Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cleaning, Painting and Doing Laundry! I am Coping....

Everyone has different ways of coping.
I clean.
I organize.
I do art.
Mostly......I Pray.
I have done ALL of this today as we wait for direct communication from Summer in Puerto Rico.

Dean and Sherry bought a brand spanking new washing machine and we were privileged to do the first load!! Nothing says Country as much as a fresh load of laundry strung up on an old fashioned clothes line! 

I am doing art as a means of therapy!
Picking cotton has become my muse......

Oil on burlap.....

A wooded piece with gesso .... an original......from Linda Chapman!

I do love painting and has been good therapy for me today ....
as I watch and pray for Summer and Sabrina and Candace and Rayne and Chris and others....

I am searching for info from Humacao.......
and these are some of the photos I have found....

So much devastation......

I know in my heart that Summer and Sabrina and Rayne and Candace and Chris are okay.
But my mother's heart will not be at total ease until  I hear my daughter's voice!
Thank you, all my dear friends and family, for every single prayer prayed for those in Puerto Rico!
I am keeping my cell phone charged and close at hand,
I do NOT want to miss Summer's call.....


  1. Keeping you all in my prayers.
    Love and Hugs.

  2. How wonderful it is to know they are alright! But still better if only you could talk to them!! Your cotton pictures may be my favorite of everything I have seen you do!!! If I saw them in a store, I would buy them. And burlap is the prefect country background for cotton! I think that stress must make you even more talented.

  3. Prayers continue for your family & all those in Puerto Rico! Keep your hands busy, Linda... that will make the waiting easier. xxx

  4. Oh, my friend---I had no idea. Sending love and my prayers are going strong..

    Keep us posted.

    Jane xxxxx

  5. Praying as always. I hope you hear from them soon. I heard they are working on the cell phone towers in PR. Your paintings are beautiful. And you are right about the clothes on the line. I love to hang my clothes out in the summer.

  6. Linda, I am praying along with so many other for your loved ones to be safe. I hope you hear something today. I know those anxious prayers can go on all day.
    I wish I had a clothes line. I don't because I am afraid as soon as I had laundry out , the neighbor would burn trash...she does it to herself. :) Take care of each other. Bless you, love, xoxo, Susie

  7. It does look like PR has so much devastation....they are all in our thoughts and prayers for recovery. This is such an exciting city to visit....

  8. I was thinking of San Juan actually...left from there on a cruise....hope you hear news today

  9. Hanging clothes on a line used to be one of my favorite occupations. There is something about it that is very soothing. Sadly I don't have a line outside anymore. I love your painting ! What a beautiful picture and the colors you've used are perfect. I heard on the news this morning that some won't have any electricity for 2 months. It's hard to imagine being with out power that long. I will continue praying. Waiting is not an easy thing and it is best to put the time to good use.

  10. praying you hear from her today...even a text would be great. so sorry and you really are so talented. these are beautiful. when I get stressed I work but not like you have.

  11. look at this photo.. why there is no communication

  12. OMG! I had no idea that Summer was in Puerto Rico right now. I know how scared you are for her right now. I hope and pray she is ok and she can finally find a way to get in touch with you somehow to ease your mind.

  13. So hard when our children are in harms way and nothing we can do but pray but know the Lord hears our prayers:) The burlap painting is to die for!!

  14. I totally understand Linda. I find my cross stitch is like Valium for me when I am worried. You want to hear her voice! I have to say your cotton oils are beautiful. If you ever want to sell one of them, I would purchase it. You are so talented.

  15. Praying for that call to come in soon... You are doing well to keep busy and productive. The cotton pic is so cute! Love it.

  16. Yes prayers for a call to come...I like to clean also, and pray