Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goodwill Hunting.....

I just love a Goodwill! The very first time we began to shop Goodwill was back in the early 70's. We were on a family vacation in Colorado Springs having driven 13 hours straight to get there! As we unloaded we realized Summer and Jesse's suitcases were still in their bedrooms at HOME! No worries we thought! We hit up the local Goodwill stores there in the Springs and we were good to go.......and on to some great bargains! We continued to shop the GW's from that time on. When our house burned in 1983 we had to gut the entire thing and start over.....with EVERYTHING! From clothes to furniture to accessories to dishes...we had to replace it ALL! My mother likes to tell the story that while anyone else would be happy to get to start over with ALL NEW STUFF......I was devastated! I did NOT want my home to look like an ad for a department store......I wanted it to look like I had lived there for years and for it to be comfortable and COZY! SO.....I began to frequent not only Goodwills but Salvation Army, DAV's, thrift stores and garage sales! And I have been at it ever since! ALL my children love a good find at a resale shop!
Here are some of my latest!

These cute Christmas Penguins were bought with my son in law in mind! He is crazy about Penguins and I thought this would look nice beside their Christmas Tree....or wherever!

Summer shopped Goodwill with me last week and we found these cute frames that went with the planter already on the wall. They are metal and the one on the left has a little baby carriage magnet in the corner. I can see cute pics of little Abby in these frames soon!

This cool peg rack goes perfectly with the other pieces. The pumpkin cut out hanging on the left was an art project by Benjamin years ago when we were home schooling! The large can pumpkin (which I am making more of with my grandchildren this Saturday) came from a craft fair. The small hanging pumpkin bag is also a GW find as are the two frames on the left.

These two shadow boxes hang directly behind my computer area. Summer intends to redo them but until then I am enjoying them 'as is.' I am loving the rustic distressed white finishes on some of these things!

This shelf and handmade card is what started the whole little make over on my desk space. I am still working on it!

I had to have a little fall scarecrow to sit beside me as I 'compute' on the computer!

SO these are some of my latest finds!
Here's to HAPPY HUNTING at the Goodwills from ME to YOU!


  1. Aw, look at those cute lil penguins. :)

    we should have our own Christmas tree to put them beside by December!!

  2. Hahaha, the penguins are awesome! Thats funny about forgetting the suitcases after driving all that time to Colorado. Sounds like yall still managed to make the best of it!

  3. I love GW too and find kewl stuff from time to time. The penguins are awesome and look brand new. I do hope Amber and Mike have that home and all their stuff settled before the holidays. Speaking of, will you be in Ft worth for Turkey Day?

  4. I will! And YES! I hope Mike and Amber are settled soon in their own home. It's been a long time since they were really 'at home'.....