Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our January Weekend at Home!

It is Sunday evening and our weekend at home is drawing to a close.

We've spent hours and hours in the den kept warm by the always burning fireplace.
Half a strand of lights went out on the wreathe so down it came for all new lights.
I took it outside and hosed it down good - rinsing off all the soot and dust that had collected.
We cleaned the mirror while we were at it.
Amazing how it all sparkles so nicely now.
I should clean more often!

Yesterday I bundled up for a trip to Big Lots!
I have BJ at Sweet Nothings to thank for this!
She posted about a delicious rum cake she picked up there recently - and a Susan Branch calendar.
So off I went in hot pursuit!

No rum cake was to be found but I did spy this Amaretto Liqueur one!

I had completely run out of flavored coffee.

Now I have three new bags!
The small coffee pot is all ready for in the morning with the Banana Moon Pie!
It smelled delicious when I scooped it into the coffee filter.

Let me tell you - those Peanut Cookies are SO good!!
I took one out of the package and laid it on soon as I snapped this picture
Louis Dean promptly gobbled it up - and two more besides!

We are looking forward to tasting some of these tasty treats along with our morning coffee!

The prices were so reasonable I stocked up on cake and brownie mixes while I was at it.

Saturday afternoon we spent some time sitting out in our gazebo - again!
Louis Dean is 'talking dog' to Lucy!

Louis Dean is just so cute!
AND he knows it!

I made another big batch of Bacon and Eggs last night......

as well as some pretzel batons dipped in Ghirardelli chocolate.
We delivered them to friends and neighbors this afternoon.

Neither one of us slept well last night so we instead of GOING to church we 
watched Fellowship Church streaming live this morning.
This is our home church (with Ed Young, Jr as pastor) but since we are seldom here we mail in our tithes and either watch on line or attend Second Baptist Church where Ed Young, Sr. is pastor.

One of my commitments for 2013 is taking better care of myself physically.
For many years I exercised every day.
I slowly dropped this habit during the course of 2012 -
 to the point that I was doing well if I walked a bit every other day and that not too strenuously!
So....while Louis Dean was watching football by the fireplace I went in the living room to do yoga.
So far I have exercised every day since we've been home and I intend to keep it up.
My right knee has already been replaced and the left one is causing me trouble so I better do what I can to stay healthy. Walking is my favorite 'exercise.' Saturday night I walked 2 miles through the neighborhood and the time flew by. It was getting dark when I left and pitch black when I returned. Walking gives me a chance to think, reflect and pray. I need to do more of all three!

Louis Dean was restless this afternoon. He had been flirting with the idea of a hamburger ever since we got home. I finally gave in and we headed to our favorite hamburger place for a late lunch.

He was a very happy man!

Our evening entertainment!
Yes, I have been living under a rock because tonight was the first time we've watched it!
I have some catching up to do!


Angie said...

That Louis Dean loves to eat doesn't he? He looks way happy about that burger. At least you know the way to his heart is through his belly :)

Glad you all had a nice weekend home. I haven't been in a Big Lots in ages and it's funny because there is one close to the Walmart I visit often. I may have to run in the next time I'm there. Looks like you found some pretty nice goodies!!

I too need to PRAY more! That is one of my 2013 goals :)

Diana Ferguson said...

Yes, you do need to try that recipe with one of those brownie mixes. HA

BTW...I have yet to see that show.

Vee said...

That's the good thing about Downton can drop in where it is and do pretty well; however, if you want some fun, rent from Netflix and catch up on the old ones. Some things will truly shock you!

Now see how highly suggestible you and I are where BJ is concerned? I did the same thing...zipped straight to BLots for the cake and the calendar. Now I'm just hoping that I don't have to go get all those other things you've just shown us. I'll never get back on an eating plan.

Funny...we bought hamburger over the weekend so that we could have hamburgers. We just wanted some.

All the best with the walking...I know that it's important and I should be doing it, too. I'm afraid that it's a lot too icy to be out trying it these days here.

Sandra said...

i love that first photo and enlarged to see all the details, it is beautiful... love the painted saws and all the twinkling lights

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Love pics of your BIG house! :-)

Excellent wish, to exercise daily. I still wish it, but haven't fully achieved it. Grrrr...

Gentle hugs,

Chatty Crone said...

Girl you have been busy and your not even watching the quads. Now you are making me want to go to Big Lots.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to add a little exercise to my days too because I was more lazy than I should have been in 2012.

I love chocolate fudge cake, although I'm afraid I buy mine ready made!

Anonymous said...

so glad your visit was a good one. i hope you avoided the "crud" here & everywhere, i guess. we're all trying to recover. where is ld's favorite hamburger place??? you make "good" of every moment & that's why i think you're the tops...anxious to hear how the babies did while you were gone. pam

Linda said...

It's a little hole in the wall at Senter and Shady Grove here in Irving. It's called Buffalo Wings.

We stayed away from nearly everyone and spent most of our time home alone. I missed seeing my family but couldn't risk it.

Nonnie said...

Ed young, Sr is one of my favorites to listen to. I need to exercise more and DH needs to eat less burgers. Glad LD got to enjoy one. We have seen every episode of Downton Abbey. It's great!