Saturday, April 27, 2013


Today was an emotional Saturday.
Good emotions and sad ones.
I'll start with the good!
Amber and Mike were able to get out this afternoon/evening.
I came over at 3:00 so they could go house hunting.
Pray they find one soon. It is a seller's market and the houses are going so fast!
They had dinner plans tonight and are still out as I write.

The babies are learning about plates and finger foods!
I have to keep telling Harrison, "The plate stays ON the table!"

Kailey gets the prize for the best table manners!
She eats so well when she can feed HERSELF!!

Today was Sabrina's very first live in person visit with the quads!
She said they aren't as big in person as they look in the photos.
Sabrina stayed to help with the babies until after they were in bed.

She was impressed with all four but I think Trystan got a bit of EXTRA attention!!

Logan is usually shy around people and it takes a little time before she warms up.
Not so with Sabrina! Logan took right to her!!

Harrison was a big hit with his big smile and slobber kisses!
And of COURSE Kailey made a big impression!

Together we did the dinner routine.
Trystan enjoys her food!!
I read to them after they ate and while they were still at the table.

Louis Dean arrived in time to sing to them before they went to sleep.
He has big music plans for them someday SOON!

They all enjoyed their evening concert.
Trystan was getting her sleep sack on when I snapped this photo.

By 7:15 the babies were down for the night and Sabrina left to get home in time to tuck HER little one in bed. Louis Dean is watching TV - Everyone Loves Raymond. He LOVES that show!

The sad part of this Saturday was July.

July passed away this morning.
She would have been 22 years old this summer.
The cat year chart only goes to age 20 which would be equal to being 96 years old!
That would make July over 100 years old!!

We loved this cat!
When Amber was 7 years old we attended a fourth of July picnic. There was a little girl there with a basket of kittens. She asked Amber if she would like to hold one.
 I didn't realize they were GIVING the kitties AWAY!
We came home that night making a stop along the way to buy a litter box and cat food.
That's how July got her name.
She grew up with Amber. When Amber left for college - she took July (and Snowball) with her.
They made every move Amber did except for the year they spent in Scotland.
That's when she ultimately came back to the home where she grew up to wait for Amber to return for her.

I loved that cat!
She had a good life and was in remarkably good health for her age.
She didn't suffer and went quickly.
It is funny how critters can be as precious to you as a child.
Even as painful as it is to lose a beloved pet - it is worth every tear shed!
I am so thankful we had so many years with July.
She gave us as much love, comfort and companionship as we all gave her.

She was loved every single day of her life......
and I'm going to miss her for the rest of mine!


Kathy said...

Such a fun post about the quads and such a sad post about July. It brought tears to my eyes. I lost two of my cats so I know how much it hurts. I know you will miss her terribly.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love and sadness mixed together. When a beloved pet dies a family member is gone. What a wonderful life July had with her family, loved by everyone. The quads were so sweet today, growing so fast, starting to eat finger foods using a plate. Hope Amber and Mike find a house soon. Take care of you too.

Angie said...

I hope Amber and Mike enjoyed their evening out. I first hand know how needed that time is.

Those precious babies just keep reaching milestone after milestone. Annalee hasn't started plate eating yet but I'm sure we will soon!

So sorry for the loss of July. Pets become part of the family over time and it's so hard to lose them.

Pondside said...

I'm so sorry you've lost your beloved July - it's hard, no matter how old they are.
I hope Amber and Mike find a place soon!

Amber B. said...

July may be gone but never forgotten...

Changes in the wind said...

It is so hard when we lose our pets...

Bernice said...

So sorry about July,many hugs for Amber and all of you.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh but she had a long and happy life. July was a lucky kitty-cat. :-)

Understand how you are sad, though. Of course you miss her. Of course.



I'm so thrilled the quads are doing so well and look adorable as ever!! In the other hand I'm very sorry you lost July after 22 years!! I was devastated from losing Ben our pug almost 3 years at 13!...but 200!!!!!!...I'm sorry sweet friend and big hugs to you both.


I meant 22, I typing error, LOL!!!!

Nonnie said...

July was a beautiful cat and I'm glad for you that you had her so long and also that she didn't have to suffer. I know you will miss her presence with you.

Cheapchick said...

I am so sorry about your kitty. I know cats in my family are like family members. What a nice long happy well loved life she led.