Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Treasures!!

This morning Ruth Ann and I both decided to stay closer to home so instead of going to Dallas for our movie and Goodwill day - we stayed right here in Irving! It was Ruth Ann's turn to pick the movie and she chose wisely. Saving Mr. Banks. I had seen it when it first came out but a GOOD movie is worth seeing more than once! This one led us to a good discussion this evening in art class about happy childhoods. Louis Dean, Ruth Ann and our daughter in law, Sherry, and her sister, Cindy and I all sat in the living room telling tales of our childhoods. They all had HAPPY ones!! I confess I did not! Nor did any of my siblings. It is what it is but I am grateful that all my grandchildren are enjoying normal, healthy and HAPPY childhoods!! I'm not sure my children would say THEY had happy ones. But at least THEIR children are!

After the movie we went hunting for treasures at the local Goodwill!!

I found a whole buggy FULL!!!

This Step 2 chair was just $2.99 (less 25%!)

A Vera Wang coin purse was $0.75! Kailey will LOVE snapping it open and shut!

These colorful toys stack and interlock and should be interesting for the quads to play with.


MORE debris.......

Fall debris!

LOVE this cool fish pillow and I'm betting Trystan will love it too!!!

This was a high quality lamp shade and it goes perfectly in our den!

When I got home Louis Dean was watching a  movie of his own!
Big Jake with John Wayne. He can quote the entire movie!!!

The house smelled so good when I came in! Louis Dean loves to cook huge picnic hams!
This one was DELICIOUS!!! We ate big slices on a piece of bread while standing at the kitchen counter.
YUMMY!!! He has sliced up the whole thing and bagged it. We put some in the freezer and some we are taking over to Quadville for dinner tomorrow night.

Out came the turpentine and ART was underway!!
Sabrina couldn't make it tonight so it was just Ruth Ann and I.
I think I am calling this one DONE!!!!
Not my favorite but I think I can live with her now.

I forgot to take a picture of Ruth Ann's but this is my landscape all based in.
Next week we will put in the details and highlights.

A good movie, treasure hunting, art and a good visit with some of our favorite people!
Did I mention today was Sherry's birthday? She brought over a big chocolate cake to share and.......

WINE Ice Cream!!!

Now THAT'S how we do a TUESDAY!!!


Deb said...

You found some great treasures...isn't it great to have Hubbies that cook! The Irish festival is this weekend at Fair Park....fri-sun

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Linda I just love your Tuesday.

Sandra said...

love the raincoat girl... and I loved sitting with the adults when i was young and listening to my dad and his 5 brothers wild tales of things they did to drive my grandmother crazy.
it is odd you said you had no happy stories to tell. i just said to someone yesterday, none of my memories or stories of my young years were happy or good memories.... mine would make a sad book. i think the bad things stick in the memory and overcome the good

Kathy said...

What a great Tuesday you had! Love the landscape.

Susie said...

Linda, It sounds like a wonderful day with your loved ones. So good you and Ruth can enjoy so much together. Tell that LD, he is looking dang sexy.....standing there cooking. I always tell Teddy , the sexiest thing in the world is a man doing dishes, now I am thinking maybe cooking is better. LOL. You know you love that boy !! I know what you are saying about childhoods. My was very poor, with fighting parents(Physical too). I know my children had better, because I refused to live like my parents. But I think as hard as I tried, there were times is wasn't good. I have truly done my best to make up for it. My daughters are my special friends. Hugs for you sweet Linda, xoxo, Susie

Miss Dishywoo said...

I don't think a Tuesday can get any better than that! I am on a hunt now for wine ice cream. Was it good?

Vee said...

I always leave here wearing a smile...well, usually...today was a grin day!

Cheapchick said...

I love the fish pillow! You are such a talented artist Linda.

Kelly said...

You seem to always have successful shopping days when going to Goodwill. You found some great bargains. Your artwork looks beautiful! I know you've been working on that lady with the umbrella one for a long time. I have never heard of wine icecream before. Sounds interesting.

Linda said...

It was pretty good.....seemed a little gritty in texture but the TASTE was good!!

Sweet Tea said...

Beautiful painting - I always enjoy seeing your artwork, and your "FINDS".

bj said...

WHAT..????? WINE ICE. CREAM...???....gotta get some of that.
It's hard to imagine you not having a happy childhood...you are so full of life and fun and caring. I so admire you.
I fell in love with your red umbrella pictures so much that when I saw one at Kirkland's, I bought it. I think of you a lot when I look at it. :)
AND...now, of COURSE, I am HAM HUNGRY.

Rob Hunt said...

That Ham sounds good. Really like your landscape.


The landscape is really coming along beautifully. And I like "Done" really well...colorful and a bit turbulent, which I like a lot!

Wine ice cream. Now that is new to me.

Your new found treasures are just that...especially the new lamp shade.

LV said...

What a nice and enjoyable post. Was great learning about things you share. I have not been to a movie in years. Just nothing has caught my eye. Trust all is well in your world.

Simone Dankenbring said...

Great treasures...but the babies are the greatest treasures. How blessed you are!!!

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm starving thinking of great ham sandwiches! Sounds like you had a really great day and that's a "good thing". I'm no artist but I love to paint. Sadly, I did not have a happy childhood either. It always amazes me at those who do.


Gypsy Heart said...

P.S. I notice twinkle lights in your photos. Do you have them in special places or just one area? Love them!! :)