Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recycled DENIM!

I LOVE recycling things!! I especially like using old denim jeans and cutting them up into quilt squares. I have made over two dozen different Denim quilts over the years!

I used to make smaller daughter, Amber, has a quilt made from these smaller ones alternating brushed flannel squares from one of her favorite sets of sheets when she was a little girl. These take longer though....and since I like to do things as quickly as possible.........six inches is my 'square of choice' these days.

I usually dump a pile of jeans on the gazebo table and commence to ripping them up! I use a really sturdy pair of Cutco scissors and separate each garment into fronts and backs. I then use a black marker to trace my squares.....then cut....cut cut!!!

I use ALL kinds of denim! The red and white are great for making a Texas Flag Quilt.

I made one for Louis Dean's son in law using some of LD's favorite black jeans....
I backed this quilt with an orange sheet since Byron is crazy about the Longhorns.

The squares are stored by color in bins.
SEWING a quilt doesn't take nearly as long as getting the squares ready.
It makes good therapy because you can whack away at all sorts of troubles in your mind
while whacking out the squares at the same time.

And this is my latest! A one year birthday quilt for a special little friend!


  1. These are real heirloom items. Your box of coloured squares is a work of art in itself!

  2. I LOVE my quilt also. Perfect for a cold day or night and watching a movie to a nap to bed time when it is extra chilly. I do NOT share my quilt. LOL Monte tried to snatch it once and I nicely handed him his TV blanket and informed him some things just aren't for sharing LOL this is one of those things. LOL

  3. If there's ever a denim shortage, we know where to go...