Monday, July 23, 2012

Pee, Poop, Feed, Burp, Sleep. Repeat Every Three Hours AROUND THE CLOCK!

That's the schedule of newborns. It gets REALLY interesting when you have several. All the same age! The quads are now nearly 38 weeks gestational age - so, yeah, they are still on newborn time.

I drove down to Houston yesterday afternoon to help Amber and Mike leaving Louis Dean at home to work on the camper. We are hoping to bring it down here sometime in early August.

While a newborn schedule can be tiring, they are just so darn cute you can't wait to pick them up when they need feeding, changing, diapering or simply look adorable.

This is Kailey Lee and I have never seen her look anything but precious!

All of them are as good as gold.
They only cry if they need something.

Things have changed around here since the babies arrived.
I called Louis Dean last night and told him it looked like a Babies R Us store exploded in Amber and Mike's den - but WITH babies!!

Today I visited Trystan - the only one of the quads still in the NICU.
She is doing well and will be home soon.

Oops, it's almost time for the next feeding!
Gotta GO!


  1. Grandma... you may have to give up blogging with all those babies!! They are so sweet.... and so lucky to have you!!

  2. Just imagining the feeding and diapering is mind-boggling!

  3. Oh my gosh they are so beautiful!!
    Are all those bottles from one day?!!Dont even want to think about the number of diapers(stinky one at that) that are changed each day.
    Enjoy every minute Grandma Linda, they are only that little for a very short time!
    Continued prayers that little Miss Trystan joins her sisters and brother at home real soon.

  4. So beautiful and so peaceful. I wish I could sleep like they are.

  5. Fun times.....great memories

  6. Oh wow!!!!!! I don't know how even the two of you, do it. And Mike too, after work I suppose.

    How do meals get on the table, groceries purchased, washing/drying done, etc.? After the babies are taken care of, of course! :-)

    "I want to have a little house with sunshine on the floor,
    A chimney with a rosy hearth, and lilacs by the door;
    With windows looking East and West, And a crooked apple tree,
    And room beside the garden fence for hollyhocks to be!"

    ~Nancy Bird Turner

  7. Your family has the leading edge on the term "new normal"! LOL

    Every post that you feature the quads affirms God's answered prayers.

    They are beautiful living in comfort and wrapped with love!

    You and LD are doing such a wonderful job renovating and decorating your movable Home Sweet Home!


  8. so very precious... i am thinking back to my first son in 1965 and doing some multiplication and now i am shuddering just thinking of the explosion you mentioned. good luck and enjoy... hope some of you get a little sleep

  9. Those babies are super precious. I thought my twins were fun. I bet quads are amazing!

  10. OMG...they're so adorable and sweet. Wow....He does amazing things doesn't He!!!

  11. You guys are amazing!!! Way to Go!!!

  12. Hi Linda, thanks for the update and pics of the babies. I can imagine what the house looks like, I only have one grandbaby and my house looks like an annex of Babies R us. So glad you are there to help. Elaine

  13. Sounds like you all have it down to a science. Every three hours, huh? But they are so worth it. Such adorable babies. Hoping to hear the news soon that Trystan has joined the others at home.

  14. I often watch the tv show about multiples and it seems scheduling is a goal....

  15. I figured there would be some helper/friends coming to help regularly. I would think some solid sleep would be neccesary for Mom & Dad to function. Wow!

  16. They're all so precious! I know you're enjoying those babies. I'm sure that Amber will find a routine that works for her and things will become more normal feeling. The first few days at home are always a challenge.

  17. =D I'm sure!

    John had asked how things were going and I told him that it was quiet, which probably meant that you were on your way down there. Oh my! Hope that there are many helpers.

    They are adorable...

  18. Oh busy mom and dad are and how wonderful to have grandma to help too!

    Aren't they just adorable...and soon Trystan will be home too and then the entire family can begin their new life together. How special.

    Thank you for sharing...and for visiting and your sweet comments.
    Do come back again...


  19. I bet that will be their life for quite awhile! But it is a good life.

  20. Pamela my one and only was on a 2 hour schedule. It seemed like I would just put her down and it was time to start over. I'm sure with 4 it seems the same.