Saturday, March 2, 2013

Table for EIGHT, Please!

I have been waiting for weeks and weeks to say that!!
At long last 'Lock Down' is over! Amber and Mike have long planned the first outing would be to a family friendly restaurant. 

Casa Maria was a perfect choice!
Amber and Mike have been there on several occasions and Louis Dean and I go there regularly!

Amber orchestrated the whole thing as only she can do! 
Afternoon naps followed by baths and a bottle feeding.
The babies were all fresh and rested and ready to go!
So were WE!
We were ALL so excited!

My sweet Logan!

Granddad had Trystan ready and waiting for her car seat!

It's not far to the restaurant so Louis Dean and I arrived first at which time I, at long last, was able to say......

"Table for EIGHT, please!"

Four adults and four babies!

We all had a ball!!
Harrison was as good as gold!
ALL the babies were!

Even Louis Dean behaved!

What a great way to END the week and START the week END!

We each had charge over ONE baby!
MY baby was Miss Kailey!
Isn't she adorable peeking over the table?

That little girl loves to drink and she drinks a LOT!
Can these quads possibly be old enough for sippy cups?

She already knows how to drink from a straw!
Any day now she will be wanting to drink my tea!
All my children and grandchildren have been notorious for drinking MY tea!
And I just love that!

Our first outing with the quadruplets went off without a hitch!
I think the key was Amber's planning!
Wonder what she has in mind for NEXT Friday???


Blondie's Journal said...

This looks like it was so fun...I'm glad it all worked out!


Kelly said...

That's wonderful! I love the idea of one of you each being responsible for one baby. That's how they do it on field trips for chaperones. They give each parent a couple of kids to watch after. That's really the best way. Amber will feel less anxious each time she takes them out since she'll start learning what to expect. The babies will too. Start them out young and they'll learn how to behave in public. I love Mexican food. In fact, we're going out to eat that tonight! Glad to hear that the babies did good.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness that looked like so much fun - wonder what the restaurant thought when you said four babies - four beautiful babies....

Deb said...

An awesome 8... What fun

Bernice said...

Looking at all the big smiles not only on the babies but yours and LD, it is easy to tell you all had a Great time.
Thanks for sharing:)

Vee said...

Amber is brilliant! I wish that all mommies were. Everyone looks so darling! Love the photos. Love, love, love them. Would you believe that John got up out of bed for this? He did. Worth it, too.

Nita said...

How adorable! But are you sure, Louis Dean Behaved! Just kidding!

Angie said...

Table For Eight- What great words to hear! Those babies have done so well, praise God!
That Amber amazes me...I need her to develop a schedule for me and mine!!!

Unknown said...

Everywhere you go, it's a party!
So fun, Linda! I love watching those little miracles grow!

Marsha Young said...

Your whole family are simply a bunch of "working wonders" as they say where I came from. And that was a compliment! :)

Jutta said...

Wonderful! A priceless event to treasure!! I know you all adults felt like you had won in a lottery - or more. Congratulations!

Sandra said...

oh my you are all brave people

Kathy said...

I'll bet you are all so happy to be out of lock down. Great adventures await all of you. And to have them all well-behaved the first time out makes it even better. Good idea to have one adult to one baby. Makes things so much easier. Love the pictures!

Changes in the wind said...

What a great time for all....

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...


That is the cutest thing!!!!!!!!!!!

Did people leave you alone?

Well, were people polite and not push themselves on all of you???

What fun!

And Amber is the Best at Coordination!



Oh honey; you say I have the loveliest things...I don't think so!! I think you have the most adorable and loveliest things in those babies.! Looks like you all had a wonderful time and the quads seem as they're enjoying themselves too..they are just gorgeous!! God bless you beautiful family!