Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet My Friend!

I arrived at Amber's this morning and sure enough! 
THERE was my camera!!

This is my friend, Reaoma!!
 We had THE nicest visit catching up on everything.

The most touching moment of the day was when we first arrived and Reaoma and Amber embraced.
This was just so special. Amber has loved Doug and Reaoma all her life. Back when she was just a toddler she would wait all day for Doug to get home from work about 4:30. She would watch for him by perching herself on her windowsill where she could see him as he drove into his driveway - which was right next to ours! NOW we have a big honking RV parked there which gives our current neighbors (and us) some privacy. This wasn't the case back in the day! Amber can remember calling out, "Hi, Doug!!!!" as he would be trying to sneak into his house. When he saw he'd been made -he was ALWAYS such a good sport and would ALWAYS come over and visit with her for a few minutes. Without fail. Doug and Reaoma feature in Amber's fondest childhood memories. She drove behind the wheel of a car for the first time down at their place. August was the ONE month we didn't home school and Amber didn't have her Synchro schedule. That's when we would go down to Rainbow's End. I am certain Doug collapsed in exhaustion when we left because he spent every waking moment with Amber and Ben from the moment we arrived until the minute we left! He taught them to fish and took them out in his boat on the lake in front of their house. He showed them how to shoot a gun and let them practice. They rode horses. He taught them how to use a bow and arrow. He took them to 'town.' He was wonderful. He valued them.
As Amber grew older and began writing she would mail them her essays. Doug and Reaoma would tell me about their 'Amber Readings.' They would have someone over and for entertainment they would bring out Amber's writings and read aloud. They were her biggest fans. She has always LOVED to write and has ALWAYS had an audience.

It brought such pleasure for Amber to introduce HER four children to Reaoma.

And my friend agrees.......Kailey is Amber's Mini Me!!

Reaoma walks with a cane these days due to her failing eyesight.
Kailey got hold of it and wouldn't let go!

Fast forward to this morning.......

I was so impressed with how quiet the house was when I arrived. 
Amber was folding laundry and all four babies were playing together.

Of course they were glad to see Grandma!!! And I was so glad to see THEM!
They make me feel like I am someone special!! Guess that's the way it is with all the grands everywhere!

This is my very favorite pic of the day!
The other two had just gone down for their nap when Louis Dean arrived this afternoon.
Kailey flung herself OUT of MY arms and INTO her Granddad's arms the second I opened the front door.

Feel the love!!

Next week is MiMi Camp 2013 (for the older grands!) and Aunt Amber has already put together Welcome Bags for next Wednesday when they get to come over and spend the day with their quad cousins.
I'm thinking that may well be a highlight of the camp this year. There will be a nature walk along the creek among other interesting things scheduled for that day.

Speaking of walking.......
Trystan just KNEW those shoes were made for walking - and that's just what she DID!!!
She and I walked four houses UP the street and then back down this evening before dinner.
Trystan's favorite part was walking on the crepe myrtle flowers that covered a section of sidewalk. She would walk back and forth over them. I'm guessing she liked to feel the textures through her soft soled shoes.

Logan was next and although she's not a big fan of shoes in general - she knew to keep these on so she could go on a little walk with Grandma. This time we went four houses DOWN the street. Logan's favorite part was walking in the GRASS!
Harrison and Kailey get to take their walks with me in the morning before I leave for home.

Dinner is another fun event around here. They eat and laugh and eat and laugh!
Just so you know, bath time followed which was a good thing since the mashed potatoes proved to be so entertaining for them.

Babies were in bed, the wine was poured and Amber and I ended our day with a movie - which is one of our favorite things to do! Tonight's feature was 'Cowboys and Aliens' and it was as good the third time around as it was the first and second!!

So the house is all quiet as I finish this journal entry tonight.
I love that the guest room is tucked away in its own little area of the house and that's where I'm headed now.
Maybe I should call Louis Dean and see if he is still up.

If you love jewelry - you will love this!!


  1. What a wonderful treasured friendship Amber had with your friends/neighbors.
    Glad you got your camera back,so you could share all the wonderful pictures of the quads, they are getting so big,and getting cuter and cuter everyday:)
    Grands are very Special,Thanks for sharing yours:)

  2. That was a wonderful description of an amazing friend. So fun to see the quads...they are growing and changing so fast.

  3. Reoma is a "treasure" and I can tell that you know that. Few things better than a great friend!!

  4. So funny y'all watched Cowboys and Aliens. We went to CO last week for the birth of our 10th grandchild (in the last 8 years.) We took a couple days ahead and stayed in a caboose at a bed and breakfast in Cascade - If you get to that area, Lynda is an exceptional hostess, and we really enjoyed our time there. There were several DVDs we have not seen, and that I wanted to see, but I thought my husband might enjoy that rather than a "chick flick." Funny, but several times we looked at each other, like, "are we really watching this?" I would watch it again, now.

  5. Such a lovely post, Linda. I am so glad you found your camera, too.

  6. Linda, I could not help but cry...thinking of Amber hanging by her window waiting for the neighborman to come home from work. It just touched my heart. You were blessed to have your wonderful neighbors. For them to love all of you in return. Your little film clips allow all of us to see the love you all have for each other. I enjoy them so much. xoxoxo, Susie

  7. Linda,I loved hearing about Reaoma and Amber. My twin sis and I were the ones that waited for our neighbor to return. He was a truck driver and we just assumed that he had nothing else better to do than to humor two little girls. Sweet memories. Loved seeing how big and adorable the quads are.

  8. LOVE! PURE LOVE! The joyful faces in this post!
    Linda, you are the best at sharing the sweetness of life!
    Happy weekend!