Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am a READER!

I have loved books all my life! I read early as a child and cannot even IMAGINE life without BOOKS!
I don't read particularly FAST but I do read steadfastly! I ALWAYS have a book with me. ALWAYS!
It is like a security blanket I never grew out of I suppose.

I have books everywhere........

I love the way books look, feel and even smell!
My daughter, Amber, who is an editor with her own freelance business said that when SHE was young and even BEFORE she could read she, too, loved books. "I liked the way the words looked on the page and the patterns the paragraphs formed."  ALL my children love to read! Summer used to hide on the other side of her dresser pulling her feet in where I couldn't see her and READ! Bless her heart! I was a 'Militent Mama!'
I should have given her more time to read!! She goes through books like crazy and is currently reading 'The Help'. We plan to see the movie together when she is done. My son, Jesse, and I would go out in our spa with a book in our hands and soak and read! Benjamin read out loud to me every day after lunch when he was growing up.....he started out with the old McGuffey Readers!

Before Google and Bing when we wanted to find information we reached for a BOOK!
Now I do so love being able to search the net at the stroke of a key and come up with that one bit of knowledge I am seeking. I look up SOMETHING every single day!
 But that still does not compare with having a book in hand!

Years ago when I was MUCH younger I loved to read Georgette Heyer's historical romances.
I read everything EXCEPT science fiction and vampire books. I stay away from any satanical writings. And I try not to get into books with too much graphic violence or language......which is not always easy to avoid but with a BOOK you can simply skip past that paragraph or skim read it.
I read once that a writer paints pictures with words and that a GOOD writer controls the reader's imagination.

This is our 'morning' book basket which is usually located in the gazebo. Since we have experienced the HOTTEST summer on record (according to the news cast on channel 5 earlier this afternoon!) we have moved it to the den where we can read in air conditioned comfort!
I am reading 'Johnny Cash' to Louis Dean. A friend gifted us with this book and we are enjoying it!
Johnny  Cash was quite a storyteller!

This afternoon we went to the Heritage Senior Citizen Center to 'walk' in the gym.
20 minutes can go pretty fast!
I take the books I have finished up to the library there and
 more often than not come out with additional ones I MUST read!
 Scored three good ones today! Right now I am reading Sandra Brown's 'White Hot.'

After our exercise we shopped Sam's where I read waiting for our prescriptions to be filled.
See why I carry a book with me? You never know when you will have a little extra time to READ!!

Before I close I have to tell you Louis Dean's favorite joke about books!
He says, "I am so smart I can tell you what's on EVERY page of EVERY book!!!"


"Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book."

~Author Unknown


bj said...

Oh, yes...we read, too. And, my daughter loves reading and so do her kids. Son never did have time to mess with a book...:))

Your photos of your books are so great. Hope it's ok that I just pinned 2 of them. :)
xo bj

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I enjoy a good book...though I don't always find the time to read. You will love 'The Help'! I read the book and saw the movie....both are excellent!

Pondside said...

I've read The Help and am looking forward to seeing the movie. I have books stashed everywhere, and in the door pocket of both cars - I just never know when I'm going to need to sit and wait for something and then I'll steal a little reading time.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love my books, too, Linda. I tend toward more biographies or picture books with short descriptions underneath. Probably a little ADD going on here :) I can't do too much fiction, as I like to read about real people. I can't imagine not having my books around me, either!

peggy said...

hi Linda, I want a book basket too! I'm like you, they are everywhere and yes, they do have their own smell. I usually go to every appointment early, saying, I came really early so I can read.

Deb said...

I need to introduce you to my Mom....she loves books as well....she reads all the time....I love to read also...but don't always have a lot of time to do it...Little Britches and I read every day...have since he was a newborn...he loves his books....

Carla said...

I may have to steal that quote! Maybe that's what I'll have to do is put books all around since I don't have bookcases like I did at the other house. Like the way you photographed them.

Auntie said...

I too love to read books. Perhaps more so, because it was not fostered, when I was young.

LV said...

I am a book worm as well. I do not read as much as I used to since I started blogging. Both take a lot of time. However, I read pretty fast. I have read so many. I GO TO THE LIBRARY AND GET MINE. TOO EXPENSIVE TO BUY. I HAVE READ ALL OF NICHOLS SPARKS.

Flora said...

Love all your books! I enjoy reading to and always have a book on the go! Have to start remembering to take it with me all the time!