Friday, January 25, 2013


Ah! It is Friday night and the weekend stretches before us!

It's been a good week over in Quadville.
The babies are growing and hitting even more milestones every day.

You can read Amber's latest post 'Four Ways Sideways'

Kailey enjoyed reading the book her Aunt Deanie gave her for Christmas.
She looks - and ACTS - just like a teeny bopper!!

Logan pays such close attention when you read or even talk to her.
I think she already has a love for words.
Just like her mother.
And her grandma.

Harrison is SUCH a BOY!!
He loves this jumper!
He jumped until he wore himself out and then fell asleep.
When I took his picture he opened his eyes and jumped in the same moment of time!

I simply can't do a post without adding sweet little Trystan to it.
This picture came from earlier this week and somehow this snap happy Grandma did NOT snap one of her today!

Oh, yes, I DID!
Amber had her standing up at the little play table Summer brought them last weekend!

Mike's mom has been here the last couple of days and we have both enjoyed being able to watch these babies as they grow and develop before our very eyes!
Yesterday they had one of those days where 'fussy' was the norm.
Today went much smoother.
Between the two of us Amber was able to rest and we were able to take care of the babies and their needs.
I even had a few extra minutes to play with Shiner and Jersey in the back yard.
I love giving them banana slices as a treat. 
They SIT and I give them a piece, pat their head and tell them what a good dog they are.
Jersey stayed right beside me as I filled their buckets up with fresh water.
Mike's mom made a delicious soup for lunch along with a fruit salad and toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. 

It has been a good Friday for babies, caretakers, and critters!

Talking about critters......I have two right outside waiting for me.

Let the weekend BEGIN!!!


Pondside said...

Enjoy, Linda - you have earned it. I know you're having a wonderful time with those little darlings, but your rest must be sweet.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So glad your quads are thriving! Enjoy the weekend...and rest up.

Deb said...

Enjoy your weekend

Vee said...

And they're off! What a group and are those dimples I see on a few faces? I think so! Have a delightful, relaxing (if you can slow down enough) weekend!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

HOORAY for your weekend!!!!!!!


Susie said...

Linda, Enjoy the weekend. You and LD need some relaxing time. xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

love the last two critters, enjoy them... these babies just amaze me. she looks just like she is reading that book, they are so smart so young...

Nonnie said...

Enjoy!!! I think you've earned it! Beautiful babies and personalities shining through.

Kelly said...

Looks like all the babies are doing so well and appear to be healthy and happy. That is so good! Sounds like everyone's needs are being met and that really makes the difference. Everyone working together towards one goal. Hope you have a restful weekend so you can be back in the "trenches" next week!

Sweet Tea said...


Blondie's Journal said...

I always get here a day now you've enjoyed half of your weekend! Hurray! Cute, cute pics!!