Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Love a 'Raynie' Day!!!

On this rainy Saturday when I wish we were out in the Trinity River Bottoms watching one of my favorite young friends, Tray, play football...I decided that I really DO love a rainy day! Always have and  always will.
However, a 'Raynie' day has taken on a new meaning for me now. Wednesday Louis Dean and I had little Abigail Rayne for the day and night and the following day as well. And did we have a good time!!
At  8:30 that morning  we were out in the gazebo drinking our coffee and waiting for Abby's arrival. She joined us for what we truthfully laughingly call our 'Stupor Time.' This usually lasts til around 11 or so when we get our act together and head to the Center to walk. On this Wednesday morning Abby and I sent Louis Dean on his way and I did my yoga while she opted for a nice long nap!

Isn't she precious?

She spent a few minutes with her 'Chief' (Louis Dean) checking out the stock market situation.
She would make a cute girlfriend to that baby eTrader on the commercials!

A bath and a change of clothes later and we were ready to head out and do some errands!

First stop...City Hall to VOTE!!!
She was quite the attraction in there with people lined up three deep to talk to her and tell how pretty she is!

Big Lots was next on our list of things to do!

Then it was time to chow down on a late lunch....

The featured item on the menu today......Green beans!!! Yum YUM!!

Mummers arrived just as she was getting up from her afternoon nap....
July had to get used to sharing HER room with Abby!!
I think she has adjusted now.

Summer hit the jacket with all these sleepers sized 6-9 months old.
She found ALL of these on eBay for a really good price!
See? ALL my family love bargains!!!

Happy Hour in the gazebo. Wine for the grown ups....milk for Abby!!

And thus ended our 'Raynie Day'.......
It was wonderful having Summer spend the night....
back in her old room with the baby in her little pink portable crib.
The attic fan was open....air cool and fresh!
GREAT sleeping weather!

Yes!! I LOVE a Raynie Day!! So does Summer!!
May all her days be 'Raynie' days!!


Blondie's Journal said...

What a precious little doll!! Your day was wonderful, I can tell!! My daughters name is Abigail, too!


peggy said...

It is so nice to meet you Linda and add a friend to my blog list from Texas. Abigail Rayne is just beautiful. I love her name. I'll be stopping by your blog now. Best wishes.

Mummers said...

Mom, how sweet! I do so love Raynie Day's! Thank you and LD for watching her, we so enjoyed our time at "home". Love the attic fan, wish we had one at our house. Hugs, Summer

Dawn said...

She's going to hate you for that half-naked diaper shot in about fifteen years... Too cute!