Saturday, February 22, 2014

A February Saturday! Work and Play!

It feels so good to FEEL good again!!!
Louis Dean is over worrying about ME and back to his projects!

Yesterday he took the old window unit out - all by himself - and loaded it in the back of his truck.
Today he set about putting the new BIGGER, BETTER and definitely HEAVIER one in with just his own strength, ingenuity and the puny help of yours truly!

It is UP!!! And IN the window - more or less!!
He plans to finish it up tomorrow after church.

While he worked in the den I stayed close by in the kitchen so I could fetch and carry for him.
In between assisting him I took EVERYTHING off the fridge!
Louis Dean was ecstatic!!!!!

It was short lived! I have been wanting a new look for the great white fridge and found THESE at the Dollar Store for just $3 a package. I bought THREE!

Our coffee station. We 'Rise' but we certainly do not SHINE!

I added back a FEW magnets but for the most part there is nothing to knock off the fridge now!

I have something hanging from just about every flat surface it is possible to hang anything on!
We worked pretty steady all day but at 4:00 we STOPPED!
It was time to clean up so we could attend a Boy Scout Banquet with my son and his family!

My oldest grandson, Sam, is no longer in the Cub Scouts but will move on to Troop 379!
He is the spitting image of my son!!

Levi is adorable!!! He earned several awards!
His dad was doing the photographs for the events and I notice Levi had perfect timing with his crossed eyes and funny smiles!! Levi is a character and a charmer!!! I was so glad to see him!

My all grown up son, Jesse, who is just about the best dad EVER!!!
Our entire family brags on him all the time!!
For some reason I failed to get a pic of my beautiful daughter in law and of Faith - my first granddaughter!
Let me assure you - they were both beautiful!

This evening we picked Leigh Ann and Faith up and they directed us to the banquet place.
They were all going to go home together in their van so Louis Dean and I said our good byes and headed to the parking lot - where we wondered around for 10 minutes without finding our car!
We finally gave up and were nearly back to the building when I saw Faith. I called out and Leigh Ann asked if we were lost!!! I am SO blond tonight!! We were in the WRONG parking lot!!! What can I say? It was DARK and neither Louis Dean nor I have ANY sense of direction!!!
We made it home and I came in, whipped off my clothes and put on my gown and robe in less than 2 minutes! We have worked and we have played today!
Doesn't get much better than THIS!!


Deanie W said...

Enjoyed your post. Yes you are correct Jesse is a FANTASTIC dad! It just does not seem that long ago that he was that little guy making the funny faces. Happy you got to go to the banquet. Its interesting, James' boys had their banquet tonight in Austin as well.

Deb said...

Sounds like a good day .. We sure missed you at girls night

Sandra said...

adorable scouts and the big daddy scout is to...

Susie said...

Linda, Your photos look great. You do know that you could probably hire LD out?? Busy boy. I laughed a bit about the parking lots....I could sure see my daughter Liz doing that. Glad you got home in time to relax some. Hope your Sunday is a good one too. xoxo,Susie

must love junk said...

Sounds like a perfect day with your wonderful family! I had to laugh about not finding your car-I have the worst sense of direction ever!
Glad you're feeling better :)

Sweet Tea said...

Levi sure looks like his Dad! Both boys are cuties!