Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Sunday Drive!

We are packed up and heading for the Interstate! 
The house is clean and will be patiently waiting our return.
The yard has been mowed and some of the flower beds have been tended.
At least it doesn't have that 'abandoned' look about it!

We're leaving Maggie here since we'll be back next Sunday.
I put out several wine glasses of water for her in the den and another in our bedroom in addition to a couple of LARGE bowls of water in the kitchen. She has a full bowl of cat food plus extra!
She should be fine. We haven't left her in a long time. I am leaving the radio on to the classical music station.
She'll be fine! Why do I feel like I am leaving a CHILD home alone??

I baked a batch of brownies for Mike.
Those take home containers form The Grand Lux Cafe are certainly sturdy and come in handy!

This butterscotch cake is to share with friends (like Carol N.) and the Westlake RV Park managers.
Who knows? I may eat a piece myself!
I'm letting it cool before slicing it and putting it in the OTHER take home box.

Louis Dean has gone for Subway sandwiches so all that is left for me to do is get dressed.
Since we have both vehicles he won't even have to wait for me - he can leave anytime!
Bet I still get there before he does!

This will be our last drive down. 
We are packing the camper up on Saturday and hauling her home on Sunday!
It's time.
 Louis Dean and I have been living in the RV since August.
It has been a monumental journey joining Amber and Mike on their Quad Adventure!
It's not over yet!

For both good news and some not so good you can read
on Amber's blog.

So without any further dragging of my feet I am out of here!
It's a beautiful day for a Sunday Drive!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Linda, the move will put the quads about 20-30 minutes away from your home (googled the distance). This is LIFE changing for everyone. What a lot of work to do and so very little time. Deep breaths. Waiting to hear more, see more. Take especially good care your yourself and LD too.

Vee said...

Well I'm sure that there are things about the park that you will miss...the pool maybe...and the people, of course! I know what you mean about leaving the cat. ☺ We leave the pets for a few hours and fret. (They seem to love talk radio. Ha!)

Happy trails, catch you down there.

Nta said...

I'm sure Mike and Amber are ready to be back in the Dallas area closer to family and friends and I'm sure all the Grandparents are looking forward it!

Cheapchick said...

Wow, unbelievably stressful for your daughter with a second surgery but great news that she is moving closer to you!

Nonnie said...

Your blogs with all the activity going on in your family always just blows me away.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Know what 'Hon-Bun'??? I'm glad you will soon be coming home. In my humble opinion, you both have done, over and above the call of duty.


darlin said...

Linda it must seem strange already knowing that this is your last trip out and you'll be staying home... okay this is driving me nuts, I have to go and see what Amber's news is! I'll be back another time, wishing you both a safe drive and a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

So your daughter and her family will be so close, how lovely is that?

I hope she recovers well from this surgery. She doesn't do anything by halves, does she, moving house, surgery, and four little babies!!

Angie said...

Okay, I went to Amber's blog before even commenting. I just had to know what was going on. So sorry to hear she is going to have to have another surgery. She will be in my prayers

Definitely great to hear she's moving closer to you though.I bet you are overjoyed. You will get to see those quads as often as you want. What a blessing.

Those brownies look delicious. Mike is one lucky Son in Law!!!

Hope you had a safe trip friend :)

Jutta said...

You and LD are simply amazing persons. Truly. I know A and M know that.

Linda said...

You are so sweet and I always appreciate your encouraging comments!

Carla said...

Maybe I can swing by the park for a hug before you leave. Or crap I just realized I'm just now reading this and that's this Sunday! ;o(
I can't believe we've been this close and never was able to connect.