Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're DAMP but we are BACK!

We drove through hard rain all the way from Irving to Houston this morning - 
but we are back in the RV Park again!
Our day started early - we were up and at 'em at 3:30 am!
I napped in the back seat of the truck for about an hour after we stopped for a hearty buffet breakfast in Fairfield. That's the 'carrot' I dangle in front of Louis Dean!

As soon as we unlocked the camper it came an even heavier downpour!
Glad we were INSIDE by then! Didn't get to unload anything but the critters.
I tell you Lucy and Maggie were ready to get OUT of that truck!!
Lucy knew when we were getting close. As soon as we pulled onto Interstate 10 she began to stand at attention - as best she could since I was driving by then!
And poor Maggie! I think she may have been a bit traumatized early on in the trip.
She wormed her way under the truck seats to wrap herself around Louis Dean's feet.
He was driving. I don't think she understood why he began yelling and stomping his foot at her to get her to move. That might explain why she slid down the back of the sofa and hid underneath it all afternoon.

We were relieved the gazebo was still standing and the camper looked to be just as we had left it.
The bad news was I discovered rain had got in the bedroom again and the bed comforter was wet.
The good news was it was only on MY side!
I made a run for the car when the rain let up for a minute and headed over to Amber's.
I was there from a little before noon to a little before six. Roughly six hours.
What was Louis Dean doing? He slept for FIVE hours on his DRY side of the bed!

I came home and he was all rested up so we unloaded the truck and I hung some paintings from home.
I had a HUGE Santa Claus in this spot last month so I was ready to look at something different.
I plan to rotate some of my art every time I return home - kind of like a traveling art show!

I hung this one to the left of the door.
I painted in Summer's name on the older sister and Amber's name is in the skirt of the younger.
I will enjoy looking at this painting all month - especially since Summer actually spent a couple of night's here with us in the camper! That meant so much to me - to have her and Ben here!

I love Calendar Art!

I walked Lucy a little while ago and this is the view from outside.
Call me a Peeping Tom - but I love looking in windows!
Not sneaky like - mind you!

This is where I sit writing tonight.
Louis Dean has baked some potatoes for our dinner - I KNOW!
We are eating late!
After we wind down our evening here we will drive over to Amber's where we will be spending the night.
They will all be in bed and we will just slip in all quiet and go in the guest room.
She is having surgery in the morning.
She explained it in her blog post today.....

She has had quite the 'Quad Journey!'
She is understandably a little - maybe a LOT! - nervous!
Each and every prayer would be greatly appreciated!
Rest assured I am praying and will keep you posted and thank you in advance for thinking of my daughter at this time.

By the way.......the babies were adorable today!!

Picture from Amber's website and Facebook Profile Pic


Angie said...

Those babies are ALWAYS adorable!!!
Sending LOTS of prayers for Amber tomorrow. Keep us updated please.

Nicki said...

I never knew quads were so hard on your body until I read what Amber had to say. You are going to be busy while she is recovering from the surgery. I am sure she will do well - she is young and healthy. I will keep her in my thoughts - and you too because you are going to need every bit of energy for the next month or so!

a portland granny said...

I have been praying for Amber today, especially that she will experience that peace that "passes all understanding" tonight and in the morning. That is a hard surgery that she is having, but one that will bring great renewal to her, I'm thinking.

Bless you as you take on more responsibility with the babies (who are adorable!!) I am praying for renewed strength for you as you help with her recovery and with the little sweethearts.

I will be keeping you before the throne and know that each of you are held in the hollow of his hand and he knows the number of hairs on our heads--What a nighty God weserve!!

Blessings--will be looking forward to updates.
Joan out here in Portland, also in the rain!!

Kathy said...

So glad you got back safely. I hate driving in the rain. Poor Maggie. She just wanted to be with her "daddy" and probably didn't understand what the problem was.

Hope you can get the roof of your camper fixed. A wet bed is no fun. At least you are sleeping in a dry bed at Amber and Mike's tonight.

Praying for Amber, Mike, the babies, and of course you and LD. I've got the Tuesday morning Bible study praying too. I know God will keep you all in His hands and things will be great.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Sorry about the wetness...

Best of luck to Amber!!!!!!

Hugs to you...

Chatty Crone said...

So how long a drive is in in total? And did you get your bed dried? How nice of you to do this!
And the babies are adorable.

Vee said...

Yes, we are praying for all of you. So glad that you are there helping out with those precious grands. Amber is an amazing gal full of courage...a lot like you!

Linda said...

Thinking about you all, Linda.
I hope you get your roof problem sorted soon!

Anonymous said...

I will be thinking of Amber as she undergoes her surgery, as I will be thinking of you and LD as you look after those gorgeous babies!

Kelly said...

I hope Amber's surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery. Hope the weather calms down for you too. It has been cloudy and warm here. Very unseasonable!

Carla said...

Poor little critters so traumatized. I guess you could call me a peeping Tom too. When I walk or drive I love to look in windows. I mean obviously folks want you to look or they wouldn't leave the curtains/blinds wide open. Right? LOL