Monday, April 22, 2013

My Front Door!

At long last I have painted my front door!!!

I dragged my feet at painting it since it was - at one time - such a BEAUTIFUL front door.

The inside is still pretty! It doesn't get the SUN  the OUTside does!

Louis Dean did his part in stirring that paint for me......
he had his own projects to do today. This is the last 'nice' day to work outside for awhile.
Tomorrow promises to be cold and rainy.

So welcome to our front porch!!

Our old fashioned door bell - literally!!
Louis Dean painted it black and told me I needed a ribbon with a weight attached so people could RING the bell! I used several vintage cuff links as weight and it rings just fine now!
I want LD to paint the key hole and doorknob black as well......all in good time.

This morning as we sat out on the driveway with our coffee one of our neighbors walked by pulling his grandchildren in their little red wagon.
He explained to us that his little granddaughter insists on kissing the lips of our pecan tree every time they walk down our street! We told him they were welcome any time!
The eyes/nose/lips were purchased years ago at our local garden center and his name is Whistling Pete!

You know, this just made our day! I bet this little girl will hold the memory of stopping at her granddad's neighbor and kissing the lips of their pecan tree in her heart for years and years. I hope people remember us fondly.

 We want to be that 'old' couple who had the interesting yard and sat out every morning with their coffee and every evening with their wine.

Just LOOK at that little Logan with her hand under her chin! She IS a charmer!

Although it was mostly a 'Dirty Day' around here - I had to make a run to Sam's for RX's and groceries.
Of COURSE I had to stop in to see the quads!

I climbed into the quatro corral and here they came!

I DO love these babies!!!

Our day is done. The front porch looks even prettier at night!
Good night, all.......


Luann said...

The door looks great. I may have to do the same to mine. :-)

Deb said...

I love your front door...your front porch...your quads....all special just like you...

Angie said...

Your home looks so inviting. I love the lights on your porch
I saw your FB status about the little girl and the true. My heart just melted. Too sweet!
Sounds like you and LD have been productive. Now you two can take it easy tomorrow on the rainy day. We have one more day of sunshine before the rain moves in here.

Say What? said...

I LOVE a front porch and your is absolutely stunning.

And "kiss the lips" on the tree? Precious!

Steve Ahmed said...

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Kathy said...

I love your front porch. The door turned out great. I think I would like the door knob black too.

The little girl kissing your tree is so cute. What a great memory for her.

Have a restful rainy day.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

YOur "new" front door, is simply beautiful!!!!! What is the color paint? It is lovely!!!!

Have you read my today-post yet? You might want to hurry, in case it "goes poof".... -sigh- "Auntie"

Kelly said...

Your front door looks so pretty! Yours is very similar to mine except mine is still stained. I know what you mean about how often it has to be re-done. My porch is covered so it protects the door somewhat. I love your cute doorbell too! Your entry way is all ready for guests now.

Vee said...

I visited last night shortly after your post went up and was so frustrated that my iPad didn't allow me to comment. That thing has a mind of its own.

These style front door is my very favorite style. I think it's because one of my great-grandmother's dearest friends had a beautiful, cozy home with a door very much like this. You have really made it look fantastic. Your entire porch is so cozy and comfortable looking.

Love the story of the little girl who kisses the tree in your yard. What a sweet story.

And speaking of sweet...those grandgirlies of your own are beyond adorable. Do they wonder where you're off to? Ha!

Vee said...

This style front door...okay, trying to correct my errors and unable to blame the iPad. Rats!

a portland granny said...

Love the front entry to your home. I have to wonder how you keep everything from getting wet when it rains? Perhaps you are totally covered. I would love to do something like that on my front porch, but I think in a good rain storm all would be wet.

I'm just learning so much from you. Have added a glass of wine each evening (I'm a 2-3 times a year drinker) and am enjoying it. I've done some shopping at the thrift store and have found some great stuff for my "fixing up" activity in my bedroom. I continue to look for pictures and wall stuff...but for now I'm going to concentrate on my front door and porch!

I love the pictures of the babies when they see you in their pen. It is so cute how they all come flocking towards you!!


Katie said...

Your front door became more gorgeous not only because you gave it a fresh coat of paint, but because you added attractive embellishments as well. The lights and green decorations made the door area inviting. I like the doorbell too. It may look old-fashioned, but it's so unique! You'll seldom see homes with that kind of doorbell, so you should keep it! :)

Katie Nicoll

darlin said...

Stunning front porch! You have a knack for making everything so comfy and cozy, I love how you decorate!

The babies are totally adorable, growing so quickly and soon enough you'll be running after them! I just had a visual and it made me smile. :-)

Pondside said...

Your door is beautiful - and so is the entryway.

Carla said...

Love the door. Loovvve your front porch.