Monday, March 11, 2013

Building a Pond!

Being away from home so much is beginning to show!
Our poor yard has suffered. 
We used to have SO many songbirds visit the feeder as we sat out in the gazebo.
The pond was a real attraction for them.
When we left last summer I asked Louis Dean to drain it.
I didn't give him any further instructions.
My bad!
It was made of heavy black pond plastic draped over the brick with a brick edging holding it all down.
He simply removed the top edge on one side and pulled out the brick siding.
Viola! The pond drained!
NOT what I had in mind!

This time around we're using a prefab pond form.
He dug out the area for the deepest part to sit.
We plan to use glass bricks and old empty wine bottles - alternating these - around the sides.
It will either turn out to be very interesting or really stupid looking.
We'll see.......


The squirrels have been busy while we've been gone.
They ate all the clothes off my little wooden girl!

Louis Dean was relaxing out there in the gazebo a few minutes ago and looked up!
Oh, dear! Falling limbs and/or squirrels have put some holes in the top!
No rest for the weary - although that's not something he will be getting to on this trip home.
Poor guy!

I hope to clean the gazebo up so we can spend an evening or two out there before we go back to the camper. It's been awhile since we've been here! Last trip home it was cold and we didn't even go out in the back. I think we sat on the driveway just once.

I have been cleaning and sprucing up the house.
My method is to do a room or two every day.
Yesterday was the den.
 It was like visiting old friends as I dusted my odd assortment of  various and sundry
books. I've kept a bird watching notebook that dates back to the early 90's!

I had my hair cut today.
It feels so GOOD after I get it cut!
I don't know WHY but I love short hair!

Louis Dean and Maggie this morning

Everyone around here is pretty happy to be HOME!
The time change is still a little strange......nearly 8:00 and it's just now getting dark.
It seemed to happen all of a sudden.
I have baked potatoes in the oven and will add a salad for a simple supper.
Maybe I can get Louis Dean to make some more of that delicious garlic bread like he made last night!


Chatty Crone said...

There is no place like home. I know it is a mixed blessing. I like short hair too Linda!
Love your ponds you will be making.

Vee said...

Always something in the upkeep dept., so I can just imagine what goes on while you're away...those squirrels aren't so cute when they're making holes in everything.

Love the hair...if I could wear my hair short and look as cute as a button, I surely would, too. So much easier to care for.

Keep having fun!

Rob Hunt said...

There is no place like home Louis Dean is sure a hard worker you make such a good couple I always enjoy your posts thanks!

Deb said... you find time to relax...before you head back to the Quads...

Kathy said...

I have wanted a pond in my yard forever. Just don't have the room since I have a tiny yard. You are so fortunate to have a husband that knows how to do things!

Have a good time at home, but be sure to get some rest!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Owning anything, leads to necessary repairs. Good thing you have a handy-man in residence. :-)

Cool way to take a self- picture!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

As you say, there's always work to be done but please take some time to recharge those batteries. Those lovely babies are growing apace now and it's going to take that much more energy to take care of them once they're mobile.
I know I never stop when I take care of my Little Pink Flower from 6am to 6pm. Although it's always a joy, I'm shattered by the time her parents come home!

Susie said...

Blessings to you and LD. It's always something when owning a home, isn't it? We have a pond also, the birds do love it and other criters. Hoping you can relax some while being home. xoxo,Susie

Linda said...

Hi Linda, great post...and I love your photos! Too bad about the gazebo, but it sounds like something squirrels are definitely capable of.

Carla said...

Great post and pictures. Those naughty little squirrels. Poor little girl is half naked. LOL
I love squirrels but they can be destructive.

Hope the birds return soon. They'll be happy when you're home for good.