sight! Louis Dean and I went to a local nursery, Chambers, which has been in business here in Irving for over 40 years, for this giant mum! I think it looks pretty!
I picked up some extra 'fillers' for this fall/winter pot.
Spider Man is looking pretty comfortable sitting on his trash appropriate!
Louis Dean insisted on buying this Tree Face.....he is all puckered up for a kiss!
I named THIS Tree Face 'Old Grumpy'......NOT that he reminds me of anyone in particular!
The mums we planted last week in front of our rose bushes.

I sprinkled some bark that had simply disintegrated from the big tree stump Louis Dean had saved when cutting firewood 4 years ago. We have had it sitting at the corner of a stone flower bed and since there was a hollow hole in the middle- mint and other herbs thrived there! It finally fell apart but lives on as mulch in another bed!
The liriope are all abloom....more so than usual! Perhaps it is because I gave them all a trim in late summer- cutting off the parched brown tips!

We just now came in from working on the front stone walk so we are 'pooped' as Louis Dean said! Time for hot baths...followed by a glass of chilled wine out in the gazebo as we celebrate this weekend!


Mummers said...

So pretty, looks like Callaways in Fort Worth on Hulen - very pretty! Love your finds! Remember when we found the shelf in the sewing room in the trash on Northgate? Plus, I found old suitcases.

Texas Tales said...

That pot is a great find! And the Spidermen is very festive, indeed. You always get the neatest things! Yard looks wonderful, love the autumn colored flowers.