Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Really GOOD Thursday!

Today was as good a day as yesterday wasn't!
Nothing has changed from then to now except a good night's sleep definitely improved my mood.
I woke up to cool air and light rain outside our bedroom window and that was a wonderful beginning to this much better day.

I decided to spend this entire day doing things I love.
Last evening I went over to help Brenda prepare for a last garage sale in closing out her parents' estate. I was more of an encouragement than real help but she rewarded me with some strands of fairy lights. It may be silly but I absolutely LOVE little lights. So since this day was all about my favorite things, I strung up an extra strand around the front door.

It was a misty moisty morning and I went out between showers to admire the pretty areas Louis Dean and I have reclaimed in recent weeks. Can you believe the honeysuckle blooms in November?
I may get a step ladder and cut a bouquet tomorrow.

It's hard to see since I took this photo in  the daylight - but I added a strand of colored lights to the kitchen pond area. They show up really well at night!

Then I painted!
A dozen ornaments finished, glazed and drying.
Only ribbons and bows plus a hanger to add.
Several are already spoken for.....the snowman goes to Nita's sweet neighbor, Sheryl.
The painted buntings go to Nita - or at least one of them do. I just noticed there are three.
The blue and white snow scene goes to Leah and the red cardinal in the tree scene goes to Amber.
As soon as I publish tonight's journal entry, I will be painting on the second dozen!

Since the TV will only play one channel - I took a cup of hot chocolate and a couple of crisp cookies along with my laptop and tucked myself into bed for an afternoon movie.

This is the second movie I have watched!
Sandra - aka Mad Snapper - taught me HOW and Summer recommended a couple.
Now I need to search for more to add to my Watchlist!

Louis Dean took himself down to Best Buy and upgraded his Geek Squad membership to include house calls! Someone will be here in the morning to re program our TV!
Yesterday's 'bad day' was not really all about Louis Dean and the TV.
Sometimes our heart is troubled over something we can do nothing about and I was trying to wrap my head around it.

Louis Dean was determined to cheer me up today and went outside to chop up some of our old elm tree for firewood. But since it was raining and the wood was wet - he went to Kroger and bought some really cool fire logs.

They do smell so good!
Candlelight, Fairy Lights and Fire Light!
A perfect setting to hang my Santa wall.

This is Louis Dean's favorite - I painted it in 2008.
Before I go to bed tonight - the entire gallery wall will be full of Santas!

That's all I have for today!!
I will leave you with this thought.......


Ginny Hartzler said...

I can see why this painting is Louis dean's favorite, I love it!! I am sorry something is weighing you down. If you can do nothing about it, God can!! Your ornaments are fabulous!! You are so talented!!

Vee said...

Well I don’t drink so I definitely think it’s laughter. 😁

Yay for a fabulous day. Something has shifted and that’s a good thing. Sometimes it is as simple as realizing that whatever it is, God is in control. He is in charge and He has our best interests at heart. We can trust Him.

One can up their Geek Squad? Who knew? I am glad that such a thing is possible and I just hope that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. (Hope that you’ll be in on the “lessons” or whatever it is that the Best Buy Geek will be sharing.)

Love the beautiful favorite may be Leah’s. How fun to think of your Santa wall being done by bedtime tonight. And all by the glow of a fire.

Is it raining all over the country? It’s raining here tonight and I am grateful that it is not snowing. Not ready for white stuff any time soon.

Sweet dreams, Linda.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I’m glad you had a better day! I’ve been distracted by my dear friend being in the hospital in need of a tricky surgery. Lots of prayer happening here.

I love your ornaments, that the geek squad is coming to reprogram the tv, and that you have lights out by your pond!

Love you, friend!

Judy said...

Now that sounds like a perfectly delightful day! Hope those things that 'are weighing heavy on your mind' will soon bring joy instead of sadness.

PS I have been unable to comment on your blog for the past while, as we were on vacation and the comments I left on my iPhone seem to disappear into thin air!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely day Linda. Sweet Dreams.

Bluebird49 said...

I'm glad things are a bit better now. There are so many things, and we can control so little!
I love your painting--all of it! You can always use your talent to "brighten a corner where you are." Did you ever hear that little song? <3

Carol said...

I am thankful that your Thursday was better. I said three prayers for you yesterday and you popped in my mind many times. I love when you put Santa paintings up as they are so good. I understand why he loves that one!
Hope your Friday is fabulous!

Laurie said...

You had a perfect day! I love how you bounce back the way you do,, your painting is absolutely beautiful,

Susie said...

Linda, I know you love your twinkle lights. :) I like seeing them too. LD is a good man. Love your pretty ornaments. Your view f the pond is so very pretty. I love when I find a flower blooming out of season, I call it a hug from God. Blessings to you, xoxo, love, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

Glad to hear your are feeling better and fairly lights do make things magical. It was a long time before I figured out your Santa wall was YOUR paintings:)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Linda it is true our mindset has a lot to do with how we approach our circumstances. You and LD are some of the most positive people I know and I am glad you are feeling better. I see the Gees Squad in our future as technology changes so much. I do watch a lot of You Tube these days but I have heard you can get it on your tv if you have a smart tv. But I would need to be instructed. I hate to bother the kids.:) Your ornaments are beautiful!! Have a blessed weekend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great day you had! It makes up for the one the day before for sure ! You abundance of twinkle lights is something I want to do at my house, It really brights things up with all the light and light is something I miss in the wintertime. Way to many dark days here. I'm hoping to start painting my ornaments today. You are way ahead of me getting so much done and each one so beautiful and unique too! Mine will all be the same. I'll be working using the assembly line method. We'll see how far I get. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one, another perfect day !

Kathy said...

I am still decorating for Thanksgiving and here you have your Santa wall up! Good for you! So glad your day was better today. I had no idea the Geek Squad made housecalls. That's good to know.

Sandra said...

I am our geek squad and had no idea geek could be upgraded to home visits. at one time I thought of making a little extra cash going to friends home to help, but the two times I went to help a certain someone, I got so irritated trying to work with around and through her, I gave up that idea. my SENIOR personality could not handle it.... hope they can teach you how to do it your self next time... sorry you have a burden, prayers for it to lighten up for what ever it is...

Brenda said...

Glad you seem happier now
Your husband is a jewel

Chatty Crone said...

I am sorry you are having something pressing on your heart. I will send up a prayer for you. Love the fire from those logs.

Carole said...

Will toast you with some good NZ chardonnay tonight. cheers

photowannabe said...

A good night's sleep can really be a game changer...
Glad things are better and a day devoted to doing what you love is balm for the soul.
I am sorry your heart is heavy but I know God is truly in control.
Love your ornaments and the Santas...such talent just oozes from you.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Some days can be a real bummer and then the next day will be much better. i was glad to read that your next day was a much better one, Linda. How nice that fire looked and definitely wine is a good cure-all (isn't it?)