Sunday, September 10, 2017

Glamping in Style!

We are under construction here at the camper.
Our new added room is a work in progress and we ARE making progress.....little by little.

The front door has been up for quite awhile.
I made this wreath on Saturday and I love the way it looks against the white.

I made it around to all the hen houses and came up with several eggs.
They fit perfectly in the egg pockets of the new apron Ruth Ann made for me.

We even have a banty egg!

Louis Dean worked on the OTHER white door yesterday.
Once that's up - we can hang the screen door and close in the wall there AND install the AC/Heater!
That will finish off that end and we have the east side closed in so that leaves the trailer side and the open space under the bathroom window before we have all the walls up!
Step by step. 

While Louis Dean works, I find projects to do.
I used two cans of white paint on this chair and still need to use two more.
The other chair is waiting for a support repair to one leg but I might go ahead and paint it, too!

I'm a big fan of fresh eggs!!

Cooking is a tiny bit of a challenge.
I'm learning how to use the hot plate, electric griddle, skillet and even the electric pressure cooker!
Chicken and dumplings were Saturday night's supper!

You can see that we are far from having a finished room - but that doesn't stop me from decorating it!

Reaoma is my role model when it comes to living 'under construction.'
While Doug was building their log cabin HOUSE - which ended up being two stories and fabulous! - she said she just pretended they were camping! She used the open 2 X 4's to hold her paperback books. For a long time they had their bed in the kitchen! You could lean against the foot of the bed while you were standing at the stove! She served meals with her nice dishes and silverware and always used good glassware. AND cloth napkins. Always.
I'm reminded of one of my favorite sayings -
"Make the most of what you've GOT -
And the least if what you've NOT!"
Good advice!

I like to visit with some of the critters everyday.

Yesterday it was chickens......these were BABY chicks last spring.....

and the ducks. They looked so pretty!

Two couples!

Sunday morning Louis Dean worked on the door again as soon as we had our coffee and Bible reading.

Sherry came down and helped him hang it.....and it was up for several hours before Louis Dean took it down again. Something about a warped board. I am confident he can fix it and the door will go up again tomorrow!

It was such a gentle kind of Sunday.....plenty of time to think and to pray.
Louis Dean and I were taking a break and visiting in the new room with the windows all open as well as the doors when the wind kicked up and started blowing things over - breaking a pitcher. It was a good reminder to say more prayers for Florida!

I finished my first Scrubby this afternoon - bottom of photo.
Candie has been teaching me to knit and she redeemed my washcloth!
I had messed up on the pattern at the half  way point so she ripped it out and fixed it!
I hope to make several of the Scrubbies while I'm down here.

It was late this afternoon when Louis Dean decided to go fishing and I decided to go for a walk about.

You can see Louis Dean over there on the bank. I walked all the way around Lake Tuguchi.

Interesting mushroom......

It is so peaceful and pretty as a picture.

Love the light at this time of day.

I don't know what this plant is but there's a lot of it!

I just LOVE this photo and I'm so incredibly grateful to BE here!

It's been a great weekend.
I have walked.
I have read.
I have done some knitting...
and cleaning....and decorating.....and cooking.
I have enjoyed every minute from gazing at the stars to staring into the flames of a campfire.
We have sipped wine and talked.
We drank coffee and read the Bible.
I have been Louis Dean's helper by handing him a hammer or drill and fetched and carried whatever he needed.
Tonight I made BLT's and Sherry brought us some potato salad to go with them.
We are listening to the Dallas Cowboys game on the radio and it's about to end so I guess it's safe to say Dallas WON!!!
As I close tonight, I will not forget to say my prayers and they will be for all those in Florida and especially my friends. Sharon and Dawn and Patti have all marked themselves safe - so far.


  1. It seems to me food just tastes better in the country. I also love it when you can open the windows and doors. I think maybe the world would be better off without TV for a while. I suspect when you come home and turn the TV on you will have missed very little. However, without TV I couldn't have watched hurricane Irma. I've kept the Tv on mute as the sound drives me crazy.

  2. Your fall background and header are so pretty! You MADE that wreath?! It is beautiful! I have not seen ducks that look like this! They are pretty and distinctive. That looks like Revere Ware Stainless pots. I still cook in the ones I have had for fifty years! Your new rooster lamp looks so good there.

  3. Beautiful photos!! And that wreath is abosolutely awesome - wonderful colors and incredients.

  4. What a wonderful post! I felt more relaxed myself, just reading it. Perfect timing too as it's time for bed. xoxo

  5. Ahhhh...what a pleasant day and the final quote is perfection.

  6. Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for taking me with you. Enjoy those eggs.

  7. I feel your pain on that Wicker Chair. I purchased two from a yard sale and I could never get the coverage on them that I wanted. It was so frustrating. We are expecting winds and rain from Irma here tomorrow. Thankfully it looks as though it will not be as bad as predicted earlier in the week. My sis in law who lives in Big Pine Key Florida has no clue what she will go home to when they are allowed back in. The keys bore the brunt of the storm it seems. You are much to pray for these days.

  8. Linda, You and LD seem to go with the flow. Looks like you are mastering cooking on quirky appliances.LOL. Have fun. MY granddaughter lives in Tampa and she is okay today and did not lose her power ...yet. I have been praying for days hard, for all in the storm's path . Blessings, xoxo,love you, Susie

  9. I love what you are doing there and doing it with style. I agree that with your saying: Make the most of what you've GOT - And the least if what you've NOT! Fishing and walking by that lovely lake would be very relaxing. Hope this new week is a wonderful one for you !

  10. I enjoyed every minute and detail of your simplistic and lovely!

  11. Love the wreath and the Halloween decor you're adding! That apron reminds me of my youth when I'd go to my grandparents' farm and collect eggs for them in the hen house. My grandfather would reprimand me for going in the coop barefooted...Oh well, a little chicken poop never hurt me. I'm still alive. lol

    It's coming along, all your work here of late.

    Oh and the dumplings sounds sooooooo yummy.

  12. The white in the door really makes the wreath look even brighter!

    Like another reader said, it's relaxing just to read your posts at the ranch! Y'all enjoy every moment!

  13. Hee hee - had to look up what a scrubbie was! Have a relaxing time

  14. hank you so much for hosting. I always get so much inspiration from your readers. Have a great week and stay safe!

  15. I love that bright and pretty wreath and all your gorgeous Fall images. Food sounds great too, eating in the country is sort of a comfort.
    I'm also glad you are all safe at your neck of the woods dear Linda.