Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Slow Easy Country Days.....

I love spending time in our little camper down here on the ranch. The day goes by with no hurry or scurry and then the evening softly folds itself around us. While I'm not up for the sunrises,

I do stop and gaze in wonder at the sunsets!

Louis Dean carried our chairs and the artificial green turf square around to the other side of the camper this morning and that's where we had our coffee and did our reading.

We do a bit of exploring here and there. Robert spied this praying mantis....
he was looking right at me! Reminded me of ET!!!

The critters around here are so entertaining to watch.

Today was Art Day!!!  
Late this afternoon I opened up my art tub and finished basing in this Santa.
I am going to do a Giveaway of this painting next month.
It took me a good hour of painting plus the hour I spent on it last week. Another 2 hours and I will have it completed. I hope to work on another one tomorrow that I will keep for the Cousins' Auction next October.

This is the best place in the world to paint!!!

As I painted, the horses decided to pay us a visit.

Just look at that scowl on my face! 
I think I was trying to tell Robert how to use my camera.

Who knew the horses love bananas and Funions??

A moment to cherish......and I do.

Dean has three horses and they are all rescues.

This horse is beautiful ..... except for his crazy blue eyes!
Still, I love him!

I do believe Robert is a Horse Whisperer!

He was the one who enticed the horses to come up to us in the first place.

We started this day with coffee sitting in the shade by the camper and ended with wine on the deck as I was cooking dinner - campfire style.

Baked potatoes and carmelized onions cooked in the coals of tonight's campfire.
T-Bone steaks cooked on the grill and carrots from Stephanie - our dear next door neighbor.
She brought them over before we left home and they were DELICIOUS!!!

I've been reading, doing needlework, watching Season 4 of LOST - we are halfway through - and writing. I've never written a book before so I have no idea if I'm doing it right or not. Still, I have a story to tell and it seems that the Lord is guiding me through chapter by chapter.

Dinner has been consumed and I am here at the table writing while listening to Louis Dean and his son and grandson talking. They are good talkers. They talk about the past, the present and the future. There are certain stories that are told and retold at every visit. Like a ritual. It fills my heart with joy to sit here and see how much they enjoy being together. Right now they are talking about  the games they played when they were children. Back then play was simple. No electronics or TV. They made up their own games. They talk about their cousins up in Oklahoma and I am hearing them make plans to visit them next spring. This makes me smile as my siblings and I have formed such good relationships with our cousins in recent years.

It's almost time to go to bed. Nearly 10:00!
Country Time is a bit different than at home.
I am enjoying every single minute!!!


Linda said...

I would love being around all the birds and animals. The meals you cook in the country always look so good. I'm a steak and potatoes girl. Enjoy the beautiful weather while you can.

Vee said...

Your descriptions of country days make me want to head for a Texas ranch myself. The horses really do look nice and friendly and you may find them wanting to have supper with you one night, especially if you keep making those delicious meals. Keep enjoying the slower pace and keep writing. There are no rules.

Christi Duke said...

So peaceful. It's interesting your observation of people retelling the same stories each time the visit. I find that a comforting thing. I really can't wait to read your book. My Grandfather recorded his life history twice -1st on a cassette tape, 2nd on a Video camera - I think I learn the most when I listen to his view of the changes in his world over his 90 years.

Enjoy your country life - it's too congested in the real world right now!

Ginny Hartzler said...

You do have such a busy life! So I am glad you are there with the animals and the beauty and peacefulness. Sort of to regroup and rest. The black and white horse is gorgeous!!! Your paintings will be fabulous! You are the best artist, while I cannot even draw a decent stick man. Your campfire dinner looks so delicious! I can almost smell it!

Deanna Rabe said...

Such great relaxing days for you both! Glad you have this great place of retreat! I love reading your description of the men talking - family bonds are wonderful!

White Lace and Promises said...

Linda, I love your writings. You truly have the gifts of art. I know you have the perfect place to write. I hope to be one of your first readers, but don't ask me to edit. As you can see by my posts, I desperately need an editor. The mind goes faster than the fingers are is the opposite. For once, I think my mind sees it first and the fingers don't transpose it. Enough...There is beauty in your writings and drawings.

Kathy said...

I am so glad you have this time of rest and relaxation. I think ranch life is good for you. You always seem to be revitalized there. Keep writing, painting and enjoying the animals. I think this is how life was meant to be lived.

Penny said...

What a beautiful, simple, family time you are having Linda. Love that you are getting time to read, write, and paint. Maybe trailer living is the way forwards, all the necessities, and hardly any housework! X

Gypsy Heart said...

I love, love the Santa's you paint! I'm so glad you can relax and regroup there. Good for the soul! Just keep painting, writing and relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.


peggy said...

what a nice time for you! I love that little apron!!!

Sandra said...

you have the perfect spot for painting. all that fresh air and country views has to be inspiring. cute Apron and I never hand bob the camera to take one of me because he makes me crazy when I try to tell him how to use it. he either cuts off the head or puts so much space at the top or bottom and always gets a weird look on my face that says aggravation...

Bev said...

What a wonderful life!! Love that picture!!!

Susie said...

Linda, That looks like it's a relaxing good time there at the ranch. Your outdoor cooking was a yummy looking dinner. What a fun thing for you to be able to listen in while the fellow talked about simpler times in their lives. The horses look so pretty. They must eat like goats though. LOL. Blessings to all there, xoxo, love, Susie

Linda Reeder said...

I am learning more about you each day. You are an artist! And you are writing your life's story. I did that over a period of a couple of years, then put it away, still on a memory stick and on the hard drive of my desk top. i will revisit it at some point and maybe edit, add to, or add photos. Someday.

Diana Ferguson said...

We are in our RV this week, too! Love it, don't we?!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You paint a lovely picture...of your time camping on the ranch and on canvas!!! Beautiful horses!

Carla said...

OH NO a give away and I'm just now reading all this and I loved this santa picture. Figures. Day late and a dollar short. LOL