Saturday, October 8, 2011

Painting, Baking, Quilting......

I have stayed busy today!

Even though I AM an artist and can paint a landscape........
I am a sloppy painter when it come to home improvements!! But there is no one else here to do it and the painting needs to be done so I did at least SOME of it this morning. I have been painting my house for YEARS now! The project started when my sister in law came to help me before I had knee replacement surgery. That was over three years ago. Every year I get more painted but I STILL have the east gable trim as well as some trim on the north side....and the former play house now 'lawn equipment' storage......and three sides of the storage building. TWO sides now!

THIS is the side I painted this morning!
Yeah, I missed a spot or two but I will be back at it in a few day!

Who KNEW you were not supposed to step on the top rung of the ladder??

I didn't read this til I was putting the ladder away!

It was a pretty day to be working outside. We are HOPEFULLY expecting some rain tonight and tomorrow. Monday I plan to be painting some more. I would LOVE to have this project DONE before winter!

We ARE getting things done around here! This is the new screen door to our bedroom. Louis Dean put it up last Wednesday before coming down with the flu!

Poor thing! I came in to check on him and he was trying his best to enjoy the Texas/OU football game.
He kept pausing it on the DVR and taking naps. The pauses didn't help Texas! But, then, he is an OU fan!

So while HE napped and watched football I baked Fruitcake Cookies!
My candied fruit was so hard I had to soak it in hot water! WHY they do not have candied fruit available in the grocery stores until November is beyond me! Fruitcakes need to be baked NOW! So do Fruitcake COOKIES!!

I have a friend who dearly loves these so I am fixing her up with a tin of her own.
Her daughter loves my pumpkin muffins so that is on my list of things to do in the morning.
It is a fall tradition to bake these for them! Of course I will keep out some to share in case YOU happen to come over for coffee or tea!

My last major accomplishment of this day was finishing this denim quilt!
Man! Does denim get HEAVY! No wonder I seldom make one THIS big!

I finished it! Washed and dried it (WITH a fabric softener sheet so it SMELLS good!) and bound it up with a waistband. All ready to give to the college graduate....who graduated 2 years ago this December!
Better late than never! Still want to make one for my step son, nephew (who JUST graduated!) and then one for ME!! I wish I knew how many of these I have already made! Never thought to COUNT them but I am certain it is a couple DOZEN!

That's it! I have done enough for one day! There is no one to play with since Louis Dean is sick!
So all I have done is work! I think he is feeling a little better this evening and the wind has picked up. Perhaps it will blow in some rain for us after all. Think I will go sit outside with a glass of wine.

It has been a busy day!


Deb said...

love it...great day today...I got a lot accomplished too...wanted to be playing but kept my nose to the grindstone...

A Vintage Green said...

You had a major great day, got so much done. So did I - we had sunshine and fall leaves smell and the air was great.

I went through about 20 boxes of 'china and stuff' and pulled out 'to sell stuff' and repacked and labeled (finally) the boxes (that would be stored) and got them OFF the shed deck and in to the shed for winter storage. I pulled out Christmas stock and stacked in on the shed deck so it is ready for sorting etc.

Did Thanksgiving meal shopping this morning.

I'm happy.
- Joy

Flora said...

Hope LD is feeling better. I had a busy day, shopping and getting ready for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Plus I was sewing on a doll for my granddaughter for Christmas.

Kathy said...

You have been one busy lady! Wish I had time at home to do stuff. Well, one day and not that far away. Yes, do not stand on that top step on the ladder. Very dangerous. Hope LD is feeling better very soon. Will be praying for the two of you.

Karen Whittal said...

I just love your new bedroom door looking forward to following you

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is working because all I've done this weekend is played (oh well)! I'm a terrible painter. I make hubby paint everything because I make a bigger mess than anything. Every now & then I get ambitious but I'd NEVER be ambitious enough to paint the house LOL.

Poor LD, I didn't know he was sick. I hope he's feeling better very soon.

I LOVE that door & your quilt. You & LD are pretty productive people :)

Enjoy your wine dear. Hoping you get some rain tonight.


Texas Tales said...

And too bad I still don't like fruit cake cookies! :)

The new screen door on y'alls room looks great. So does the quilt!

Carla said...

Do you ever slow down? hehe.