Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Monday Book Fair and Tuesday Treasure

I am totally enjoying this whole 'get up and get ready to go to school' thing I'm doing this week!
Sunday night I laid out my clothes for Monday morning and then pretty much trashed the bedroom as I was searching for the black cami to wear under my top......and then I couldn't find my green matte eye shadow until I DID!  You would have thought I was going to court or meeting the Queen!

Nope! Just trying to look my best for the Scholastic Book Fair!

I have always dressed up for kids!
Back when I taught Sunday School, I put on all my make up....wore my best outfits including my white mink coat and tried my dead level best to teach a good lesson.
I have such good memories of those days and I still believe that a child's prayer is more precious than any other.

I've never thought of myself as a great lover of children but I realize now that I am and that I have always been. I have had such a good time being at school every day of the book fair and seeing the kids' excitement. I love hearing them talk and laugh and even just looking at them.
These children are our future and it encourages my heart. 

Amber's goal is that every child in this elementary school will have a book from the book fair.
She is making that happen.
Most of the children have supportive parents who encourage reading and provide the money for their kids to buy books. But there are a few whose parents are not financially able to provide the funds or perhaps they are not as supportive as they could be. No matter. The whole purpose of the book fair is to benefit the school and the students. All the money raised goes back into books for the classrooms and students.

Today I was blessed with two children from either kindergarten or first grade coming in to shop for their book. I made sure they felt like first class students and thanked them for shopping the book fair.
It make my heart squeeze to see how proud they were of their books.
I, myself, was an inner city child as were my siblings. 
I know how these children feel when everyone else in the class gets to participate in something that is outside their experience.

I have two more days of waking up knowing I am going to be blessed with working the book fair with my daughter!

My strength has held up well.
Every day I get a little stronger.
Last night I hit the wall about 8:00 and had to go to bed.
It's already 8:30 and I am still okay.
I have noticed that my 'new' knee is warm to the touch while my right knee is not.
I guess that must show it's busy working at healing.
There is no swelling or signs of infection so all is going well.
I do my exercises and am getting closer to having  good straight knee.

Yesterday I came in and did a little cleaning and fluffing in the dining room.
I ordered new chair covers and they came in!
Natural duck in a loose relaxed style.
I really like them!

After school today I stopped by the thrift store and found a treasure.

Small sizes of Lancome products....still sealed!
It will be fun to try all these.
I found a few other more mundane items like Christmas garland and storage aids.

It's been raining for days here so I came home dripping!

Louis Dean had bought roses for me and a card which I will wait to open on Valentine's Day.
The dog coin purses have change in them and a card for the younger grands.
I'm going to give them to the kids tomorrow after school.
The next day is their party and they will have an abundance of Valentine things!

My most special Valentine is from my friend, Dee Dee!
She buys 1940's and 1950's Valentines on eBay and copies them and I was lucky enough to get one!
Just perfect!!!!

I made a casserole of potatoes and sliced onions in a cheese sauce, garlic toast and a garden salad tonight. Louis Dean just cooked our steaks so it's time for dinner!
I know! We eat later than most people!
Then it will an early bedtime for me since I have to go to school in the morning!
Now that's something I don't usually say!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

You are looking so pretty!! Those kids are so luck to have you and Amber! What a fun adventure it is for all of you!

Hina said...

What a delightful post! I am a Sunday school teacher and completely agree with you about dressing my best for my students.
Wishing you a fun filled day tomorrow at the book fair :)

Carol said...

You are looking good and I am sure that the kids have enjoyed you and Amber as well. I am so thankful that she is making sure every child gets a book. I remember how I always did not get to participate in something like this as my mom could not afford it and I always felt left out. Kids are so precious, but people just don't realize that these days.

Deanna Rabe said...

What fun! Bless Amber for thinking of those children who don't have funds or support to buy books! As a kid who loved to read and devour books, but not having book loving parents, it was always a struggle to get enough good quality reading material into my hands!

You look great and I'm so happy for you to get to be a blessing to the kids at school as well!

Kathy said...

I am so glad that you are up to going to the book fair for several days in a row. That is good news that you are healing! We never had book fairs at school (although we had Scholastic books that we could buy each month). But I remember one day a bookmobile came to school and the classes one at a time went in to buy books. My grandmother had given me money to get a book and I bought Jane Eyre. I still have it. Books are so important.

I love the new covers for your chairs. So nice.

And speaking of nice -- what a guy that Louis Dean is to give you those beautiful roses.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying yourawlf and felling well enjough to be able to do it. It is wonderful that Amber made sure every child got a book. It' something most of them will treasure. With so many books available, there is ' sure there was one to fit every interest.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Have fun at school Linda. I think it is wonderful that you dress up and make those sweet children feel important. There were no book fairs when I was little but there were weekly reader book orders that came out once a month. I seldom got to order one unless I had saved up a bit of my own money. We were not poor but just did not have a lot of money for extras. My mother believed in the local library. But like you I have a soft spot for those children who cannot afford some of the things offered at school. Those roses look so pretty!! Tell LD I said happy Valentines Day.

Stacy said...

You look great and I am sure those kids appreciate your excitement as much as you appreciate theirs. Good to hear the knee is healing well!

Sandra said...

I am so happy for you that you are enjoying your school time with the kids plus helping them out. you looks wonderful and happy and I can tell you are happyby the post.... school is certainly different than when I was in it. I rembember the valentines like the one you got from your friend.

Debbie said...

ooooh linda, you look great and how fun to be helping out at a school book fair! i know that feeling when you are getting ready...and want to look just right!!

i LOVE little children, but mostly the ones that are related to me!!

the dinning room looks awesome!!!

Vee said...

You look fabulous! The book fair looks great! And your home is always beautiful. So glad that you have increased energy and no pain. Life is GOOD again! ๐Ÿ‰

Sandi said...

I remember these book fairs from when I was a kid. What a blessing!

photowannabe said...

Oh those lucky kiddos at the Book Fair...they get to be loved on by YOU!!
You look fabulous and I love your attitude about those precious kids.
I'm so happy things are going well for you and wow, what gorgeous roses from your Honey...

The Feminine Energy said...

Love this entry, as I do all of them, dear heart. Just one thing tho.... I don't like the issue of having "heat" in your knee. Heat is in fact a sign of infection. In fact, it's the first sign, most often. See, the thing about a replaced joint.... it's artificial and the body does not recognize it being "infected" as it would its own tissue. So the infection is going to grow until it reaches "real" tissue.... and by that time the infection is quite bad. The heat may also be from inflammation, which may be due to your exercises. But please watch it and make your doctor & therapist aware of the heat and if it gets any worse.

My love always~ Andrea

Carole said...

Have a lovely Valentine's Day. Cheers

Saimi said...

Im so happy to see you helping at the book fair. I worked in preschool for 23 years and always loved when the book fair came to town...er the school. As teachers we always got a discount and I didn't have any problem finding books....not for the classroom but for my personal library at home haha. I love children books and love reading them to my grandkids. If they have a favorite I'll just send it home with them. I know the schools are always grateful for volunteers so kudos to you, I know the kids love having you there and I love how you take the time to look your best. You're just an amazing woman.
I can't wait to see the card Louis Dean got for ya.

Bluebird49 said...

I am so glad you are up to all this. You look great. (Surgery must agree with you, huh!)
I know the kiddos must love having you at school, and there will be those memories forever -- for you and Amber and them.
Hope your week and weekend go as well as this past week!๐Ÿ’•

BeachGypsy said...

Girlfriend are you plum worn out from the book fair??!! LOL LOL REst up....then head out again, I know you!! You don't stay down long. You look very pretty all dressed up pretty for the Fair, great picture.

BeachGypsy said...

PS...like the chair covers!!!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

You look so pretty, and it sounds like you're having a great time at the book fair.
Nice that each child will be able to get a book--even if they don't have the funds. I hate to think of any of them feeling left out.

Judy said...

Wow. You are just as busy as ever! Glad you were up to helping at the book fair. Hope you had a very happy Valentine's Day!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It was fun to read this post about how you are enjoying school, Linda, and it's also nice to read that the youngsters enjoy reading. The scholastic Book Fair is indeed a good thing in schools. Your new chair covers look lovely and so did the table setting.

Mandy- Read. Write. Mom! said...

I'm an elementary school librarian and I love that you help with the book fair. It's the one thing my students look forward to all year! Nice score on the Lancome products!

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