Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Last Few Days......

have been the beginning of a new stage in being a Grandma to quadruplets!

Since arriving late Sunday afternoon:

We have given 84 bottle feedings!
(this includes a couple of 'cluster' feedings.)

We have used approximately 93-100 diapers - since Sunday at 6:00 pm!

Amber and Mike were pretty sleep deprived when I got here but Amber has a schedule where no one is getting up for EVERY night feeding and we all seem to be doing fine. The one who is the MOST tired obviously needs MORE sleep!
Amber is a master at structured schedules that are still flexible.

We left Monday at 1:00 for eye appointments for the three babies, arriving in time to change, feed and burp them before the doctor saw them. Then we visited Trystan in the NICU where we took turns staying with the babies in a Ronald McDonald House room - which was a life saver! That kept the babies from being in waiting rooms and exposed to more germs than their little bodies can handle! We were able to again feed and change the babies before leaving the hospital arriving home at 8:00 PM.
A long day for babies, parents AND Grandma!

The next day we left the house at 11:00 am for doctor appointments and returned at 3:00 pm! Any outing is a major event when you have so many but it went smooth as silk thanks to Amber and Mike's forethought and planning. The babies did NOT get worn out and arrived home in good spirits both days. Even though they had to get shots! Made ME want to cry! The girls were pretty vocal but they were easily comforted - AFTER it was all over. And they were a bit fussy later in the evening.
Not so with Harrison! He was a big boy and only cried when he got the shots - they each got THREE!!! Brave Harrison has been through so much when he was fighting for his life with all the IV's, shots, procedures, transfusions and such that these simple vaccinations didn't even faze him! He went right back to sleep!

You can read all about the homecoming and days after in Amber's latest blog post

Today was an easier day! NO appointments!
I wanted to bake a Chocolate Sheet Cake to take with us when we go to pick up Trystan. I didn't have the handwritten recipe I copied down in a gray spiral notebook way back in the 1970's that I usually use. I LOVE the Internet and was able to find the exact same one online!

I found it here! 

So off to the local HEB grocery store for the needed ingredients!

It turned out GREAT!
I cut it in squares and packaged it up for the NICU nurses and some for the parents who visit the Ronald McDonald House. Some of these folk have been there a very long time waiting for their babies to get better. It squeezes my heart to see their suffering.

While I was out I was treated to Starbucks by my daughter Summer - via a gift card!
I can just feel myself relaxing as soon as I walk in the door of a Starbucks!
A PERFECT spot to sit with a glass of tea and read a few chapters of a good book on a hot July afternoon in Texas! The A/C was cranked up and I nearly forgot it was over 100 degrees outside! That's with the 'heat index.' It was ONLY in the 90's but the humidity made it FEEL like 105!

I hit up a Goodwill - since I COULD!

I may finish my current book before I go home so I thought I best get another one - or two!

I can't see squat anymore so I scarfed up with these reading glasses for $4.00 a pair.
I threw in a couple pair of sunglasses as well.
AND - since it was Senior Citizen Day - I got an EXTRA discount on everything!

I wasn't gone all that long but as soon as I came in I had to take a peek at the babies!
Kailey and Harrison look so much alike!
I can't wait til Trystan gets home because she and Logan favor each other a LOT!
So much so that I am happy Trystan has a birthmark and I can tell them apart by that if I get confused!

Louis Dean and I usually have a glass of wine together in the evening.
Tonight was no exception - even though he and I are about 250 miles apart.
He poured his and I poured mine and then we sat and visited with each other catching up on our day - by phone.

I'll close this post tonight with a little secret.
Guess who went to 'Lovely Nails' this afternoon for a pedicure AND manicure?
Guess who the ladies there fuss over and all of them want to visit?
And guess who I am missing tonight as I close out the day?
I will be so happy when we get our camper ready to come down.
It should be SOON!!!!


Deb said...

It is exciting news about the nice you can be there with them... Great finds...

Vee said...

So wonderful to know that Trystan is on her way home soon. Today? I can only imagine what any excursion is like for the Bells. A lot of logistics to consider. Mama and Papa would be able to run any business with all their skills!

Take care now, get your rest when you can.

HoundDogMom said...

You are so blessed to be able to be there to help your daughter out and love on them little grand babies. They are so adorable and can't believe how much they have grown and beginning to fill out. Can see a little chubby cheek. I am anxiously awaiting the final camper project as well. Have a Great Day! Sherri

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Busy, busy, busy.......

So glad Amber is so good at scheduling though. That must be so necessary. But not everyone is goooood-at-it, ahead of time. :-)


Donley Triplets said...

So glad everything is going good. Jacob does the best with shots too after receiving his last round he laughed all the nurses were amazed!! Lol we have some tough boys! You always find good stuff at the goodwills I will have to check some out!

Angie said...

I'm so happy to hear that 3 of them is home! I'm sure that Trystan won't be far behind! Glad you are there and able to enjoy these precious days. I can only imagine that Amber is over the moon happy to have you there with her.

Texas Tales said...

Great post! We are SO glad you're here!!

Kelly said...

Oh my word......are you saying that LD went to the salon by himself? Ha! That is great!!!! Too funny. Glad to hear that everyone is getting into a routine with the babies. I've heard that is the only way to do it with multiples. Are y'all able to get any help with the cost of baby items for the quads? I can only imagine that the diapers and formula add up quick!

Blondie's Journal said...

It's great that Amber is an organizational whiz...that makes all the difference. I love how you have such a whirlwind time there, but always find a little bit for yourself. Great finds at Goodwill. I think there is something in the air at Starbucks that makes you relax!


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I can't even imagine the buy-ness over there...but it sounds like Amber has everything under control! Blessings to you all.

Sweet Tea said...

Loved the new photos.
You're doing a great juggling act - seems like all your plates are still in the air. Way to Go!

Debbie said...

they are so beautiful!!

you should skye with ld, it's super easy and lots of fun!!

Susie said...

Linda, Please hug Amber for me. That brave mommy. I love seeing the photos. Smiles, Susie

darlin said...

Wow, wow and wow. Hats off to all of you, especially Amber who masterminds the scheduling. What a true blessing to be able to have these adorable babies home, do you have any idea when Trystan will be coming home? Soon hopefully.

Have a wonderful weekend, I'm sure it's going to be hectic, but enjoyable!