Thursday, November 10, 2016

School Pick Up!!

Guess who did the school pick up this afternoon?

I did!!! Amber had a doctor appointment that she already had to reschedule from last week when Harrison was home sick. No problem! I spent the morning at home with Louis Dean and then arrived at Quadville in time to change vehicles with her and she was on her way to the doctor and I headed up to school. I was FOURTH in the pick up line! Being early is like a badge of honor to me since I typically run LATE nearly everywhere I go!

The kids are getting very savy about using iPAds and iPhones!
Harrison watched me take THEIR picture and then, while I was helping unbuckle, he grabbed my mini iPad and proceeded to take MY picture!
Someone - I'm not naming names but I have an idea it was the boy then called his Grandmommy on my iPhone! He didn't actually talk to her but when she called me back later just to make sure everything was okay, she said she could hear chatter and laughter!

I showed the kids this photo of when they were babies.
They dearly LOVE seeing their baby pictures and hearing the stories about them.
No matter how often I turned Logan's head over, by the time I picked my camera back up - she had turned her head back.
Harrison claims he remembers that toy he's holding!

We had such a fun afternoon!!

This story about ants was because they got the mail from the box before we came inside the house this afternoon. Logan accidentally stood in the ant pile right beside the mail box and ants were crawling all over her boots! I jerked the boot off and brushed them all off so no harm was done.
However, Harrison had ants on his mind!!

All four kids requested a tea party!!

There were three 'Elephant Ears' left over so I heated them up and sprinkled them with sugar.
They were good! I also offered a dribble of honey. Logan and Trystan didn't care for it but Harrison and I thought the honey was a fine addition!

Harrison especially loves the elephant ears.
I bought the mix at ALDI and I shall be stopping by to pick up another box or two.

He just melts my heart!

Amber had to run an errand after the doctor visit. I told her the kids were highly occupied!!

Play Dough is good entertainment that lasted for over an hour!
Then when I cleaned it all up, Logan and Trystan used the small blunt scissors to cut the black garbage bag that I had split open to use for a tablecloth into strips.
I suppose they got that idea when I was cutting the bag myself. They could not figure out how that garbage bag was going to be big enough to use on the table.

Since we had made a mess what with the sugar and the Play Dough - not to mention that the children had all wanted small bowls of cereal WITH milk for after school snacks - and Kailey spilled hers as she was sitting on the bar stool at the counter - and then she started to cry and then Trystan started to cry - and since the milk was already spilled so there wasn't any big hurry to clean it - I played like I was crying!! That silenced them all pretty quick. I told them about that old saying.......

Don't cry over spilled milk!!!!
We all laughed and decided to not only clean up the mess but to clean up the entire kitchen floor!

I'm old fashioned and like to use real mops. And Pine Sol. I had brought over a gallon of Pine Sol awhile back so I mixed some mop water in the sink and remembered the TWO mops I had seen hanging in the garage. 

We made two teams of two and each team mopped for 2 minutes each before switching. I demonstrated first and then after several turns, we pronounced the floor CLEAN!!

Uncle Mark (Mike's brother) came to visit and it was like a party!!!

Uncle Mark outdid Louis Dean! HE can hold THREE!!
But then again, he IS younger!!!

Amber loves nothing more than to cook a good meal for family - and she LOVES it when family circles around the whole table. The quads love it, too, for they reminded me that afternoon that we were ALL going to have dinner together!
Blackened salmon, fresh fruit, roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli - it was DELICIOUS!!
Then we all sat around the table playing Mad Libs. Have you heard of that? I hadn't but it was HILARIOUS!!! I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!! 
I am pretty sure Amber felt a lot better at the end of the evening than she had earlier that afternoon.
It is a personal joy to me that I can make both of my daughters feel better!

Louis Dean missed out but he had projects to do in the back yard.
The quads did call him on the phone to visit for a few minutes - WITH my knowledge and blessing!

So today was a bonus family kind of day and I enjoyed every bit of it!!!
Sometimes Louis Dean says, "You need to pay me some attention!"
He hasn't said that but I think I will not wait for him to say it.
I'm going out in the den where he is watching some program about Chinese Monkeys (??) and see if he would like to sit out on the driveway or in the gazebo with a nice glass of wine before we go to bed. We can wrap a blanket around us - or just wear our heavy robes. I can't say it's COLD outside - but it IS 58 degrees!!!


Kathy said...

Oh I love this day. The kids are getting so big and independent. They even mop floors! I should borrow them.

Jutta said...

Linda, you has a great day. And you did not forget LD....

Jutta said...


Sandra said...

I love the iPad pic. Too funny I'm calling Mom. 4 lb I guess he doesn't get very much attention and I can't stop laughing over the Chinese monkeys because it sounds like something Bob wood watch.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Harrison took an excellent picture! Soon he will be repairing your computer! Amber's dinnerware is so pretty! She always has EVERYTHING covered! I will have to run down to Aldi's and look for the elephant ear mix. And Mad Libs may be just what I have been looking for for Thanksgiving Day! I cannot believe Mark can pick up THREE! He must be a weight lifter. Harrison is so interested in just everything!! I am thinking he is going to be a fabulous and brilliant student.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos, Linda...and as always, you look radiant! I love your blog background. Happy Veterans Day to you. Much love and hugs.

Deanna Rabe said...

These days are the best! Family fun!

NanaDiana said...

I love when those old adages apply to REAL LIFE! Don't cry over spilled milk! lol
Those kids have grown up so fast. I think all kids like to hear stories of when they were babies. It is always fun catching up with you here and seeing your pictures as you share your life.
Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

Susie said...

Linda, I love the kids pictures too. They are adorable. You are a true blessing to your children and grandchildren. I hope you and LD did sit out and enjoy yourselves. Blessings for a fun weekend. Love, xoxo, Susie

Jan said...

Days spent with Grandkids are always the best days! I always enjoy your pictures of them. They are my oldest grandson's age and they remind me so much of him!

Nonnie said...

What a beautiful day with those beautiful kids. Even the spilled milk. I hope you and Louis Dean had a lovely relaxing evening. Sounds very cozy. Amber's table is so pretty.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Sounds like a perfect day...spilled milk and all. Especially the whole gang around the table for dinner!

Wanda said...

Oh Linda ~ I have been so busy and have missed so many of your wonderful posts. So tonight, while Don was taking his shower and getting ready for Church tomorrow, I sat down and have been visiting friends. I read every word and so feel like I was a part of your day. You have a wonderful gift of sharing life with words and pictures. The quad's are so adorable in everything they mopping the floor...that's what I did today. Cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, the kitchen, and mopped all the floors. Feels so good! Love and Hugs, dear friend.