Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving in Fort Worth - 2016

Thanksgiving is all about counting our blessings and we do have so very many!
It's also a good time to gather the family over a meal as we give thanks to God for all those blessings.
My sister, Nita, and her husband have hosted our family Thanksgiving Day for over 10 years now.
Deanie and Charlie did the hosting at Mother's house for about that many years before handing the torch over.

We have plenty of food!
More than enough to fill everyone up and send Care Packages home with lots of family members!

We also enjoyed some really exceptional wine.
Leah brought a bottle of homemade coconut wine from one of her friend's vineyard.
We couldn't wait to chill it so Nita dropped a few of those new refreeze-able ice cubes so we could enjoy a glass right away!

The kitchen is the main center for everything.

There's plenty of spill over areas at Nita and Mike's!
This is their gorgeous living room.

This is the table Nita sets up on their back porch.
It's a great place for the young people to gather.

Every room in their house is special.
I forgot to turn around and take a picture of the table and stools that hold other diners.

So that's the setting for our Thanksgiving Celebration today.
Now for the family who gathered today!
I totally missed Deanie and Charlie's daughter and her family!
And how in the world could I have missed taking a pic of Deanie's beloved granddaughter, Andie?
However, here's the ones I did get!

This is Andie's dad and I call him 'Handsome!'
He looks and SMELLS so good!!!
No, Louis Dean does not have to be jealous!
I can't help it that I love Larry!

This is Charlie's son and his beautiful family!
Talk about Pretty People!!

And then there's our beautiful Leah!
She is Nita's daughter and gets prettier with her every birthday!
How does that even happen??

Here she is with her handsome husband!

My youngest son has a soft spot for his Aunt Nita!!
It's always so good to see him!

Everyone knows Kailey but this was the first time for Charlie's children to meet the quads.

Harrison never fails to squeeze my heart!!

Trystan arrived in her Dallas Cowboy jersey and pants.
I asked her how she was dressed and she said, "Spoirty!"
She loves the 'oi' sound. She pronounces dirty as 'doirty!'

My sweet Logan.

I just love the looks on Trystan and Logan's faces!
Sisters in every sense of the word.

I could not decide WHICH photo to use of Deanie and niece I used them all!

Mother and daughter......

Amber, Deanie, Nita, and me.

Another mother/daughter photo moment.
Mother is 90 years old now so every Thanksgiving is special.

Not only does Nita and Mike have a fascinating home - they have a big, beautiful back yard!

I admit to loving every single pic I can get with my son!

I hope they stay in touch for all their lives.

I was happy to have my youngest two with me today.
My heart missed Jesse, Jr. and especially Summer.
Jesse and his family are enjoying a week in the mountains of New Mexico as they do this time every year. Summer wanted to be with us but she is still in very fragile condition. The injections she received the other day have not really kicked in - yet. Hoping and praying they will soon.
We also missed Trish, Deanie's daughter. She was ill and needed a day of rest. So prayers for my daughter and Deanie's as they seek to regain their health.

This was a good shot of Amber as she was watching her kids play with their Dada.

Nita always keeps toys on hand for young visitors.
Note the vintage toy box.

It was a great afternoon!

The quads made themselves right at home thanks to the things in that wonderful toy box!

When the quads are older, a visit here will be a real educational boost.
It already is!
Fossils, dinosaurs, trains..... so many interesting things

The day began to fade and so did Mother.
It was time to go home and couple by couple, family by family, we all left.
Amber and family along with Louis Dean and me were the last to leave.
Today was a treasure to cherish and remember.

Louis Dean drove us home. I was tired and went straight to bed for an hour or more as soon as I got in. LD had recorded the Cowboy game - even though we had already seen the first half in Fort Worth, he watched it again. He woke me up to see the second half.

Nita sent me this photo of her fridge.
She has THE cleanest and neatest fridge EVER!
Although Deanie has one that is a close rival!
Mine is a mess!! Always!

This is Nita's kitchen tonight.
She cleaned everything up and it is all neat and tidy again.
She will start her Christmas decorating this weekend and it will be beautiful!
Thank you, Sister, for hosting our family and making it such a memorable day!!!

And then - just to make this Thanksgiving even MORE special - 

Not only a Cowboy win but 10 STRAIGHT wins!
First time in Cowboy history and they did it with a rookie QB and Running Back!!!

It has been, indeed, a Thanksgiving to remember!


Ginny Hartzler said...

A perfect day!! Their house is beautiful! And such gorgeous flowers in the yard! Even the back porch has a fancy table that makes it look like a dining room. Your son is so cute! And I love his dimples. You got so many great pictures of a Thanksgiving to remember!

Kathy said...

You had a great Thanksgiving! So nice for your family to all get together and enjoy each other. Looks like you had a big crowd. The house and garden were just gorgeous. And tell your sister I'm jealous of how neat her fridge is. Glad you had a good day.

Carol Slater said...

Your Thanksgiving looks wonderful! It's nice to see families together and enjoying the time they are together. It is so different for us as we live within walking distance of most of our family and so it doesn't make for the special memories that visits can bring.

Sandra said...

bob loves the rookie quarter back.. but then he has been a dallas fan since they started playing.. food, fun and FAMILY is what you had, and a beautiful family you have.

Arlene Grimm said...

Looks like the perfect Thanksgiving Linda. Hoping Summer is up and about soon.

Susie said...

Linda, At ;east you got some good pictures. I did not take any of the foods and few of the family....don't know why, busy playing with the baby I guess. Looks like you had decent weather there. It was cold and gray here. Everyone look wonderful in the photos. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

Nita said...

It was a great day...yes we missed some of our family members but it was a great Thanksgiving day. You couldn't ask for a more picture perfect weather day. all had a great time. Family moments are so precious.

Vee said...

What a pretty collage and seeing Nita's kitchen all tidy that way inspires me to get cracking.

Gypsy Heart said...

Such a wonderful day for all of you!! The food looks divine and I'm sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. The quads are adorable, as usual. :) They seem to be so good at entertaining themselves with whatever is available and such good behavior. Such a testament to their parents and you & LD.

I can't even discuss Thanksgiving, our family is so fractured.