Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christmas in July!

I ALWAYS do a 'Christmas in July' project!

 This year it is a pillow that I have wagged around with me since April! I finally started working on it in earnest this week while I am down here with the babies.

For over 30 years I taught an art class in my dining room every Tuesday night.
During the month of July we would listen to Christmas music, sip hot chocolate with peppermint stick stirrers and work on our Christmas painting.

Things have been a little different this year but I will still manage to finish this pillow by the end the week. I know! The project will be stretching into August! I can NOT believe today is July 31st!!

I have been down here in Houston watching babies grow!

And they ARE growing!

Right now they are the size of doll babies!
Can you tell who is the biggest?
Harrison, then Kailey, followed by Trystan and Logan taking turns at being the smallest. They won't stay little long so Amber takes every opportunity to put cute clothes on them.

We don't spend ALL of our time holding babies!
They are still feeding every three hours so Mom and Dad have to keep those bottles filled and waiting. Night feedings are still the biggest challenge but they won't last forever. I am going to start PRAYING for each one as I give that last bottle about midnight that they will sleep just a little longer between each night time feeding.

The number of diapers we go through in a day is staggering!

Every baby has his/her own chart where important information is logged in......
like the amount they drank and the contents of their diapers!
Have I mentioned how ORGANIZED Amber and Mike are?
You simply couldn't DO quadruplets without being organized!

Mike works for such an awesome corporation.
Each Monday and Thursday someone from his company shows up at the door with a full dinner! EVERY Monday and Thursday!!
And the meals are so GOOD!

We have had pot roast with all the veggies, brisket that melted in your mouth along with smoked sausage, potato salad, baked beans AND home made BREAD!!
Last night we had deliciously seasoned pork loin with fresh broccoli, roasted asparagus and rice WITH crescent dinner rolls and chocolate chip cookies.
I am telling you......these coworkers are AWESOME!!

While I have been away Louis Dean has continued work on the RV back home.
We should be moving it down her by the middle of August.

Every night - between feedings - I sit out in the front yard here while Louis Dean sits on the driveway 260 miles away at home and we have our evening glass of wine together.
It's not the same but it will have to do for now.
Our 'Camper Plans' are coming along and soon we will be together again and I can't wait. It is silly how much I miss that husband of mine! What makes it even nicer is that he misses ME, too!!

The last day of July! I just can't believe how time is FLYING by!!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Ok, I wanna come to you Art class, hold those babies and eat good food from Mike's commpany and oh, see how far that camper has come along!!! Wah!!!!

Sweet Tea said...

Love your evening wine tradition. Very sweet!
The babies each look so healthy and sweet - their photos warm my heart!

Vee said...

They are growing...I can see it...and their little cheeks look like plump little baby cheeks filling right out. Oh I had myself a moment when you described Mike's coworkers...Godsends they are! What a sweet thing to do. Hope it lasts for a while longer, too. Just too sweet.

Yay for Louis Dean moving along with the project. Two weeks isn't very far away. God love him. I'm praying for him, too.

All the best to all of you...

Kelly said...

This is such a sweet update. I'm glad to hear that things are going well for everyone. Those babies have a way of bringing everyone together, don't they? Glad to hear about the wonderful meals that y'all are receiving and that Amber is getting the help she needs. One newborn is alot of work, but multiples really need a village. Ha!

Linda said...

How precious! Those babies are so darling. You are one lucky Grandma. Go ahead and try pic monkey. You do need to watermark those baby photos. I have enjoyed seeing them. Hugs, Linda

Bernice said...

Those little ones are so cute, Love Love the chubby little cheeks.
You and LD were a match made in heaven,your sharing a glass of wine when you are hundreds of miles apart is wonderful:)

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Look at Miss Logan's smile in that first image! That's the cutest, tiniest smile I've ever seen!

What precious dollies!

I love your rituals, Linda...from Christmas in July to wine on the drive!

Sandra said...

the babies are just beautiful. your photos of them are incredible. i love the two that have all 4 in collage. stunning babies and photos. wish i could paint

Sandra said...

the babies are just beautiful. your photos of them are incredible. i love the two that have all 4 in collage. stunning babies and photos. wish i could paint

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Now, who doesn't want to enlarge those sweet pics of those sweet babies? Who? No one. EVERYONE wants to see those pics, in the enlarged size.

So one has to read the post, and then look at a separate screen, with enlarged pics.

Wouldn't it be nice, if all this, took only one read/look/through? :-)

Mmmmm, can you tell that "Auntie" has made some changes, at her blog? -grin-

Gentle hugs,

darlin said...

Wow, I'm still in awe of the quads and are they ever growing. Each one is so precious and so adorable!

Your Christmas tradition sounds like a magnificent idea, I'm sure next year if you're home you'll pick it right back up again and I bet your group is missing you but so happy for all of you as well.

It'll be so nice when that camper arrives and you'll have your LD back to share your days with. Time goes so fast, as I'm sure you're well aware of.

Take care Linda and have fun with those babies!

Angie said...

Gosh those quads are growing fast. They are just too precious. I love them in their little sleepers :)

I can't imagine just how organized Amber has to be. I'd probably be a total mess. I can't keep 3 kids organized and they are all different ages. It must be tiring for sure.

I love it that you and LD have your wine together. I pray that my Hubby and I still adore each other like that in the years to come. We have been married 13 years and every night that he is at work I miss him so much. It's awesome to LOVE someone like that isn't it?

Miss Linda, you take care of yourself. GET SOME REST!!! Tell Amber I said those babies are amazing :)