Sunday, January 12, 2020

A Quiet Sunday.....

I finished this book Sunday morning and started reading another one.

If anyone would like to read this, I will be glad to send it along to you.
Otherwise it will return to a Goodwill from whence it came!

I woke up early this morning - as in 6:30 or so.
Louis Dean was up late last night so he slept in the guest room so I could get some rest.
Resting seems to be the biggest thing on my agenda these days.
I do my exercises, wear the leg pumps practically around the clock and do the machine that bends your knee to different angles.
By 10:00 I had done all these things plus my coffee and prayer time plus some personal correspondence. Still, Louis Dean slept on.
It was half past midnight when I heard him rattling around in the kitchen. He cracked open the bedroom door where the air filled with the stink fragrant aroma of boiled cabbage!
"Would you like some?" he asked.
"No thank you," I said.
I later found out he had stayed up until 4:00 this morning working on a 'new' old song.
I guess that midnight cabbage recharged his batteries because he marched on!
When I went to the kitchen to turn on my coffee, I noticed the counters were all covered with plates, silverware, pans, glasses - you name it. The sink was full of cold greasy water (UGH! My pet peeve!!) and I began the task of loading the dishwasher and wiping down the counters....and the stove...and the microwave....and the cupboard doors....and the fridge handles.
When he finally woke up and saw me doing all that he was all up in arms!!!
Apparently, all the stuff was CLEAN! He just hadn't put any if it away.
I have a different opinion. 
He doesn't see as well as he used to and the dishes were NOT all clean!
There's been a tiny bit of friction between us lately and I think he is ready for me to be well.
Or at least to leave him alone!!
One day he made chili cheese dogs but didn't think I should eat any - so he ate them all!
Another day he cooked up a huge pot of oatmeal. He didn't use enough water and you have to cut it in slices to put in a bowl, cover it with milk and microwave it to make it edible.

The fridge - at this point tonight - is a wreck! SO much stuff and I have a faint heart and just shut the door. Tomorrow. I will think about that tomorrow.

This afternoon I took a nice shower after doing another round of exercises before settling down in the den to watch an Alaska: The Last Frontier episode.

I had just relocated back to the bedroom when we had visitors!!

Such sweet little faces!!

They wanted to make sure their MeeMaw was all right!
We had a delightful visit right there in the bedroom all piled up together!
Each one examined my knee area and it looked like a scene from Grey's Anatomy.

Summer stopped by with Mexican Pastries from Mi Tierra in San Antonio.

She taken Sabrina and Rayne down south to fly back to Puerto Rico - much less expensive!

They flew home with the earthquakes making news and power out.
Things have calmed down since then but what a homecoming!

I will leave you with a couple of photos.....

First from Kailey!!
She dearly loves to get my iPad and snap away a ton of selfies for me to see after they have left.

Logan likes to do the same thing.

This is a Throwback pic of our brother, Lonnie!!
Deanie found that and shared it with us today.

My pain level has been doing well and I have cut back on the pain meds even more so today.
The main thing is I am so weak and tired and plain uncomfortable.
I'm a little antsy at how the house is fraying around the edges but I know in my heart I can put it all back together in no time - once I have the energy.

Louis Dean has been a saint and I asked him to forgive me for being so ....???? What??
Gruff? Upset? Snarly is a word that comes to mind.

I am going to chance it again and go find something to eat in the fridge and then pile up in my big nest of a bed and call it a night!

Harrison wrote a new quote for the bedroom chalk board.
I like it!! And I will!
DO it!!! No matter what it takes!


Diana Ferguson said...

You look great! Here's to more healing. I know this time is a challenge.

Bluebird49 said...

So good to see those cute faces! Harrison left you "marching orders" and you've already been doing it. :)
We all react to surgeries and the meds in certain ways. Being laid up isn't your thing, but hang in there. You're already ahead in recovery.
Lous in the kitchen---say no more!He's not used to you being down and the kitchen calls with a siren's call, and the odor of cabbage and hot dogs!
Be a duck for now and try to let it all roll off your back! Keep doing great! <3

Vee said...

Everyone looks so good! I wondered when the quads would have to be sure that all was well. I am glad that you put your best foot forward.

Those stockings look interesting. I know nothing of leg compression, though my daughter-in-law certainly does. I do know a lot about arm and hand sleeves. I get tired of them from time to time, but I have mostly grown used to them.The good thing is that one day you'll be able to leave them behind.

The Cabbage Incident cracks me up. So it's all good for something— oh the giggles across Blogdom! I know that you are one who likes to run a tight ship, but oh my. These adventures in the kitchen do tickle me so. Louis Dean, this does not mean that you should press your luck. Ha!

Love you guys. Now be sweet and take it slow and easy.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Just don't DO it quite yet! Remember to pace yourself! Sleeping is when our bodies heal. And you are doing so fantastic, you don't want a setback. Enough advice from nurse Ginny. You are dong everything right! The Quads have grown by leaps and bounds! I must say that you have very pretty legs! Louis Dean's kitchen adventures always tickle me! Of course, I'm not the one having to clean them up!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

You’re doing so well! Just try to keep blinders on, and like you said when your energy is back you’ll get it set right in a jiffy!

Him coming in to ask whether you wanted cabbage in the middle of the night cracked me up! He was thinking of you!

You’re both good for each other!

Mary in Colorado said...

You look beautiful and very much on your way to a pain free knee and leg...I'm impressed!! If I was in your shoes I think I'd look like a freight train rolled over me!! I'm glad your family has been around to support you and to help you and Louis Dean get through these early difficult days...those little kids are all adorable and so are you!!! Mary in Colorado

Deb said...

So glad you are doing what you need to do to recover. You look great. Fun visit from your grandchildren. I love it! Have a great week and continue your recovery.

Tina said...

I'm laughing so hard about Louis Dean waking you up to ask you if you want boiled cabbage! Just don't think too much about the kitchen right now and get your rest! It will all be there when you're feeling up to it! I'm sure the visit from your grands was just the medicine you needed, it's so nice that you have had everyone around you to help out! I would love to read the book if no one else is interested but please don't worry about sending it until you are feeling up to it! Have a great Monday and keep resting and taking care of yourself!

Estelle's said...

Linda....I will pass along this should be resting and doing the exercises need a good month to rest....try to eat whole foods and nutrious foods....having been through this with my husband last year, recovery will take a year before your knee feels somewhat normal....this is the time to be pampered! Hopefully, it's your plan for wellness...please take good care! You manage to look marvelous even in recovery mode! Bravo!

Changes in the wind said...

That Harrison hit the nail on the head! You are doing good and just let things will all get back to normal when you are:)

Sandra said...

at least you have hope for the snarly you to go away, bob and I are both snarly all the time and we bicker from the moment our eyes open until they close at night. we never have a day we don't fight and snarl. it sounds like you are healing nicely and you have what you need. you will rise again to take over the house cleaning. I much rather clean the kitchen myself for the same reason...

Chatty Crone said...

Girl we are so much alike. I don't like to ask for help. I don't like to see things dirty and let them go. I think it is a lesson in patience and humility for us. ☺

Susie said...

Linda, I love that the daughters and grandkids came by to cheer you. As much as LD loves you, he will never clean like you...omg, if Ted were caring for me ,I'd be crying for something to drink or eat. He just never thinks like a care giver and I know he loves me. I adore the little writing from Harrison, what a smart boy. Cute picture of Lonnie. Hope he is doing well. Praying for Summer, Rayne and Sabrina. Scary about the earthquakes. Good for you Linda, doing your exercises and doing your best to recover. Blessings and hugs to all. love you, xoxo, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Gad you taking it esyy is on you road to reoevwry. You wouldn't want abs adverse effects from tryin to doo too much. Relax and enjoy while you can!

jujupage1 said...

What an inspiring quote! Glad you're trying to ease off the friction. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Also glad that you're recovery is continuing to go well. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Carole said...

Don't worry about being snarky = LD knows the score! It might help release the frustration of not feeling on top of things. I have been watching Serena Williams play recently (she won the tournament in Auckland) - and when things weren't going well she'd make a huge noise and then carry on! Cheers

photowannabe said...

Oh your precious family and your Prince LD.
I do believe Recovery is as hard on the family as it is on the one recovering.
Bless LD"s heart and desire to serve you.
Snarly is the pain meds will get better. especially with all of us praying for you two.
Love Harrison's quote on your chalk board...insightful and full of love.
Love you and your transparent way of talking about your life.

Wanda said...

It looks like the only time you slow down is when you are in bed! So glad your pain is manageable and you have so many lovely visitors. Can't believe how big the quads are getting...Wow, young ladies and a young man.
Oh dear, I did have to laugh when you shared the kitchen stories and the greasy sink water. They try, don't they, but it's just not the way we do it!
Harrison really put a great motto on the blackboard.
Thought of you when I had a crockpot of beans cooking all night on low, and onion and cornbread on the menu for tonight.
Love and hugs dear Linda...How blessed to have your LD and family. What would we do without them??

Debbie said...

i am so happy to read this update today...i have been following your progress on Facebook but i rarely comment!!

i know the frustration you are feeling. whenever i come home from the hospital, it seems like it takes forever to feel right, get my energy back, feel comfortable and get moving. it will take much longer for you!! you will need a big dose of patience, with that you will get there!!

everyone looks great, especially you!!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Harrison is a very wise young man and his advice is very good as well. It was nice to see all the smiling faces of yourself and your family members. As far as the kitchen and fridge issues, these too shall pass.