Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Weekend......

We have had a quiet weekend - in spite of it being Super Bowl Sunday!
Our favorite people to watch the game with are on the road back here to Texas so it's a two people party tonight - just Louis Dean and me!!

This morning we got up a bit earlier than usual to attend a birthday party!
Our Triplet Friends are TWO!!!
Their mom is a twin and their dad is a twin so OF COURSE they had TRIPLETS!!!

The party was held in a local mall at the carousel! This was our quads very first time to ride one. Last year they WATCHED one at Grapevine Mills but today they RODE the horses!!
My friend, Louise, is the triplet mom's mom! You can see her holding Kailey while I have Trystan and Mike has Harrison. 

Logan was stuck tight to Granddad today!
I think HE had as much fun as SHE did!!

She was smiling just a second ago!

The beautiful Quad Mom! You know how you take a load of pics of your first child? And then less and less with the second, third and fourth?
Not SO with Amber! Having them all at once means she takes lots and lots of pics!!
And I am STILL taking pictures of HER!!!

Trystan rode the carousel once - and then once again!

There was lots of room to run around!
Kailey kept Granddad on his toes!

It helps when you have one adult to one quadling!

It was a great morning and we all had fun!
So nice to see friends I haven't seen in awhile. 
Notice the tutu's? It was a tie and tutu party and they were part of the favors!

Yesterday was a low key day.

I went up to the pool to watch Amber. She wasn't judging but coaching this time!
She helped these two young swimmers with their solo's.
I am so impressed that many swimmers from Amber's squad are still involved with the sport.
Some coach. Some judge. And then there's me. I watch.

Saturday afternoon was spent doing housework and taking a nap!
Louis Dean spent HOURS working on our front door.

I am happy to say it will now open and close easily! AND it LOCKS!!
He put new trim up and that was not an easy job. 
All four of my children grew up in this house but it was Amber who learned how to open the door and run outside to see the world!! This door was hung by my Uncle Harry in 1983. Amber was born in 1985 and as soon as she could walk she was twisting that door knob trying to get out!
We installed a flip lock to keep her in ABOVE the door knob! She grew taller so we had to put one even higher!! We still have them. After Louis Dean finished his handiwork it was my turn to come in and clean it all up and finish out the staining. He uses a lot of some kind of wood putty - I think it's called Rock Hard.
All his repairs had to be sanded and stained. While it doesn't match perfectly - it looks good to me and the door OPENS, CLOSES, and LOCKS easily!

While I was cleaning up in there I noticed this poster I bought back in 1988 at the Ardmore Craft Fair in Madill, Oklahoma. It has The Lord's Prayer - in the center - and around the borders you can see the Ten Commandments. It has hung up there in the foyer ever since - just staple gunned to the wall. I have meant to frame it and just forgot. That's now on my To-DO List!

It's turned cold again today. 31 degrees at 5:00.
 Lucy is staying warm and snug in her sweater and super comfy bed!

 30 minutes to kick off!!
We have a fire in the fireplace and pizza about to go in the oven.
Louis Dean has his blankie and glass of wine so I say it's time for some FOOTBALL!!!!


Amber B. said...

Thanks for helping out with the babies this morning! It turned out to be a very nice outing for all of us. And I'm always glad you have a love of synchro like I do. :)

Lucy looks really comfortable! And so does the living room - enjoy the game!

Sandra said...

I hear the commercials coming from the living room.... enjoy your game. love the tutus and Lucy is adorable and looks happy with her bed and sweater and warm as a dog in a rug. BOL

Susie said...

Your outings would take extra help, I would think. Linda it is so amazing how much those babies have grown. Glad your door is fix and you are all set to enjoy your evening. Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie

Gypsy Heart said...

I want whatever you're taking! :) I don't have that kind of energy. Looks like you had a lot of fun along with the quads. They are adorable! The door looks lovely. Yes, I think you should have that poster framed. :) My favorite grandmother taught me the Lord's Prayer and she always said that when you pray "Thy will be done" that it is the most difficult to really mean. I've found that to be true! :) I do know that God is in control ~ we're not.

Have a wonderful week!

Kathy said...

What a great time you had! I love merry-go-rounds and still ride them whenever I can. Your door looks great and even more important is that it now works!

HoundDogMom said...

Looks like an awesome weekend. I thought I would share this link with you since you have been down to Crystal Beach/Boliver. This is something new they built on the Pennisula.


Kelly said...

The birthday party sounded fun. What kid doesn't like to ride on a carousel? That was a great idea to have it there. Glad that you got your front door fixed. LD seems to stay on top of things around there, doesn't he? We watched the game last night too. We had white bean chicken chili, but it wasn't warm enough for a fire. Our weather has been in the 60's lately. I'm not complaining though. Your family room looks so cozy with all of your lights and the fire going.

Vee said...

We have both viewed these great photos and are trying to imagine if we could keep up with four toddlers. We decided that two boys 7 and 8 are about our limits and that only for a couple of hours a day. We are so impressed with you both!

The door looks great and that photo of your home as you wait for the big game has a cozy factor off the charts!

Vee said...

Oops, forgot to say that the Pebbles hairdos are too cute as are the tutus.

Wanda said...

What a great time of fun at the mall and Birthday Party. Love the looks of the quads on the horses. ...HaHa and DL keeping track of them in the Mall. too cute.
You home always looks so warm, welcoming and happy. Had to put a sweater on Molly last night...goodness, and we're in CA.

Terra said...

Your outing with the triplets looks like fun and always enjoyable to ride a carousel.

Carla said...

Looks like it was a fun filled weekend. Poor Dexter is in his sweater but he's a shivering. Lack of fur due to his furless mom's brilliant idea to clean him up.