Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Clean Day!

I stayed clean all day today! That means no grungy clothes and no dirt under my nails!
Louis Dean and I dressed for church this morning and STAYED dressed all day!

This afternoon we drove to the Arts District in downtown Dallas and saw Van Kilmer in Citizen Twain!
It was good and Louis Dean especially enjoys theater.
I'd rather see a good movie!

We had balcony seats and I could not readily see an exit so I battled a bit with my claustrophobia.
The fact that all of the theater was painted BLACK didn't exactly help either.

The building itself was unusual. The elevators were on the outside and that was a bit scary.
Not outside as in glass where you can see. 
I held myself together and Louis Dean clapped so loudly I knew it was worth it!

It was a beautiful day in Dallas!

It had been a good long while since we've been down in that area!
Loved seeing the art.

Children's art on a mural.......

at the plaza entrance to THIS church!

Pretty tall buildings down there!

My handsome husband!

After we got home I changed into comfy clothes - still CLEAN ones! - and took a Sunday afternoon nap!
No yard work. No painting. No housework.

I DID plan Trystan's birthday quilt deciding on a black denim top with this plushy lion print for the backing.

Back in 1983 my house burned and that's when I started using the terms 'Clean Day' and 'Dirty Day.'
Dirty days were those I spent in the charred remains of my house - the very same one I live in now.
We had to do an inventory and it helped to sift through the remains as I remembered what was in each room.
Then there was the removal of everything and that was a dirty job!
Clean Days were those I spent doing insurance things and shopping/ordering materials to rebuild and redecorate. That was 30 years ago come June 11th.

I'll be back to a Dirty Day tomorrow.
Louis Dean is going to help me sand my front door and I am going to PAINT it!
I am tired of staining and varnishing that thing!
I am going with PAINT!!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

LOVE it that you took a totally Clean Day for yourself! You deserve that!!! :-)))))

Vee said...

Now I'll be thinking of days as clean ones and dirty ones. I'm having a dirty one today with yard work and window washing.

Always good to stretch ourselves, isn't it? I mean I know how challenging it is to deal with claustrophobia. You did well!

I can't imagine having a house fire. My grandparents did and returned to live in the home. Sometimes, on warm days, we could smell the charred beams.

A happy week of quilt- making to you!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Clean days are good...on occasion! And it looks like you had a fine one yesterday.

darlin said...

Good for you to have a relaxing clean day, we all need one of those every now and again. I'm interested to see how your door turns out, so when you say sand it first do you strip then sand? The door that is! lol

Sorry to hear that you had a fire, one could never tell with how you've fixed up your home now though.

Have a fantastic week Linda!