Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our Return to Quadville!

We were rocking the morning school run Tuesday!!
 FOURTH one in the drop off line! 
As a matter of fact, we were there before the teachers were even outside to check the kids in!
That gave me time to unbuckle everyone and the teacher was SO impressed when she opened the car door and out trooped all four kiddos with back packs on and everything!

My proud moment of the day!!!

I came back to Quadville and started setting the tea table up for after school:
Sugar Cubes
Lemon slices
Tea Cakes
Tea Cookies
Tea Sandwiches 
(Buttered bread sprinkled with sugar and topped with a thin cucumber slice)
Assorted Fruit

Kailey was the Star Student at school on Tuesday!
The video snippets are where she practiced on Monday night showing us the treasures she was sharing. 

After dropping the kids off at school, I returned to Quadville to clean up the kitchen, continue the laundry......not START nor FINISH.....but CONTINUE the laundry. It never ends, folks.

It was a beautiful day so I sat out on the front porch stitching up additional 'boo boos' that I hadn't noticed the first time around. Man, I think the quads know every single inch of every single stuffed critter and they are so well loved that when they discover a tear, it is a matter of UP MOST importance that it be repaired.

Another reason I was sitting outside was to watch for my sister, Luann, to arrive.

While we AIMED for a movie, we opted for a trip to Central Market and a cozy visit over soup in their cafe.
I asked Luann to read the prologue of the book  I'm writing.
While we  didn't grow up together, we do have at least a  2-3 year history before she was given to another mother. Life is so very strange and yet all the threads of our lives seem to be weaving themselves together again. God is good at restoring the years the locust has eaten. 

I love the smells, the sights, the ambiance.....I love everything about Central Market!

We sampled some pretty tasty breads, chips, salsas and then had some soup that was delicious.
I had tomato basil while my sister got butternut squash/maple.

I came home with one bag chock full of good things!
I put some of those orange and black tortilla chips in the kids' lunches for tomorrow.

Luann and I were so early in the pick up line, I noticed the surprised faces of the teachers as they hurried in to beckon the quads out! We did NOT want to be late!

The quads remembered their Aunt Luann from family gatherings - most recently their fourth birthday party! It was extra special to me that she was here for our tea party!

I had fancy dresses for the girls......

Harrison was being a true blue BOY!
He did NOT want to be a part of any dress up thing!!

Still, he is such a good sport that he joined his sisters for a photo - or two - or three!

Our tea party was complete with ALL the essential ingredients as we have learned from the Tea Party Game that I bought at The British Emporium in Grapevine, Texas.
Luann and I shopped there last December and she was the one, as I remember, who pointed this game out to me. It has been such a hit!!

Our tea table was made extra festive with the place mats my sweet friend and hair stylist, Yulisa, gifted me.

The bonus treat was delicious pumpkin bread that Luann brought!
This won't last long around here!
Now to the tea party....

Little Logan, elegant as a tiny little bridesmaid! 

Kailey, who grabbed that flirty purple dress and intends to keep it!
She most surely will!!

Sweet Harrison, who had a skinned nose from the school playground today.
He announced that he did NOT scream like a girl but 'just cried like a boy!'

I know I use way too many photos......but this one shows his sporty attitude about it!
(It did, indeed, hurt more as the evening wore on. I doctored it with my Emuaid and he pronounced that it felt much BETTER!)

Miss Beauty Pageant Queen.....Trystan!!

Aunt Luann kept hearing a phone ring and no one could figure out where it was coming from -
until she discovered it was HER phone - which she was 'keeping very close to her chest' if you get my drift!

Granddad is always good for a Bubble Guppie!
Luann left after the tea party and after Louis Dean had prepared the pasta and left the spaghetti/meat sauce to simmer, he gathered the kids around him for an episode or two of HIS favorite program!!
No, he just told me. Not his favorite program but his favorite BABIES!!
And 'babies' are what they will forever be called.

Trystan helped me make the salad for dinner and Kailey set the table in the dining room.
She said, "Isn't eating in here a GOOD idea, MeeMaw??" When I agreed with her, she said, "I love your ATTITUDE!!!"

By 8:00 the kids were all sound asleep in their beds WITH their clothes laid out for tomorrow and I have lunches ready to assemble in the morning.
It's been a GOOD day in Quadville!
The kids are just now beginning to want their mommy and daddy and I think their mommy and daddy are just about ready to come home.
But not quite yet.......just a little more time.....


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You really know how to make it a memorable time for the quads! And it all sounds like lots of fun (though I'm sure you are exhausted)!

Linda said...

It seems to me Kailey is changing in her face. Twice now I almost didn't recognize her. Logan as a bridesmaid is a good description of her. She's such a little lady. Trystan is striking in her beauty. Harrison is such a little man. He really did get quite a boo boo there. Sounds like he handled it like a man. I suspect Amber & Mike will notice changes in the kids when they get home. Your tea party was wonderful. They've learned such good table manners through those tea parties.

Deanna Rabe said...

You and Louis Dean are amazing with the quads! Rock on, you two!

Blondie's Journal said...

School is a whole new ball game! You did good with the quads and I love that you had your sweet sister around to help and keep you occupied with shopping. Yes! The tea party was a super idea! I loved doing that with my daughters and we had that theme for my DIL's baby shower here two years ago. Ahhhhh...cucumber sandwiches. I'd love to make a lunch out of those right now but we have to keep that special! ;-D

I was grateful my kids wore uniforms straight through until college. The skirts were wool and we washed them very infrequently. They had some poly so the never wrinkled Yes! The boys wore gray slacks and I was a mad woman hanging them up every day so they'd last a week. The white polo shirts were a little harder...I made sure I had a few and then washed them with sheets and other whites, lots of bleach (!) every week. But then...the sports uniforms, everyday clothes and pajamas. Please tell me how I made it out of this alive!!!

Love ya, Linda!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your tea party looks so fabulous that even I want to come! I remember Stella Doro cookies, my grandmother loved them. Around here, they are hard to find. Trystan has the most adorable dimples!

Kathy said...

I am loving this day! Shopping, sister time and a tea party... who could ask for more?

Vee said...

Another fun day in the can, except for the skinned nose that Harrison received. May that Emuaid help with any scarring of that sweet face. I always hated those scars that happen along life's road...we all have them and they all have a story to tell. Keep having fun!

Gypsy Heart said...

Once more, your daily activities exhaust me! :) I'm sure it's because I'm a bit older and you have a routine going with these cuties. They are so precious and yes, they have such "a good attitude" too!


Susie said...

Linda, Tell Harrison, that girls will always want to include him in photos...cause he's cute and kind. I love their sweet"attitudes" as Kailey says. Linda, I honestly can not wait to read your book. I am glad you siblings are so loving and full of grace. LD is the best granddad ever ! The children love him , you can tell by the way they pile up around him. LOL. Blessings to all, love each of you, xoxo,Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Way to go Linda and Louis Dean. I am impressed with your organizational skills. I know it is a must when dealing with four!! I bet their Mama and Daddy will be so glad to see the quads when they get home. ( And I like Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol as well...)

Bev said...

WOW your day sounds like a week!!... and a great one!!

Sandra said...

I love the table all set up and wow on being 4th in line and ready to rock. bet the teacher was impressed. I did not know that much stuff could fit in that little back pack. she knows how to pack, just like you. I am thinking all of you are ready for the normal life to get back.. love the pics on the stairs and good job Harrison posing with the girls

NanaDiana said...

hahaha- I can see Luann and I have the same method of carrying our phones around. lol Love her already. How interesting that you have reconnected after being disconnected for so many years.

Love the pictures of the quads-the dressed up ones and the "real boy".

Hope you have a great day- xo Diana

Penny said...

You are back on full throttle Linda, what a lot of work, and a lot of fun too! Talk to me about the laundry- it is a never ending task in my house too X

Carole said...

Sugar and cucumber - now this I have to try! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Debbie said...

You two are amazing, really amazing grandparents!! I remember when they were born, we have been friends for a long time!! I have been so happy to share this journey with you!!

bj said...

How blessed the ENTIRE family is to have each other...And, like, Debbie, above, I remember before they were born and how excited everyone was , knowing how many babies it would be....OH, MY...what a journey

Pam said...

What a blessing you are to each other! You continue to amaze me at your energy and organization! I'm doing good to handle one or two at the same time! Love the pictures and can't wait to read your book!

Nancy Chan said...

Wow! You have so much energy looking after the kids and housework. You are a super MeeMaw and the kids love you!

Summer said...

Nice photos! Love the pumpkin bread ♥