Saturday, October 16, 2010

MORE Thrift Store Treasures!!!

My Official Texas A & M purse.....should I ever get to attend a game I will be ready!! My son in law is an Aggie from a long line of Aggies! This was brand new from Goodwill for $2.99!

Little Abby's first Halloween Costume!! I love the 'sweet pea' bottom since she can't walk yet. The sleeves have little cuffs to cover her hands if they get cold! This was also BRAND NEW and less than $4.00!!!

I will have to put this one up for is a size 4T.....but I could NOT resist!!

Had to get this one, too!!!

Every Goodwill, Salvation Army and thrift store I have been in lately has had a TON of awesome fall clothing for kids including Halloween costumes! No need to NOT go all out these days at those prices! Next year I hope to take all four grand kids to shop for their costumes!

Thrift Store Shopping is SO MUCH FUN!! It is as I often say......
'The Thrill of the Hunt!!!'


Dawn said...

You are a serious bargain hunter - I love the Halloween tops - too cute!

Linda said...

Hallow'een seems a really big festival with you. These are seriously cute outfits.

Anonymous said...

Those are cute finds! Maybe you can set up an "Abby" bin somewhere at your house with items sorted by size so that as she grows to that size, you can check the bin -- so that (as happens to me these days), you don't forget you have something and find it months later -only to find it too little.

Love you! Debbie