Tuesday, August 20, 2013

MiMi Camp 2013: Day Two: Two New Arrivals and TWO More Water Emergencies!

Day two is a done deal. It is 10:00 and all is quiet here in the camper.
Raynie and Levi arrived this morning!
We had another water emergency this morning. Louis Dean fixed that and we turned the water back on tonight after we came in for bed. All was fine for a whole hour and then the water started flooding in again from under the girls bunk - which is where the water reservoir is. We are in bed and the A/C is on and all is well so we're staying put for the night. We'll have breakfast in here tomorrow morning and then I am throwing in the towel on staying in the camper. No, WAIT!! The towels are all in the washer and/or dryer so I CAN'T throw one! No worries, though! The kids have been great and we've enjoyed being out here so it's still be a Win! WIN! situation.

Some highlights of our day........

This was actually last night. After watching the movie about a dog yesterday, Faith became very attached to Lucy to the point of letting her sleep with her!

I love how much Sam and Faith love each other!

There was a HUGE Barbie convention around the camper dining table this morning - glad they got to play BEFORE the water event happened!

We relocated to the gazebo and played Lego's.

The kids raided my closet for wraps to take to the movies with us......you gotta love A/C in Texas!!

Our movie of choice - Epic! They were a captured audience!
* A special note of thanks to Ruth Ann for going with us! There's strength in numbers!!

Since it WAS Tuesday we hit up the Goodwill!

Faith scored with another great item - NEW and in the box - for their pool.
There's still another month or so of swimming weather around here!

Faith has been so good with Raynie!
AND Raynie simply adores Faith!

My four oldest grandchildren!!
I am Bella to Raynie and MiMi to Sam, Faith and Levi!

Sam is as tall as I am!! He'll be 11 next month!

Granddad made mini hamburgers for us tonight using his homemade buns.

Sabrina brought the art project supplies - I got the t- shirts and tiles.....

it was a FUN thing to do!

They turned out GREAT!!!
T- shirts, sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol.
Sabrina found this on Pinterest.

I made 'Paint Shirts' for the quads.
After you're finished throw the shirts in the dryer for 15 minutes to set the colors!

Instead of baths the kids did bubbles and water play in the front yard.
I added a washcloth and soap and called them BATHED!

We took turns reading before heading back out to the camper.

Of course we had to linger on the driveway and look at the Blue Moon!!!
Even with the water event, the kids were all in bed by 9:30. They haven't been out once since!

I admit to being one tired grandmother tonight so I am shutting down the laptop, pulling the covers up and calling it a night!!!


DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Wow! The days are packed at Mimi camp!
Sweet dreams!

Linda said...

What a fun time! Linda, I love the outfit you are wearing, it is so cheerful and bright!

Denise said...

What a great time you are having! Sorry about the water problems; you and LD sure have had your share of those.

Kathy said...

At least the water problems are now, not when you were living in the camper. There is always a bright side.

I don't know whether Sam is tall or you are short. Ha, ha! Imagine at 11 he is as tall as you are. He is going to be a big man.

Love those shirts. Thanks for telling me how to do it.

Bernice said...

What beautiful Grandkids, and what a wonderful Grandma you are! Your camp is filled with so much fun and love.
Thanks for sharing:)

jackie collins said...

The outside bath reminds me of so many good times when I was a child. thank you for sharing, it feels my heart with a lot of HAPPY!

Sweet Tea said...

Love the tee shirts!!
I didn't know about the Blue Moon till I heard about it on TV today. Boo! Hoo!

Susie said...

Linda, Bless those sweet kids and you too. It is nice when the older ones kind of help out with the little ones. Great job on the t-shirts. I'll try to glimpse that moon tonight. xoxo,Susie

Deb said...

I'm loving all this camp time with the kiddos...you can tell everyone is having fun...such great memories being made...

Carla said...

Wow what a busy and fun packed day. I do believe Levi is going to tower over you very soon.