Monday, January 14, 2013

Making Every Minute Count!

Monday has long been one of my favorite days of the week.
Today I believe I really DID make just about every minute count!

I woke early - as in 5:30 AM early! - and flipped the coffee pot on - then crawled (literally!) back under the warm covers.
AT 6:30 Louis Dean had a cup poured and waiting for me as I crawled back out of the bed!
I dressed and drove the six minutes to Amber's house arriving at 7:30.
By 8:34 -
 I had prepared the pack and plays for the first feeding of the day......
bibs, burp cloths, boppies, bottle proppers and blankets babies up and changed all their diapers....
given their bottles, burped, spoon fed the oatmeal/banana breakfast (along with Louis Dean - he fed Trystan and Logan while I fed Kailey and Harrison), wiped them down and put them back in their crib.....
fed and medicated both cats (July gets a pill dissolved in tuna juice and Snowball gets an insulin injection) and was ready to have our breakfast of oatmeal, sausage, and toasted pecan bread with my husband.
This breakfast was leftovers from yesterday - I made extra!
I took 2 minutes to post a status on Facebook and glance at the news feed.

We entertained ourselves by  watching the baby monitor after we did our morning devotionals and reading.....

Trystan wanted to play....

Kailey didn't......

Trystan wouldn't take NO for an answer!

Kailey still wailed!

Poor Little Trystan! Kailey didn't want to play! We rescued her and put her in a swing!
Trystan played alone and entertained herself very well!

By  10:15 I had -
given all four babies baths - including weighing and measuring each one since we do that every Monday - and put them into fleece pajamas because it was cold here today....
started a load of baby laundry and changed the sheets on the Pack and Plays while LD changed the ones on the cribs. We had 3 of the 4 babies napping and Granddad was holding the fourth.
AND I payed my electric bill (for our real house) and phone bill online.

By 12:30 -
I had changed out the laundry as well as changed all the babies' diapers (2 of them had required an EXTRA change in between), given two of the babies their reflux medicine, put potatoes in the oven to bake and fed the bottles and done the spoon feed of corn/carrots/apples.
I fed Kailey and Harrison.....while Granddad fed Logan and Trystan.

I mean to put a video here - if it won't load I will try to do it later tonight.
Louis Dean is SO cute when he feeds them!
WHAT a mess he makes - but he DOES get the job done!!

Then we put down the mats for Tummy Time and all the babies either napped in their pack and plays or were placed in a swing.....

 while we ate OUR lunch!
Loaded baked potatoes!

The babies play and we rotate them from our laps to the floor to the bouncers to the swings.
At 3:30 there is another feed and this one is easy peasy! Just a bottle.
By this time I have changed all four babies five times!
They all wore sleepers with snaps.
That is 12 snaps per sleeper x four babies x  five changes = 240 snaps!
That's a lot of snaps for these arthritic hands!
Tomorrow I hope to use ZIPPERED sleepers!!

After the 3:30 feed the babies either nap or play quietly for an hour or so.
This gave me time to fold and put away laundry and start dinner.
The evening meal was easy.
Tuscany Soup Amber had made and put in the freezer before her surgery.
Soup and baked potatoes for Amber and Mike.
Louis Dean and I polished off some leftovers.
Dinner a DONE deal!!
The schedule works best if we eat at 5:30.
The bedtime feeding/routine for the babies start at 6:30.

I left early tonight - at 6:20 leaving Mike to handle the evening.
He is a WONDERFUL father and can handle just about anything!
This often include cleaning up after the elderly cats, as well as babies crying in the night and taking care of Amber! He is a man among men!

Although I left early I still didn't get home until 7:30!
Errands take SO long!!

I didn't read my novel, play Scrabble or Words With Friends (don't give up on me, folks!!) or read many blogs. I confess I read Amber's latest post ....

Not all days are QUITE this busy......but many are.
I have made every minute count! Now I am in the camper with Louis Dean watching a little TV before 
we crawl into bed. I guess that's the ONE thing I miss the most! At home I can actually walk AROUND to the side of the bed.

Tomorrow comes early......


Denise said...

Good grief, I am exhausted at reading all you did today! You are such a great Nana, Granny or whatever the quads will call you! Give my best to Amber, I hope she takes it slow and recovers well.

Kathy said...

You are one busy lady. I could never keep up with you. I agree with Denise that you are a great grandma. Hope Amber is getting better every day.

Angie said...

How exhausting! I don't know how you all do it & it seems you all do it with ease. I guess it's a good thing you have a schedule. There is no way my mommy brain would remember all that! Amber and Mike are so blessed to have you & LD there to help. I'm POSITIVE they know that though. Hope you are able to work in a little "YOU" time today friend!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

YOu are amazing!!!!!!!!!!


Changes in the wind said...

What a glad you can keep up with those babies.

Vee said...


That would be the sound of me falling and having to be hauled to bed. Forget crawling! You two continue to amaze us. I'll have to return and see if the video made it. I should have taken a video of John's laughter as the first one of the quads crying in unison came up. It was funny. I'm sure that it isn't if you must listen to it for long.

Have another splendid day and don't worry about commenting at blogs...just visit as you have a chance. It's a great way to chill.

Bernice said...

My goodness this Grandma is hanging her head,I would be on the couch snoring at the 330 feeding.
You are simply amazing, no wonder Amber is such a wonderful Mom she has a great role model.
Take care:)

Susie said...

Oh my, Linda, I am wore out just reading all you do. May God bless you and LD for being so good to your children. xoxo,Susie

Sweet Tea said...

I'm glad Amber is recovering nicely - I follow her blog. You are amazing, as is your sidekick, Louis Dean. Those babies are blessed to have such wonderful parents and grandparents!

Carla said...

Roller Skates that's what y'all need. LOL