Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Tuesday Things and Wednesday

Tuesday morning Summer stopped by for a couple of hours!
She was picking someone up at the airport later so we got in a good visit.
I made us an oatmeal, sausage and Panettone toast breakfast and we ate in the dining room at the black and white table. YES! I'll be using it gain on Thursday and possibly on Sunday as well.

I had a 1:30 appointment with Dr. Sanders Tuesday afternoon.
First of all, I had x-rays.Then a PA came in and checked out my knee.
I explained it had been hurting since last Tuesday and that I overdid some exercises AND had a bee sting. One thing led to another and we talked about beekeeping. He assured me I was in good shape and that Dr. Sanders wanted to visit with me next.

Once again we talked about beekeeping and you know what both doctors wanted to know first of all?
How does smoking the bees affect them? What does it do??
I explained that it calms them down. I also told them you do not want to eat a banana before going out to work your hives. It drives the bees crazy.
That's because it contains the same compound that is in the honeybees' alarm pheromone!
If you want the bees to leave the hive - just take a banana peel and put it in the top of the super.
But make sure you are suited up and well protected because they will be mad!

After we talked bees - and I promised to bring him a jar of honey on my next visit - we talked about my knee. Turns out I am 6 weeks post op and surpassing the 6 MONTH progress mark!
Both doctors bragged on my good healing qualities.
I'm thanking God for those!
I'll be continuing my normal exercises at home and cancelled my physical therapy appointment for Friday. I only went twice anyway.

I went home and rested for awhile - and then we had an early supper before going to see the grand quads perform in their second grade play.

They didn't open the doors until right before 7:00 and Summer was the first to arrive.
Louis Dean and I were next and we three were the first ones in the door.
We got seats on the second row and saved places for Amber and Mike and his parents.

It was such a fun play!
Freddie the Frog and The Jungle Jazz

Harrison was the star of the show as Freddie the Frog!
He did great and I was amazed at how much he had prepared and memorized!
Plus he danced! Is he not adorable??

I didn't take very many pictures but - trust me!
The kids were all adorable!

As soon as the play was over and they were dismissed, the grands came running to find us!
Trystan found her Aunt Summer and Logan found me.
They made the rounds with both sets of grandparents being there!
We were all so proud of them and even more proud of Amber and Mike and the great parents they are to our grandchildren!

Here's Kailey with her Granddad.
She was a little tiger in the Jungle Jazz.

As was Logan. Trystan was a cute little elephant and had a few lines.
We would not have missed this for the world!

We were home before 8:30 but I went to bed early and read for awhile.

Today (Wednesday) I did the grocery shopping at Aldi.
We were out of several staple items like butter and vegetables, fruit and salad fixings.

By the time I picked everything up and put it in the cart - and then take everything out of the cart and put it on the checkout conveyor belt - and then take everything back out of the buggy to bag it up - and then haul it into the trunk - I was TIRED!
I carried the milk in when I got home and asked Louis Dean to unload the rest.

Yesterday he had called a couple of tree trimming companies and arranged to have them come out and give us an estimate for trimming the two big pecan trees.
One couldn't come out until next week but the other came at 11:00 this morning.
Louis Dean hired them and they came back this afternoon and did the job.

They were already at work when I got home.

I love that they cleaned up all the messy limbs and branches!

It looks so much better!!
AND we had it done before the spring storms which usually bring down several limbs.

They saved some of the smaller branches for firewood and stacked it up by the gate at the foot of the northern pecan tree.

Louis Dean promptly built us a fire!

I even cooked us a good dinner tonight.
BBQ chicken baked in the oven, potato salad, baked beans and pepper poppers.
Plus brown and serve rolls.
I haven't had them in such a long time!

I'm trying to pace myself and not do as much.
Still, I managed to freshen up the guest room this afternoon.
The Christmas bedspread was still on the bed.

I'm writing tonight while propped up on pillows in my bed with the laptop on the bedtray.
Louis Dean is in his music room singing a Willie Nelson/Kimmy Rhodes song......

Now I will say goodnight and read a few more chapters in Time Will Tell.
I read the other two books in the Clifton Chronicles but apparently I missed this first one.
I do so love a good book!


Jackie said...

Glad to hear your knee is doing so well. Enjoy those grandchildren. They grow up so fast. We have two 22yr.olds 2 18 yr. olds. Love love love them.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So glad you got a good report at the doctor. And thanks for the info about bananas. I will pass that on to Marvin as we try try once again with our bees this spring. We are up early and headed to Birmingham to see Margaux's class do an interactive history program. When that is over we will eat lunch with Elliott. Neither child knows we are coming so I hope they are surprised. Those trees look so pretty all trimmed up and fire wood to boot! Spring is always the time I want to fluff my house and clean and declutter. It must be a nesting instinct!:)

Vee said...

You accomplish so much! I want to be just like you when I grow up. You really are an over achiever. 😁

Oh the kiddos looked so cute in their costumes for the play. Never have seen cuter tigers, elephant or frog. They look thoroughly tickled that they had so much family support. Bright rays of sunshine they are!

Susie said...

I hope the school videos the you can see it again and again. Linda, the kids just looked so cute and adorable. I know everyone has to be impressed with Amber and Mike. Great parents and children. So happy you had some time with your Summer girl. Oh I had to laugh about LD making a fire already from the pecan trimmings. Men are like that. How sweet you are resting and you can hear him singing. Love you guys . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so glad yo got such an good checkup! You must have just overdone it, with no permanent harm. The Quads are so cute in their costumes! What could be better than these school plays! Seems when we go, there is always one poor little kid who cries all through the play. None of them being ours!

Chatty Crone said...

You are back to being so busy - I hope your knee will turn out okay - probably over worked it?
I know without bees the world would not survive!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What wonderful news the your knee is ok. I'm sure you'll still have days that you over do and will feel the pain. The care and keep pacing your self. Do a little then take rest. the kids play was super terrific. It had a great theme. I try neve to miss any performance of my grands, but sometimes due to time and distance, I can be there .Sadly that comes with being a long distance grandma. You are blessed to have yours close by.

photowannabe said...

Whew...for taking it easy you sure do a whole lot of stuff!!
I'm so glad that the Drs. are happy with your amazing progress.
You are one determined lady...
The Quads are adorable and that play must have been wonderful.
Isn't it fun to be close enough to family to do their special events?.
Glad there are no residual effects from the bee sting...
Love reading about your amazing life and how you live it.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

So glad to hear you’re recovering so well! Go you!

The kids play sounds so fun! Mike and Amber are great and they are blessed to have support from both families!

Glad your still resting, take advantage of it! It’s so healing!

Wanda said...

What a good time with the kids and the play. How cute they all look.

Glad you got an OK for your knee and that you got to show your Bee Smart to he doctor. Yes, we have no bananas..haha

Does the pecan wood smell good when it's burning?

Carole said...

Lovely show. Glad you are ahead of schedule on recovery. Are you starting to think about corona virus. It hasn't reached NZ yet but I'm sure it will. So we have stocked up a bit on food and disinfectants etc just in case we decide to stay home. It's hard to know what to do for the best! Cheers