Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Night Moon!

It's Sunday night as I write and I will be heading off to bed in just a few minutes.

The camper is now ready for the grands when they arrive in the morning.
All ready except that there's no water.....yet. But there WILL be - in the morning.
Louis Dean repaired whatever it was and is letting the 'whatever' thing he used to fix it dry.

LD had hauled the mattress and chair out to dry while we were at church.
Just about the time he's nearly got one thing fixed - something else happens.

I was inside cleaning and organizing when water started dripping down from the air conditioner!
He fixed it.
I do believe Louis Dean can fix absolutely anything!!
He is a pretty tired man tonight, though!

The bedroom is all clean - and DRY!! - and ready!
I'll be the only one who sleeps in here as LD has opted to stay in the HOUSE!!

Boy Bunk - DONE!

Girl Bunk - READY!

I used an Indian themed broom skirt as a curtain between the jean panels.
Campers are like hot tin cans so we keep as much light out as possible!

Games are ready to be played. This year I'm going to see if the older two can play NUTS!

I hope the grands will enjoy the camper!

It's a nice place to visit - but it's also nice that I don't have to LIVE here!!

We both love our little camper!
Lots of good memories.....

The fridge has been cleaned out and I stocked the freezer with frozen sausage and pancakes on a stick for one of this week's breakfast.

Bathroom is ready to be operational again - once the water is turned on in the morning!

Camping out here will be very convenient - just a few steps across the driveway and HOME!

MiMi Camp 2013 is ready to go!
Good night, Moon!


Linda said...

Wow, Linda, lots of things going on. So glad things are clean and dry. I love the paintings on the wall in the boy's bunk. Great photos, as always. Get plenty of rest. Hugs.

Jutta said...

OMG! Where do you two get all that energy?! I start to feel breatless while reading your lines. And yes, the grands will be thrilled! And I do comprehend that LD prefers to sleep indoors. But still so close by to give a hand if some repair things in need. Hopefully not. You two make an awesome couple!!!

jamarson1 said...

How exciting! Have a fun week.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

The very definition of "Happy Campers"!
Such magic happens at MiMi camp!
Everything looks perfect! Have fun!

Vee said...

You could run a B&B! I just adore your cozy camper. As a child, I would have been over the moon about it. Have a happy, happy, happy week!

Bev said...

Oh Linda what fun!!! And we sat looking at the same moon last night on our deck....

Carole said...

Good luck with MiMi camp! Your grandchildren are so lucky to have you (and the camper) - they'll adore it. Cheers

Susie said...

Linda, I wish you luck with your camp out. I think having the camper as extra room is so nice. God bless that Louis Dean...that man is a awesome. You both work harder than ten people . xoxo.Susie

Carla said...

I'm like Vee you could run a B&B.