Monday, August 19, 2013

MiMi Camp 2013: Day ONE!

Sam and Faith arrived around 9:00 this morning for the first day of MiMi Camp!
I missed doing one last year so I have really been looking forward to today!

The first thing they did was check out their bunks in the camper!

Love those smiles!

They enjoyed a good game of chess out in the gazebo.

Next up - a trip to the Dollar Store for duct tape.
This will be used in a project on Thursday.

Since we were having Mexican food for dinner tonight, we shopped at the Mexican grocery store on O'Connor for some of their delicious pastries!

We each got ONE and then another ONE to share!!

We were back home right at lunch time! Sandwiches and a movie!

Hachi - A Dog's Tale.
Good movie but it made me cry!

Sam wanted his granddad to teach him some songs so they hung out in the den with their guitars.

Faith and I went back to the camper where I hung up all the Tea Party dresses I've been collecting.

The A/C started dripping water out there AGAIN so we put a bucket under it and came in to listen to the guys as they played music. Faith is loving Lucy! Must have something to do with that movie we watched!

Sam is my first grandchild and is growing faster than I can imagine!

Louis Dean finally pulled himself away from the music and worked on the camper's A/C.
Bless his heart! He had a terrible time with the water this morning. He fixed one problem last night but discovered another when he turned the water on this morning. He just got THAT one done - then the A/C!!

Fortunately our neighbor (who is a professional A/C man!) came over to help!
He saw the problem and helped him fix it!!
That's a GOOD thing since Louis Dean was about to DRILL a drain hole - which would have been a TERRIBLE idea!!!

Our project today was to paint on my lawn house.
So far Faith is still working on her ideas and is not quite ready to commit to paint!

Dinner is done and THREE Duck Dynasty episodes have been watched!
Showers are over and the kids have been out in the camper playing UP WORDS, a game I've had since their dad was young!

We're about to go out and sit on the driveway and do what we traditionally do when they come visit -
count the cars who stop at the stop sign! Or the ones who DON"T stop - which is most of them!

I also have packed a little snack to put beside the bunks tonight after the grands go to sleep.
Since they were little I've always left them a small bag with cookies or something to nibble on when they wake up - an a bottle of water. Faith gently reminded me of this earlier in the evening. It made my heart squeeze to think of their disappointment if I had forgotten this tradition.

I'll close with a snippet of Sam and Granddad playing some music....


I'm going back outside to count some more cars.....and talk some more.
Grandchildren are THE most interesting people in the whole world!!!


Denise said...

You are such a good Mimi! There is a stop sign at the street that intersects with ours that I can see sitting here at the computer. 95% of the cars do not stop! Glad the neighbor helped LD and hope that puts an end to the leaking in the camper.

Sweet Tea said...

What a "Grand" time!
I'm sitting here thinking how much I would have loved doing all of that when I was a kid. Enjoy!

Vee said...

Now this reminds me how we probably connected in Blogdom. It may have had something to do with handsome brunette grandsons named Sam. =D How old is your Sam? He looks several years older than mine who is seven. Keep having fun! It looks like a fun week will be enjoyed by all.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Looks like a wonderful day, Linda! So glad to hear the AC issue was solved!
Your Grands are darling!
We love Duck Dynasty as well! I love the fact that the kids can watch it! Faith, family and fun!

Bev said...

Can hardly wait to see the duck tape project...and what hard workers... I can just imagine the work LD did on that camper... and then to have AC go...

Linda said...

So much going on, Linda! What a great day! I, too, cry watching certain movies...Love Story, Bambi, E.T., and the like. :)

a portland granny said...

This brings back memories--I used to run a Granny Camp, but alas they are all older now. We always had great fun and I was always exhausted at the end of the week.

Isn't there a younger brother with this group?? Maybe he was too shy to come?? Anyway, wanted to tell you that your granddaughter has a quaddie girl cousin who looks just like her!! I'm not sure the name, but I see a resemblance among the quads and the cousins. All darling kiddos!!

You are are they!

darlin said...

Beautiful precious children, they sure are adorable and look at those smiles... you can see the joy and happiness they both have to be with you and LD. The joy of children, or one of the joys, is there's rarely a dull moment even the quiet moments the heart still swells with love and happiness.

You're an awesome Mimi Linda!

Kathy said...

Hooray for Mimi Camp! I know they must have missed it last year. Glad you are doing it for them again this year. You sure have been having a time with the water and A/C in the camper. At least it's in your driveway and you aren't in Katy living in it. So good that the neighbor was able to help LD fix the problem.

jackie collins said...

You have such a positive and fun attitude towards life! Can't wait to follow the duct tape project. It is so funny to watch people stop/slow down at stop signs. We sit on our back patio and watch as our local small town policeman turns on his siren and chases them down our hill. He has sure slowed the drivers down since he came on the job!

Susie said...

Linda, What beautiful kids. That was sweet when Faith mentioned the treat bags. Sam was playing right along with, I sure love that. I think music is good for the soul. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Cheapchick said...

Sounds like fun for you and them, have a great time!