Saturday, August 6, 2011

Held Hostage by the HEAT!

I have not been out of the house since last night when we watered the front flower beds.

It was not safe to go out until dark.....and then we took a frosty beverage with us!
I snapped this pic last night as we sat on the driveway.
At 10:30 it was still 99 degrees. At least the SUN wasn't beating down on us.
I heard the weather man say yesterday that the temps recorded are in the SHADE!
You can add 10 to 15 degrees when you are in the SUN!
I believe it!

I have been busy IN side all day.....

preparing pears for the freezer and looking forward to the cooler days of fall
when I will be making several spiced pear cakes.
Fall seems so far away right now!
25 days until September 1st!!!!

While I stayed busy Louis Dean was working on his computer and somehow
it all messed up! He is not sure just how it happened  (I suspect 'drive by clicking') but since we are not computer savvy he was compelled to call.......

Funny how things that are not all that important can really unnerve us!
He was fit to be tied! Could NOT find the papers he needed until it was all over with!
In times like this there is only one thing to do!
Throw some potatoes in the oven and a steak on the grill.
Toss up a salad and sit back to watch a NCIS marathon!
Works for us!!


Pondside said...

You're too funny!! NCIS is our choice too.
I'm so sorry that it's so hot where you are. If I could I'd blow a lovely cool and moist breeze down your way from our coast.

Angela said...

That is some massive heat you all have had. It was overcast here so we did get some relief. If you wanna share that pear spice cake recipe, feel free. My dad actually has a pear tree so we were seeking some new pear recipes! Hope you enjoy your dinner and show

Vee said...

Oh that heat sounds so oppressive. I can't imagine 99 degrees at 10:30 in the evening. No wonder you required beverages. It's got to break soon for all your sakes. Wish I could send you the milder temps we've been enjoying.

NanaDiana said...

Hi Linda- I found you through...shoot...I can't remember HOW I found you now..but I see you are a new blogger about my age (or so-if we're talking age). It is hot here too and we are in the Midwest-NOT Texas!

I hate computer problems...neither one of us knows what to do but we do have a son that is good (if we can get him here)..I bake banana bread and he will usually come running...or limping, depending on the day.

Pop over to see me if you get the chance. I have a giveaway going on and you can still sign up for it. I talk alot about my grandkids and working on our yard-kinda..Nice to meet you- Diana

Flora said...

Drinks and pears look great! Computer problems...I don't even want to think about them... but you have a great attitude about it!

Auntie said...

...and watch an NCIS marathon! We're with you!!! Had to read that paragraph to 'Uncle A.'! That's what we did on Sat. night too.

One we hadn't yet seen!!!

Other shows, with "MIKE FRANKS" in them!!! Wowsers! I do so *lust* over him! I do. I do. I do. So there! The youngins can have their young pretty boys. I'd take *MIKE* or *GIBBS* any day!!! :-)

Stay cool Dear One!

Aunt Amelia said...

I must be polite and return here, and say a thank you! Because I noticed a comment by "Pondside" blog owner here, and popped over and found what a lovely blog she has.

And a thank you to you, is in order. As I just told her, I would do. :-)

Texas Tales said...

It really is hot. I think the heat got to both of us today, we went to church, post office and grocery store then unloaded everything and were beat. It can happen to anyone! Made the biggest fajita lunch for just us two ( and we enjoyed every bite. Not leaving the house the rest of the day!!

Deb said...

looks like we are going to tie or beat the 1980 record...I guess if we are gonna be hot...we might as well beat the record...