Friday, October 14, 2016

Aloha!! Back Home Again!

We had just a couple more school runs before the parents returned from Hawaii.

The kids were so tired Tuesday night that they were asleep by 8:00.

They surprised us by being up all bright eyed and bushy tailed by 6:15 Wednesday morning!

Since we got an early start, we decided to use the extra hour to clean up Kailey and Harrison's bedroom. All four helped me sort and put up and what didn't get done before school, I finished when I got back from dropping them off. We were so early in the car pool line that the teachers were surprised to see us!

Sweet Harrison checking out his room.

Then we all turned our attention to Trystan and Logan's bedroom. They were amazed at the treasures they found under the beds and dresser.

That little Trystan is going to be a beauty queen!
See how she points her little toes and just keeps a constant poised pose going on!

Once their room was pronounced clean, we picked out the clothes for the final day of school this week.

Downstairs to open up the last surprise bag from their mommy and daddy and watch the last video from them. The videos work so well. Much better than FaceTime!

Once again, the kids were in bed asleep early - this time at 8:30 and Louis Dean and I followed their example and were in bed by 9:00.

They got up early again but not quite as early as the day before!
They were so excited that their parents would be picking them up that afternoon!!

Here they are waiting to see all the goodies their mommy and daddy had brought home to them.
LOVE the looks on their faces!

Everyone was in such a good mood!!
This is Handsome Mike.....aka Dada!

Aloha means hello AND goodbye!
We were having so much fun hearing all about their trip, seeing all the great pictures and watching the videos of them swimming with turtles as well as all kinds of exciting things - that we lingered and stayed all the way through dinner time.

It was dark by the time we got home but it didn't take long to come in and put our things away and sit with a glass of wine before going to bed. I had put fresh flannel sheets on before we left and it felt delicious to crawl under the covers with the attic fan on and the back door open!
We slept like babies!
Louis Dean had bragged to Amber and Mike that he had not had to take a single sleeping pill all the time they were gone! Wonder WHY??

I received this lovely blessing from my sister, Nita, when I woke up this morning.

Nita is the cheerleader and inspirational speaker of our family.
If we know anything at all - it's that Nita will point out the GOOD and the BLESSINGS of all our lives and encourage us in whatever we are facing.

We woke up to a chilly, misty morning. I looked at the clock (it was 9:15) and couldn't help but think that for the last several days I would have already been up over three hours!!
We each had our coffee in Hawaiian coffee cups holding Hawaiian Coffee.
I even spritzed that Wicked Wahine perfume on my throat as the finishing touch!

WHAT a delightful day we have had!
Since I left the house clean, all we have done is rest and drift through the house doing small chores, reading and whatever we wanted.
I needed to go to the bank and the post office and Louis Dean graciously offered to do that for me so I would not even have to dress and leave the house!

He even brought me a bouquet of flowers when he came back!
AND Subway sandwiches so NO cooking required.

I took lots of small breaks today while I sipped tea from my new Starbucks cup from Hawaii!
It was a special edition and only to be found there.
Thank you, Amber, for bringing one back for me!
Since it was cool, and since it is already October, I managed to get my closet changed out for fall/winter this afternoon. My one accomplishment!

Now we are about to pour our wine and retire to the gazebo for a nice long sit before we call it a day.
Perhaps we will continue with this earlier bedtime for awhile.
Probably not for long, though!


  1. A great week+ that will be remembered by all. Sleep well.

  2. Now it's time to get on with fall. Always marvel at how well Amber and Mike have taught their children. You don't have long to get your Halloween debris out. Then it's on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. You are going to be a busy lady. That's sweet of LD to bring you flowers. That doesn't happen at my house. Bob's OCD kicks in and petals dropping on the table top drive him crazy. I've never been able to have flowers in the house, nor burning candles. Fall should be nice in Texas.

  3. Those kids are so good as well as being so cute. I love the gifts Amber and Mike brought back for you. Glad you got a day to relax. I think you deserve it.

  4. Mission Accomplished! Well done, all!

  5. The second picture is divine and my favorite! The quads have such wonderful looks on their faces and are dressed so cute. AND they look so happy! I know that you and Louis Dean make them very happy! This is the neatest child's room I have ever seen! Louis Dean reminds me of a proper southern gentleman. He even buys you flowers! You two are sure meant for each other.

  6. Your new gazebo is so big and cozy! Although it was such a in to build one it is now a blessing. Good job! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. Oh the squeals of delight when the children saw their mom and dad again! I am grinning just to imagine it. And Nita's message...oh my! Sweetness to the 10th power. Her words made me grin for you having accomplished so much while you and Louis Dean stood in the gap. I love the dear descriptions of your days. A beautiful weekend to you!

  8. After keeping these children, I am sure sleep will come easy. What a fun time and one to cherish.

  9. I just love the photo of the kids marching into the car to go to school. so cute and I know all of you are glad mama and papa bear are back home with the little bears. safe and rested. the videos are a fantastic idea.. glad you are home and rested and have your own cheer leader

  10. Glad you had the special time with the quads and mom and Dad had alone time and are back home safe and sound.

  11. You made it!! What sweet parents you are to step in and allow Amber and her husband to have some time off!!

  12. Linda, as usual I loved all the photos. So glad the kids are home safe and that everyone enjoyed the time. I know that wore you guys out for a bit...I don't know if I could do that many days in a row. LOL. Your gazebo looked so inviting and cozy. LD is a prince among men, isn't he? bringing flowers and food , gotta love a man like that. :):) Blessings to all for a great weekend, get some rest. xoxo,love, Susie

  13. What wonderful photos. Those kids are just so darned cute...and I know
    You are such good grandparents to them and I know they all adore you.
    Glad you are doing some unwinding with a bit of wine and a breather. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  14. A memorable week for sure...for all of you. Glad they are back safe and sound!

  15. Lovely! Great photographs of the quads and so nice to read that you had a quiet, relaxing day. What a superb effort you and LD ut in so that Amber and Mike could have that precious time away, and I know you loved every second x

  16. Sometimes an 8:30 bedtime just has to happen. LOL It doesn't happen too often around my place but it happens. That LD. They broke the mold when they made him tha's for sure.