Friday, October 28, 2011

Nesting Time!

After being gone for a few days on a camping trip it is good to be home and fluffing my nest! The trip was fun but it was also hard work! Louis Dean was pretty tired as he unloaded his packed one ton diesel truck! He tripped and fell on the front porch! I was watching and helpless to do anything but stare in horror. The porch is stone as is the massive mail box pillar and he was plunging toward the corner of the stone bench! Miraculously he picked himself up and was not hurt at all! Just scared and shaken! After I checked him over and found out he was OK.......I sat down on the bench and cried and cried! I think we got too tired!

So yesterday we stayed close to each other and did home chores. We planted the mums we had purchased in Mineral Wells.

I picked a fragrant bouquet of Louis Dean's prized roses for our breakfast table.
They smelled so goooooood!!!

We spent some time holding our beloved little Maggie Girl!

Cooler temps had come in and as the rain started we built a fire and settled down to the Ranger Game.......not a very relaxing evening!

We stayed up way too late and I had to get up early. Today was the Beauty Shop Run.
Mother wanted to do a little shopping and would you believe we chose Dollar General?
I can't tell you what all we found there! EVERYTHING we were looking for actually!
Mother found slippers, nail polish, make up, a satin pillow (to keep her hair from getting messed up!) air freshener and candy! Two bags FULL!! Or maybe it was THREE!!
We were treated so nicely and the manager helped Mother find a particular item and was so very kind to her. Mother just ate that up! How often do you actually receive PERSONAL ATTENTION in ANY store other than the extremely expensive ones??
This Dollar General is at Granbury Road and Hulen in Fort Worth. It is our favorite one!

I found fluffy bed pillows and white pillowcases to make my grand kids a special Christmas calendar.
I will make a block calendar and write in the dates for this year. Next I plan to embellish around the edges with painted holly leaves and berries or bows and candy canes or something. I will probably make each one different and of course I will personalize them with their names and ages. Once the cases are done I will  attach a marking pen with a length of ribbon.....BRIGHT CHRISTMAS RIBBON to go with the designs I've painted. Then each night starting on December 1st they can put a BIG X on that day! I will decorate the 24th and 25th blocked date in a special manner so they know when it is Christmas!

Years ago a friend of mine bought cases done this way for Amber and Ben. They loved them and knew exactly how many days til Christmas! The next year I flipped the case over and made a new calendar for them! Hope the grand kids will enjoy these early Christmas gifts. We always had advent calendars for the kids when they were growing up as well.

Anyway! I found nail files, laundry detergent, bread, air fresheners, toilet paper, wine, candy...

Even some lovely smelling Yardley soaps! They were $1.00!!

I love nesting! I love homemaking. I even love cleaning!
That is a good thing since I came back this afternoon and LD had baked bread!
He is getting so much better at cleaning up though!!
I took one look at the kitchen and asked him if he had baked bread.
He said, "HOW did you KNOW!??"
He truly wanted to find out what had given him away!
He wipes everything (nearly) down when he is finished but he uses the soapy/floury dishcloth he used to wash the dishes. He needs to make fresh water and get a fresh dishcloth and THEN give all the counters a good  wipe. I am telling you......he has come a long way!!!
Not only does he pretty much clean up after himself........
I now have a few loaves of fresh homemade bread!

I am off to join Louis Dean in the den now for a glass of wine, some fresh buttered bread and a slice of good cheese. The fire is burning and the game is still on.
All is right in my world!


Kathy said...

Oh my! I am so glad LD was not hurt. You both must have been so scared. It is not good to get THAT tired.

I love going to dollar stores. Only trouble is I always spend too much! Things are so inexpensive that I don't realize how much I am getting. You really did well for yourself there.

Pondside said...

Thank goodness LD was just shaken up and not hurt!
Your afternoon sounds ideal, ending with a rest by the fire - perfect!

darlin said...

You are one busy lady Linda, it's great to hear that you're having a relaxing evening. Just the trip to the Dollar Store would tucker me right out! The calendars sound wonderful, please post a photo when they're done.

Thank goodness LD is alright! And he bakes bread? What am I doing wrong? lol

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Love your mood-making photos!!!

Yes, we can get too tired, and we should not let ourselves do so. A lesson learned. And glad it all turned out OK. Wheeeeeeeew...

Gentle hugs,
"A grandmother pretends
she doesn't know who you
are on Halloween."

~Erma Bombeck

Elaine said...

So glad you hubby didn't hurt himself.. There is a dollar general store in our town and I usually can find a few things. We also have a Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.. Discount store van be a bleessing to us on a budget.
Have a relaxing weekend

Connie said...

It's scary when someone falls. We used to get right up but now it's a little slower. Everything in moderation, don't you think ?
Year ago we bounced up so fast, but now it's a bit slower.
Someone drove right in front of us on a 4 lane highway and luckily my daughter was driving and didn't get hurt. I have been getting PT since June for my hands and arms - hard to write. We are lucky, though.
I am glad I am not 19 again and always in a big hurry. Horn happy it's called !! Enjoy, Con

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm relieved LD is could have been so much worse. I have been through my share of falls...broken ankle, fun.

It sounds like you had a wonderful time after the camping trip...a lovely day and evening. I know what you mean about coming home and nesting, it's innate. It's Saturday night now and I am going to carve pumpkins with my 20 year old can never be too young! ;-D


Carla said...

Glad to hear LD wasn't hurt. This weekend went to fast and we were busy. I did make some more progress on organizing. Yippee