Sunday, April 28, 2013

My 'I Keep Forgetting to TELL You' post!

I keep forgetting to tell you about the contest Amber has entered for the
She was late arriving on the scene as she had so busy with other things going on right now.
When she found out about it she jumped right in!

It's so easy to vote and you can vote once every 24 hours!
Just click on the link - scroll down to Texas Tales and click on the little red heart!
NO information to share!
NO name required!
NO hassle!
Click on the red heart and you're DONE!
Of course, we would love it if you could do this every 24 hours for the next few days!
Contest ends May 8!


Sandra said...

i voted for them, who knew there were this many adorable kids.... in multiples

Kathy said...

I read Amber's blog and voted for them. I tried to vote again and it wouldn't let me. Maybe it was less than 24 hours. I'll try again. It was great seeing them move up in the list so quickly!

Carole said...

Linda, I've voted and have bookmarked the site to vote again tomorrow. So sorry about July...

Bev said...

Will do!!

Nonnie said...

Happy to add my vote in. I too bookmarked to continue voting.

Say What? said...

Voted. You should post the link on the Debbie's Sweet Tea fb page also. It would make easy access to the link for those of us wanting to vote daily. :)

Linda said...

That's a good idea! I just did it after your suggestion. Hope she doesn't mind! THANKS!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

My vote goes to Amber, for sure! My sis is an OR maternity nurse in McAllen, Texas and they had quads there yesterday.

Carla said...

I voted. ;o)

She did good.