Sunday, November 13, 2016

Photos From Friday and Our Sunday!!!

Deanie took some cute photos Friday on her phone and I forgot about them in last night's post.

Trystan loves this little 'Tootie Ta Tootie Ta' song with actions and she wanted us to perform for Aunt Deanie, Uncle Charlie and Grandma.

Harrison had fun looking through Grandma's magnifying glass.

We all enjoyed church this morning as well as lunch out at Dickey's BBQ!

Harrison is so cute with his winking!
He is sounding out how to spell words.
This morning he spelled 'Map.'
Smart little boy!

Kailey nearly always sits by her 'GAND Dad!'

My Logan girl!!!

Trystan is our slowest eater - always, always the very last one to finish a meal.
Amber admonished her to KEEP the fork in her hand!!

We came home this afternoon and I went straight to bed!
I have not felt well so I am about to go to bed early.

We have such sweet neighbors next door!
Today was their 7 year old daughter's birthday party.  I dropped off the gift and card as soon as we pulled into the driveway. After the party was over, the whole family walked over with two plates full of cake and a heaping plate of chicken, sausage and potato salad!

Olga is a baker and she made not one, not two but THREE different kinds of cake for the party!!

Louis Dean was a happy camper!

How 'Bout them COWBOYS???
While I totally missed the first half because I had gone to bed, I did come in for the second half to cheer them on! My, oh, MY!!! What a stressful game!!!! It was close all the way through and we won it in the last few seconds!!!

Now I am TOTALLY exhausted!!!
So I bid you good night.......


NanaDiana said...

What dear pictures. I gotta say my favorite is Harrison winking! lol..but they are ALL cute as buttons! xo Diana

Ginny Hartzler said...

These pictures are just adorable! Some of the best ones of the Quads ever! Harrison is so cute! Your neighbors are very generous and thoughtful. And at just the right time when you needed it. I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. I sure hope you get plenty of sleep tonight and wake up feeling better.

Kathy said...

You have really nice neighbors to bring over dinner and cake for you. Everything looks delicious.

Love the pictures Deanie took. I especially like the one of Harrison with the magnifying glass. That's great.

I've been really tired today too. I laid down at 2 p.m. and woke up at 8 p.m. We decided not to have dinner because we would be eating at 10 p.m.! Sandwiches for us. Hope we both get caught up and feel better tomorrow.

Jan said...

Love the pictures of Harrison winking and the Tootie Ta song! Hope you're feeling better soon. I was down all last week with a miserable cold-finally feeling better.

Changes in the wind said...

The pictures of the kids are so precious and that Harrison with his wink is a killer.

Deanna Rabe said...

Such super sweet kids!

Rest and feel better - you don't want to get run down or sick when its the holiday season!

Go Cowboys!

Sandra said...

clapping for the cowboys, bob has it on DVR to watch today, I will not tell him who wins. love the winks and smiles.. hope you feel better today

Luann said...

Olga, must be German. That is how they do it over there and it was always such a treat to celebrate someone's birthday. How sweet of her to share. Love that magnifying glass photo too. Harrison has that wink down.. watch out ladies!

Susie said...

Linda, I have to agree Harrison is one cute boy. :):) All the children are so sweet entertaining their g.grandmother, aunts ,and uncles. Your whole family is a great family at sharing their love. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Linda said...

These kids are exploding in personality. I'm usually drawn to Kailey but who could resist Harrison? Is he not just the cutest thing ever? Logan remains such a little lady and gets more beautiful every day. Then there's Trystan, the strawberry blond knock out. That pose and the expression on her face totally melts my heart. One of my children was a slow eater. He's 52 now and still the slowest eater in any crowd. He never outgrew it. To make it worse he picked up the nasty habit of eating only one food at a time off his plate! Drives me nuts and now his son does the same thing!

Bev said...

Oh you better watch that Harrison...with his winking...he is going to be a heart breaker.... He will know how to handle the girls...hahah!! Take it easy...don't work to hard!!

Jodi Walters said...

Oh Linda, I tried to get tickets to that game in Pittsburgh since I LOVE the Cowboys and my son loves the Steelers but the best (cheapest) I could find were $285 each. Let's see... $285 x 3 = We will watch it at home.......:-)
What a game though, I know my BP was through the roof!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love seeing these cuties...they all have such different personalities. Just darling.

You have some good neighbors. I love to cook but I sure love breaks, too. If you were tired this was more than a gift from heaven.

Sleep, my friend, our bodies know...


Carole said...

Hope you feel better tomorrow. Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

BeachGypsy said...

love the pictures and are you feeling better I hope?

Vee said...

I am sorry that you are under the weather and I hope that you are feeling ever so much better now. When I am under the weather, I come visit you because I always feel better reading about your day and seeing those cutie pies. The quads aren't so bad either! Love you...

Debbie said...

I watched that game and it was a real nail biter!! Those children are just the cutest kids, I have so enjoyed watching them grow. I hope you are feeling better!!

Carla said...

Love the picture of Harrison. Too cute.
I sure wish I knew why you post quit showing up on my blog roll. Oh well I just go back and start reading and trying to catch up on your adventures.