Monday, October 31, 2011

Memories of Halloweens Past......

Halloween doesn't seem as scary and evil as it seemed to be years ago. I remember when terrible things would happen on Halloween night. Evil bad things. Parents were cautioned about unwrapped candy (and still are and rightly so!) and great care was taken to protect pet kitties....especially black ones.

Things seem to have lightened up and I am so happy about that.
When Amber and Benjamin were little we had 'Pumpkin Parties.'
Often we hosted Costume Parties which included children and their parents.

As I prepare for this evening's Trick or Treaters I spent some time remembering past Halloweens.

I have kept a Country Diary since 1986.
These are a few of the ones I pulled out and perused through this morning.

This Diary was from 1989. Amber was four and Benjamin one.
Nine kids were at the Pumpkin Party that year - including -
Jon and Sarah (cousins)
Tara (neighborhood friend who now has her own little 'Pumkin!') and her brother Andrew
Caroline (next door neighbor)
and Lynda Kay and Ara (SIL & BIL)
Liz (lovely neighbor and mother to Tara and Andrew)

Good times!

1991 was a GREAT Pumpkin Party.....but a bum camera and no pics!
There were 11 kids and 'lots of adults' that year.

1993 I was Ma Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.

Our guest list included pastors and missionaries.
More good times!

1997 we hosted another big party.......

I won't name names but some of my favorite friends were there!
Note the lady in yellow and the other one in the stylish turquoise hat!

This is from 1998.....I still have that shirt!

1999 featured a Mark Lowery video.....he is a HILARIOUS Christian comedian!!
Our 'scary' movie was 'The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.'
We had lots of children and adults that year. It rained so the party was indoors and it was uncommonly COOL for that time of year in TEXAS so we had a fire in the den fireplace. After the adults left the party continued on for quite awhile. I read in my diary that Amber had been up for 20 hours! She had a group of girls that spent the night whereas Ben had a friend stay on to play TV games in the den.
Ahhhhhh.....I remember those days and I still love all those kids!


Little Levi was SUPERMAN! and he really is!!!

Louis Dean reads 'The Ghost Eye Tree' every year to the grand kids.....

....although I guess we have missed it this year!
We try to do this a little earlier in the month.

Louis Dean and I hold court on the front porch in anticipation of the Trick or Treater's arrival.

2011......enough of my walk down Memory Lane of Halloweens Past!
I have a FULL bag of candy by the door.....candles ready to light and the book and hat.....LD MUST wear the hat when he reads this! all out and waiting!
We have NEW memories to make tonight!

Happy Halloween!!


A Vintage Green said...

Continuity. Love and history. Happy Memories, happy Halloween.
- Joy

hannah uk said...

What a string of good parties you describe there.
Lovely to see.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Alright, that does it! I am moving to Texas!!! You are just too much fun to stand it. I love all your traditions sooooo much! I have my candy ready, candles lit and oatmeal candle melty smelling the house up good. I am receiving the little tricksters now. Oh and I have reruns of Bewitched on TV. Yay!!!

Deb said...

awesome memories...Trick or Treat...

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Happy Halloween Dear Linda and Louis Dean! Enjoy the adventure and the memories of tonight!

Kathy said...

What a great post! Love walking down memory lane with you. You know how to celebrate Halloween. It's calm here in comparison.

Debbie said...

it is wonderful that you are a memory keeper!! i love scrapbooking and recording my families memories!!

thanks for joining my blog, i think we are a good fit!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you & LD had a great Halloween. I love the little diaries you kept. You really are so thoughtful all the time. It must be so nice to be able to look back & travel memory lane. I'm terrible about keeping important stuff like that. One day I'm going to regret it, I know I am.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What fun memories of Hallowe'en celebrations at your house! We too always tried to take the 'evil' out of the occasion and make it a fun time for our children.

Carla said...

I'd be in touble with Pam if she read your blog. You always had parties. Great memories, Thanks for sharing.
We escaped Halloween this year by home improvement shopping at Lowes. LOL