Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free Firewood!!

Louis Dean went to the store for me late yesterday afternoon and - bless his heart -got turned around on his way home. Neither one of us have any sense of direction which is why we usually go TOGETHER!
He went to ALDI for a few fresh ingredients I  needed to make homemade chili. The good thing about going WEST instead of EAST on his return trip was the fact that he spied some FIREWOOD!
We have yet to actually BUY firewood. When people have trees cut down or heavily trimmed and leave the wood out to be picked up - that is just what we do!! I suppose they must be DIY's since when WE have our trees trimmed they cut the wood for us and leave it to be used. If we didn't WANT it - they would remove it or put it through that chipper thing. LD was happy to see this 'goldmine' of wood! Several times over the last couple of months he had seen some wood.....but the flu and recovery made it impossible to do anything about it...until today!

First thing this morning - after a cup of coffee - we went back for it!

He cuts it up John Wayne style!

He filled several wheel barrows full!

He told me to take a picture of THIS! He broke the wedge off in the wood.
Now, I have to tell you, I am not exactly sure WHY he was so proud of doing this!

He had to use his chain saw for the rest of it.
That seems like an easier way to do it to me!

An empty truck! He loaded it up, UN loaded it, chopped it, hauled it and stacked it!
All on ONE October day!

This is at least a START!

Our FIRST fire of the season........and guess what?
I used a fire log! The wood he cut today will need to season.
We have some wood from last year and will make a proper fire in the morning!

I love fireplaces and candles. And dim lights.

Everything - including ME - looks better by candle light!

"There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle."

Robert Alden


Anonymous said...

Looks like you & LD are getting prepared! I'm like you, I love a nice cozy fire. We don't have a fireplace & I so wish we did. I think it would make winter much happier for me :)

A Vintage Green said...

Glad LD is feeling fit and collecting 'free' fire wood. The work involved though!
- Joy

Pondside said...

Free firewood is always welcome!
We haven't had a fire in the stove yet this year - but soon, I'm sure. There's something wonderful about walking up the drive and smelling the wood smoke.

Kathy said...

I love fires and candles also. But we aren't allowed to have wood fires in Philadelphia. You have a nice pile of wood there!

"Auntie" said...

Does that man ever know when to stop?!? He is getting my knickers in a twist, with climbing on roofs and splitting wood and all!!!!!! You be sure to tell him, he is getting "Auntie's" knickers in a twist!!! ,-)

Yes, a fireplace and candles. Such ambiance. :-) But truly, we are glad ours is not a regular fireplace any more.

We are happy with the pretty gas one we have, because the *logs* kind of get funny looking and look more like a real one. Which we had, for many years!

Gentle hugs,
"And close at hand, the basket stood
With nuts from brown October’s wood."

~~John Greenleaf Whittier, Snowbound

Changes in the wind said...

I believe you are a romantic:) Love the fire picture...

Flora said...

Oh yes the fireplace...we need some for our -40 winters:)...can we come get some??

Carla said...

Obviously he is feeling MUCH better. LOL
And I agree the chainsaw looks much easier and faster. It's a man thing I guess ;o)