Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Fun With Mother!

I love my Fridays with Mother!!!
We picked her up and headed to Walmart where Louis Dean had to go in to buy some white spray paint.
This is because he went to buy some yesterday and picked up a large can with a white lid and I guess he ASSUMED it was white spray paint! It wasn't! It was a pipe marker with a weird sprayer and totally NOT what I needed! SO in he went once again to get some white spray paint! He came out with 2 cans of the right stuff and 1 can of what he THOUGHT was primer! NOT! It was flat white spray paint.
I have ribbed him so much about this!!!

While HE was wandering around Walmart I hopped into the back seat with Mother and she and I had a very nice chat!!! She said it was the first time in a long time that we've TALKED!!!
Mothers are pretty awesome because all I did was tell her what a terrible time I'm having with my allergies and how I don't feel well and gripe GRIPE gripe!!!! She, in turn, told me about how hard it is to be on a walker and how she didn't feel well and gripe GRIPE gripe!!
When we were through we laughed and hugged each other and said how much BETTER we felt now!!!

Then we went to Cotton Patch Cafe for lunch!

We had fun taking some funny face pictures and cutting up!

Mother ALWAYS gets the BIG bowl of chicken and dumplings!

Louis Dean ALWAYS gets the chicken fried steak!
When I am with him he gets the LUNCH portion!
When I'm NOT he orders the BIG one!!
He wasn't all that glad I was there today!

Mother does well on her walker but it sure isn't easy!

Back to Nita's and just LOOK at her new table!!!
Guess where it came from??
Her husband found it out on a curb for the trash!!!
What a treasure find!!

This chart of inspirational sayings is something Mother has had for years and years!
She asked me to read them to her and then she gave the chart to me!

We had a good visit!
Louis Dean tells Mother every week when we leave -
"Now NO dancing or staying out late!!! No drinking or honky tonking!"
And SHE always says, "Why NOT???"

As soon as we got home I changed into comfy clothes and crawled into the guest room bed and took a good little NAP!!

Yesterday Louis Dean took our hall closet doors down and since we didn't have the white spray paint to do the metal trim all I was able to do was Kiltz the doors (which is just inexpensive panelling.)
So today we got them painted and hopefully he can hang them back up tomorrow!

Then it was time to sit on the driveway and enjoy this 80 degree weather we're having!


Deb said...

Sometimes talking to your Mom just makes you feel better! Cool trash find...hope you can make our March Ladies craft day!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I spy the cutest collection of "selfies"!
I am now headed off to Wednesday with the Quads!

Linda said...

Linda, I love all these photos, and your mother, as always, looks lovely. Glad you both had some time to talk...and laugh.

Vee said...

Wow. That's some change in the weather from one day to the next. Enjoy. I read the whining bit to John who thinks you gals have the right idea. He says that there's nothing worse than not feeling well and wanting to tell someone and to have that someone pooh-pooh it. Gosh. I hope that he doesn't mean me! Now I must read these inspirations of your mom's. I like the first one: Happiness is a choice!

Sweet Tea said...

80 degrees? I didn't realize you were having temps like that. We've been dreary and chilly the last few days. I don't dare whine as I know the misery many areas are going through. Loved the funny photos of you and your Mom.

Miss Dishywoo said...

Two more chapters in my Louis Dean children's book: Louis Dean Paints and Hangs the Doors, and Louis Dean Keeps Buying the Wrong Thing at Walmart! Haha! I don't blame you for loving your Fridays, I love them, too!

Blondie's Journal said...

In the larger picture with your mother, look like you are about 30 years old! Love it!


Estelle's said...

Linda, as always I enjoy hearing about your daily activities! You have such a love for your family and it shows! Just darling!

Sandra said...

oh yum on chicken and dumplings.. wish i had a bowl right now. love the silly pics.. and tell LD i do that a lot in WM... come home with the wrong thing. it is because there are way to many choices now,... women talking and sharing and griping is what keeps us going.... men find that hard to do and hold it all in... we pour it out to each other and we are done with it.... you and your mom are blessed to have each other.

Susie said...

Linda, I really enjoy when you are with your mom and tell us about your day. She and LD have a great time kidding each other, that is sweet. 80 degree, wow, wish we had about 40 for now. Enjoy you weekend, xoxo,Susie

Linda P said...

Hi Linda, what a fun day, especially with your Mother and hubby. I always enjoy my outings with my Mother too. Treasure those days. xo

Kelly said...

I'm sure it was good to confide with your mother about how you were feeling and vice versa. Mom's understand their kids better than anyone. Glad to hear that y'all had another good Friday together. Wish we were having the weather you're having! It has warmed up here, but it's cloudy today. I'm looking forward to better weather tomorrow though.

Gypsy Heart said...

Well, I'm glad you were out and about in the beautiful weather...can you believe today? :) Typical Texas ~

Your mom looks beautiful! Glad you had fun and a good meal. It's such a blessing that you still have her here. I don't know about you but no one told me that getting older is kinda hard. I've been helping my daughter & s-i-l pack and move and girlfriend, I am wiped out!

Hope you have a fabulous week ~

Carla said...

All those pictures were awesome. Here I go again playing catch up on my blog reading.
Those chicken and dumplins sound good. You know what I'm craving now though is crawfish. Good and spicy. LOL I'll peel one for ya if I ever get them.