Friday, August 18, 2017

Last Vacation Day! New Orleans!!

  Since Louis Dean stayed in bed all day on Wednesday, he was up early this morning! 
As in 7:00 AM! Fine! He packed, loaded and carried all of HIS stuff to the car while I slept on until a more reasonable hour - 10:00! It only took me an hour to pack up and then I was ready and we said our goodbyes to all the Bells and headed out for our last vacation day!

We stopped somewhere in Mississippi at a Logan's Roadhouse for a good hearty meal - which turned out to be our one and only meal of this day!

We made it out of Alabama, across the lower section of Mississippi and into Louisiana!

Only one state away from TEXAS!

Our Waze app took us right straight to our hotel in the French Quarter!
We pulled right up to the Prince Conti Hotel on Conti Street. The streets are narrow and there seems to be no place to park your vehicle but the valet was right there to help us unload and then whisk our car to a safe parking area secured inside the hotel area. Parking here is pricey but worth every $$!

The very first thing Louis Dean did when we got to our room was to take out his guitar and play a song! This time it was Farmer's Daughter. Then I took a picture of him ......

and he took a picture of me!
We are a Mutual Admiration Society!!

We rested for a little while and then decided we needed to get out and do the things we wanted to do before it got too dark. New Orleans is a happy place - a party place - but it also has a dark side.
Since neither one of us has any sense of direction, we decided we would walk in a box shape to get to and from where we wanted to go. We walked south on Conti Street......

The streets are narrow and there is a lot of construction work being done.
It will be great once it's all done.

I took random pictures all the way.......some are better than others.

We stayed on Conti Street all the way to the Mississippi River!

The police have a large presence here.
You do NOT want to get lost on foot in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Beautiful buildings......

Interesting places!
This was a sign outside a cigar store.

SO much history here!

My very favorite photo of our walk this evening!
An artist studio and I could relate to every picture.
His studio was closed but I lingered long at every window and took lots of photos.
This made me want to get home and set up the art table!
Tuesday! I can't wait! Be ready, Ruth Ann!!!!

We were just about to reach the Mississippi River when Louis Dean decided to show a little bit of leg! This is one of many reasons he is so much fun! I love being married to this guy!

We should have planned ahead and booked a dinner tour on this paddle ship.
Louis Dean promised we WILL do this - next time!

We walked straight down Conti Street to Decatur Street to Cafe Du Monde.
A MUST for my every visit here!

I bought coffee, a coffee mug and two bags of Beignets mix!
Hopefully I can duplicate this experience at home soon!

Louis Dean was savoring every bite!

There are THREE beignets in every order.
He got two. I ate one.

We walked up St. Ann Street .....

and Louis Dean had a good time with the street musicians!
Especially this one!!

Good times and good memories made!

Jackson Square was full of all sorts of activities.
Everything from fortune telling to walking group tours.

There is a special charm to New Orleans......and the French Quarter in particular.
As we walked the old brick sidewalks, we wondered about the history of the people who have walked there before us. This is a city with an old soul.

Louis Dean loved this place!
There is a bit of spookiness here.

We walked from St Ann to Bourbon Street.

We decided to walk down this rather boisterous street because he was better lighted.

It was fun and interesting but we opted to get to our calm, cool, quiet hotel room to enjoy a rather sedate evening with a glass of Pinot Grigio while we watched old NCI episodes on TV.

Vacations are wonderful and we have enjoyed every single day of ours.
Still, FUN can be EXHAUSTING!
We will sleep in, check out of our hotel and go home!
It is a 7 hour drive and that means it will probably take us an hour or two longer.
It usually does.
We are looking forward to being home every bit as much as we were looking forward to leaving!
It seems crazy but it's true!
Is that the same way it is for you?


  1. That all looks wonderful. Yes, I'm usually ready to return home, and the thing I like best is I usually come home with new ideas to change up my house furniture and 'debri'. I went to Texas in September 2009. That's the last time I've spent a night away from Bob or our apartment. Vacations don't come often around here.

  2. It is indeed! And it was the same with my Mom. We can't wait to go, than we can't wait to get home! Anticipation is the spice of life!! I love the houses, balconies, and atmosphere you have captured. And I think my favorite is the gorgeous paddle boat!! It looks like an old steamship. Have a great trip home, and take your time!

  3. Yes! We love arriving home as much as we did leaving---although my health isn't so good we don't leave much anymore. Truly, there is NO place-like our humble home at which to arrive, even just from a doctor's visit.

    I'm so glad you both can enjoy getting away! Maybe you're even home by now!

  4. I'm so glad y'all got to make this trip! I've been enjoying all the pictures each day and THIS DAY has been my favorite--that city is amazing and I love getting peek at it through your pictures--and you got some good ones! Aren't those balconies so ornate and fancy and beautiful?? I loved your street scenes and restaurant pictures and the boat too, and yes, I hope y'all can go on it next time! I love your sweater too.

  5. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. It looks wonderful! Have a safe trip home.

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I think you two would enjoy yourselves anywhere as long as you were together. I have not been to New Orleans in years and years. I would love to see it again. Hope you have fun painting and maybe a bit of resting! xo Diana

  7. I have always wanted to try the Cafe duMonde beignets!!

  8. You had a great vacation! It can be exhausting to be on vacation, but I think you managed beach/rest time with activities very well!

    New Orleans has never really interested me, as a place to visit, though I'd love to enjoy some beignets!

  9. my driving hours take longer now than they did when I was younger. the pee stops. ha ha.. looks like the perfect end to your vacation, I love all that architecture and have never used a valet, that would be an adventure all by itself. have a safe trip home

  10. Even going around in a square in New Orleans isn't my cup of tea, although I did enjoy our visit a couple of years ago. We had a guide and Jay and I didn't go to far from our hotel. I'm glad you enjoyed and had such a wonderful time. I'm interested in hearing from you about that house you rented and will check back with you later.

  11. Our family has a lifelong history with The BIG Easy....I cannot imagine anyone saying this city held no's beautiful, historical, charming and magical...looks like you enjoyed your vacation....memories made...we are certainly loving ours!

  12. Wonderful pictures! I've enjoyed reading about your vacation. When I was a young mother, I hated going home at the end of a trip and getting back to reality. Now that I'm in my 60's I'm ready for home after just a few nights away! Travelling is great, but I love my own bed and my house!

  13. Yes, yes!!! New Orleans has a wonderful, and very special charm. I would go there at the drop of a hat.
    Altho, the part I don't like is the disinfectant wash they do every day on the paved probably don't know that since you're a late sleeper. It's awful to mix the smells of human defecating, puke and disinfectant. Nauseating.

    Once that dries up, the place is filled with fun.

    Have a safe trip back to Texas.

  14. Hope all is well with you guys, no post in days!!

  15. I'm interested in hearing from you about that house you rented and will check back with you later.