Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Memory Tree of Hand Painted Ornaments

I love unpacking and hanging MEMORIES!
Every year I look forward to seeing my Christmas treasures once more....
and reliving all these precious memories of Christmases Past.

This special hand painted glass ornament was a gift from Mrs. Haynie back in 1984.
I think she bought it at a Hallmark shop. I loved the Caroler and used this one as a pattern for painting several. I never figured out how to add the crocheted hat and scarf so I used a child's sock! This first bulb prompted me to paint a special ornament each year for the tree.

 I have painted SO many that now I have a tree FULL!
This tree also holds some other 'favorite' ornaments.
My daughter, Summer, has given me a special one each year for MANY years.
As a matter of fact - as I was hanging the decorations on this tree - I was having a phone chat with HER! I love being FRIENDS with my children!

These brought back memories of Amber's synchro years, our trip to Canada, Benjamin's sandbox and play fort, Amber's piano - which sits in her foyer now......
so many memories!

I could get the decorating done faster if I did not linger fondly over every box of decorations! The living room is now done and I have moved on to the kitchen.
But I think I will take a moment to sit and admire the living room. I just brewed up some fresh tea!

Why don't YOU join me??
We will have a lovely visit!


  1. Looking forward to some tea & Texas trash in your kitchen at Christmas! Until then, I'll settle for some time at my house with my decorations and a party. :)

  2. Your tree looks absolutely magical, Linda! All your hand painted ornaments are so special. I love when every ornament holds a memory...most of my tree ornaments do, too. Happy decorating!

  3. That's awesome! I love the personal ornaments!!

  4. How wonderful to have a whole tree full of handmade ornaments. What a very special tree it is! I don't have handmade ones, but my old ornaments hold many memories for me too.

  5. the hand painted ornaments are really beautiful and your tree is gorgeous. i have not one iota of talent in crafts/painting or sewing or decorating. my love is photography. I see you are in TX. 3 of my most favorite bloggers are in TX.

  6. Can you please come decorate my home? Yours is fabulous, the tree is stunning and it's sure amazing how you have brought Christmas to your house, I LOVE it! Enjoy your day!

  7. your home truly has the christmas spirity...

  8. What a great idea to put hand crafted Christmas ornaments in one collage. You living room makes me want to settle down on the couch wrapped in a quilt, sipping tea, reading a book while I nibble on Christmas cookies.


  9. Awwwwwwwww, I loved sitting a minute, with you. :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    "For Christmas is tradition time-- Traditions that recall
    The precious memories down the years,
    The sameness of them all."

    ~~ Helen Lowrie Marshall

  10. I would love to have tea with YOU!

  11. Adorable, love the painted chorus singer :) Tink

  12. I know why you have multiple have themes for all of them! You are so talented, I am sure all of your hand painted ornaments are stunning!

    I linger, too, after all, these are treasured that are buried for 11 months!

    Happy Holidays, Linda!

  13. I think it was good to linger over your ornaments a bit and recall good times. That's what it's all about. I'm sure your kids enjoy seeing them on the tree every year when they come to visit too.

  14. This year was the very first year I picked out (Anika picked out hers) ornaments for my kids to hang on the tree. It's definitely going to be a new tradition for us. Ornaments can hold such special meaning.

  15. Wish I could join you. Your house is looking very festive. So what do you do with the stuff that was there when putting out the Christmas decorations